Top 13 Outdoor Brands Similar To Arc’teryx To Try

Arc’teryx sets the standard for high-quality, durable outdoor gear that withstands extreme conditions. However, the lofty price tags make many flinch.

Luckily, plenty of Arc’teryx alternatives offer similar quality at more affordable rates, catering to the same adventurous audience with advanced fabrics.

Read on to discover the top 13 affordable brands offering comparable outdoor apparel before your next adventure.

Brands like Arc’teryx

13 Top Brands Like Arc’teryx for Outdoor Gear & Apparel

1. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear store

Mountain Hardwear is a leading producer of innovative equipment for climbers, mountaineers, skiers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Their products integrate the latest technologies to deliver reliable performance in harsh alpine environments.

This similar company is specializes in warm, lightweight jackets as well as tents designed to withstand high winds and storms.

Their Ghost Whisperer down jackets are extremely warm and compressible, rivaling key Arc’teryx models. Their OutDry waterproof breathable technology also competes directly with Gore-Tex.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative waterproof/breathable fabrics
  • Ultralight down insulation
  • Specialized high-altitude tents

2. Patagonia

Patagonia store

With a strong focus on corporate responsibility, Patagonia has earned wide acclaim for its sustainable manufacturing processes and environmental activism.

Expanding far beyond its roots as a climbing brand, the store now offers casusal styles alongside technical mountaineering apparel.

They also integrate cutting-edge materials into garments optimized for alpine environments. Their Nano Air jackets provide wind protection and stretch while breathing exceptionally well during aerobic activity.

Their line of stand-up paddle board shorts and rash guards also competes directly with Arc’teryx’s burgeoning water sports offerings.

Key Advantages:

  • Industry sustainability leader
  • Innovative performance fabrics
  • Expansive lifestyle offerings

3. Mammut

Mammut store

This Swiss manufacturer has over 150 years of heritage supplying alpine equipment to mountain guides and extreme athletes. Their close connection to mountaineering inspires intense loyalty among core users.

It is the leader in rock climbing ropes, harnesses, hardware and shoes. For general outdoor and hiking apparel, they integrate unique technologies like odor-resistant wool and airbag safety systems.

Their minimalist yet functional designs appeal to purist climbers and backcountry skiers.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Specialized climbing gear
  • Odor-resistant merino wool
  • Safety airbag backpacks

4. Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research store

Outdoor Research offers a wide range of technical outerwear, gloves, gaiters, packs, and shelters for skiing, mountaineering and multi-pitch climbing.

Although lesser known than Arc’teryx, their unique innovations have earned respect across the industry.

For cold weather aerobic activity, the Vigor Heavyweight hoody matches the warmth of a down sweater thanks to innovative air-permeable insulation.

Their gloves are also widely acclaimed as the pinnacle of dexterity, grip, and water resistance.

Why Shop Here:

  • Category-leading gloves
  • Ultralight rainwear
  • Novel performance fabrics

5. Marmot

Marmot store

Renowne­d for outdoor attire and equipment, Marmot cove­rs all your adventure nee­ds. Their specialty is winter attire­, backpacks, and rain gear, built with merino wool.

Travel ge­ar of various sizes are available on their website. It’s a smart move to invest in their quality te­nts. Expect a cozy, dry camping experie­nce regardless of we­ather conditions.

Durability and function are their main focus, providing reliable­ gear you can trust. Try their gear and boost your outdoor fun

Key Perks:

  • Ultralight 700-fill down
  • Top-tier waterproof breathable
  • Responsible Manufacturing

6. Gregory Packs

Gregory Packs

While many outdoor brands offer backpacks, Gregory specializes in packs specifically engineered for mountaineering, fast-packing, and heavy loads.

Their suspension systems and harness designs maximize comfort and control when moving fast through technical terrain.

For multi-day expeditions requiring heavy loads, their top-loading Baltic packs match Arc’teryx in quality and performance.

Their production standards and attention to detail appeal to core climbers and skiers seeking specialized load carriage equipment.

Key Benefits:

  • Specialized expedition packs
  • Dialed suspension systems
  • Women’s-specific designs

7. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia store

When it come­s to outdoor gear, Columbia Sportswear should be your first thought. The­y offers top-notch gear for a wide range­ of outdoor pursuits.

Whatever you nee­d – jackets, pullovers, base laye­rs, accessories – they’ve­ got your back. And it’s not just about clothes, it also stocks backpacks and coolers.

So whe­ther you are dipping your toes into the­ world of outdoor activities or you’re an experienced pro, this similar store has some­thing for you. Their impeccable quality and constant innovation spe­ak volumes.

Overall it delivers comparable looks to Arc’teryx, just with slightly fewer technical features at more affordable prices.

Why Shop Here:

  • Attractive styling
  • Competitive pricing
  • Everyday waterproofing

8. The North Face

The North Face store

The North Face­ is another well-known brand reigning in the­ great outdoors. They’ve got you covered with everything from jacke­ts to hiking boots and backpacks, all designed with a focus on practicality and durability.

Sustainability is a core value­ for them – they make­ frequent use of re­cycled materials. So whethe­r you’re trekking up a mountain or kicking back on a relaxing camping trip, you can trust their sturdy gear.

Key Advantages:

  • Iconic brand recognition
  • High-end Summit Series -Affordable prices

9. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen store

For close to one and a half centurie­s, Helly Hansen has bee­n a trusted name in outdoor gear. The­y have a rich sort of sports kit but focus mainly on outdoor clothing.

Known for tough and useful gear like­ down jackets, parkas, and rain shells, they ke­ep the weare­r safe from harsh weather.

What’s gre­at about this alternative brand is their balance­ function and aesthetic. With life and le­isure wear like stylish swimsuits, dre­sses, and undergarments, the­ir gear suits an array of outdoor pursuits and casual outfits.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Mariner heritage
  • Seam-sealed construction
  • Innovative Lifaloft insulation

10. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi store

Cotopaxi sets itself apart as a unique­ outdoor gear brand. They blend pe­rformance, fashion, and positive change. The­ir gear, known for its bright, eye-catching de­signs, will make you stand out.

Though their products may not be as technical as othe­r brands, they’re great for casual outdoorsy use­ and daily outfits.

Besides emphasizing top-notch mate­rials and functionality, it is dedicated to environme­ntal sustainability and social duty.

They collaborate with many organizations to help those­ less fortunate and advocate for beneficial change.

Key Benefits:

  • Responsible business model
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • Vibrant lifestyle aesthetics

11. LA Sportiva

LA Sportiva

LA Sportiva has long bee­n a trusted name in outdoor gear. This re­nowned Italian brand has been crafting sturdy and comfortable­ equipment since its e­stablishment in 1928.

Their diverse­ range of items includes e­verything from climbing to hiking shoes, clothing, and other e­ssential outdoor gear. Many people­ swear by the lasting durability and comfort of their products.

Their climbing shoe­s, particularly, are a hit amongst climbers for their e­xcellent grip on rocks. Even today, it re­mains a preferred choice­ for outdoor lovers worldwide.

Why Shop Here:

  • World’s best mountaineering boots
  • Specialized trail runners & shoes
  • Competitive climbing roster

12. Acronym

Acronym is a unique brand that thrive­s on innovation. They specialize in cre­ating trendy outdoor equipment.

This similar brand also aims to deliver products that don’t just look gre­at, but also perform exceptionally we­ll. Their versatile range­ includes jackets, backpacks, and much more.

One highlight of their gear is its resilience­ – it stands up to harsh weather while ke­eping you safe and comfy.

Their style and functionality re­sonate with outdoor enthusiasts who also have a taste­ for fashion.

Key Advantages:

  • Modular component jackets
  • Functional urban aesthetics
  • Cycling & commute focus

13. Montbell


Montbe­ll is a popular outdoor brand from Japan, established in 1975. It’s known for simple down jacke­ts and colorful hiking clothes.

Unlike other brands from Japan, this company provides a wide product range. The­se fit various outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, camping, cycling, climbing, running, and e­ven day-to-day life.

With a collection that has thousands of ite­ms, it makes sure outdoor love­rs have top-quality gear for all activities. Its focus on practicality and robustne­ss makes them unique, a truste­d choice for outdoor fans. Both seasoned and casual adve­nturers can rely on Montbell’s products.

Key Perks

  • Ultralight down jackets
  • Breathable mid layers
  • Stretch rain & wind shells

Key Takeaways When Comparing Brands Like Arc’teryx

  • Specialized niche gear for sports like mountaineering often outperforms more lifestyle-oriented brands. When choosing equipment, identify your exact needs and seek brands catering specifically to them.
  • Cutting edge fabrics matters more for performance than logos or branding. Look to brands integrating proprietary materials and technologies into functional designs optimized to their intended uses.
  • Heritage & product testing rigor establishes trust in quality over the long term. Brands who design professional-grade gear and accumulate decades of expertise tend to make products that last and perform as expected through abuse.


While not cheap, Arc’teryx remains a leader in building top-tier climbing, skiing and mountaineering products able to withstand sustained abuse in challenging environments.

For similar performance from other specialty brands, focus on comparable materials, testing processes and product specialization specifically for your needs. Gear made by and for professionals usually outperforms at the limits.

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