10 Brands like Arc’teryx To Shop Latest Outdoor Equipment

World’s famous outdoor clothing brands that got fame for their unique and responsibly manufactured clothing and accessories. Here is a brief list of the most comparable companies and brands like Arc’teryx, along with some basic background information and links to their official websites

Arc’teryx: When? Where? What?

Arc’teryx was founded in 1989 and Headquartered in  North Vancouver, Canada. Arc’teryx is a high-performance outdoor equipment brand that is popular for being a pioneer in climbing and skiing advancements.

Arc’teryx creates long-lasting, high-quality goods that reduce the need for replacements as time goes on. This means you’ll actually pay a little more for the things, once you purchase them, but it’ll last a lot longer than a less expensive option. They also offer free shipping worldwide and have sales on their sites several times per month.

Brands like Arc’teryx

Top 10 Affordable Arc’teryx Alternatives & Similar Sites Like Arc’teryx

Below is the list of our brands similar to Arcteryx to shops for outdoor equipment at cheaper prices.

Mountain Hardwear: #1 On Our Listing Of Affordable Brands Like Arc’teryx

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear is owned by Columbia(other subsidiaries are Sorel, and prAna), which creates high-end environmental apparel and accessories for mountain competitors and spectators. It’s items are durable, long-lasting, utilitarian, and reasonably versatile for outdoor activities and give you great comfort while wearing them.

The latest innovative selection is available for purchase at reasonable prices in the Mountain Hardwear store and we assure you it will exceed your expectations.

  • Founded: 1993

  • Headquarters: Richmond, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-877-927-5649

  • Hot Products: Hoodies, Jackets, Vests, Jeans, Pants, T-shirts, Gloves, Backpacks, Shoes, Joggers, Tanks, Tops, Hats, Beanies

Montbell: Durable, Functional, and High Quality Outdoors


Montbell is an outdoor component as well as apparel company that has been providing nature lovers with “Light & Fast” products since 1975. Montbell has a reputation for producing high-quality products.

Outdoor clothing and equipment that is light and comfortable for any activity are their first priority to gain the trust and attention of Montbell customers.

  • Founded: 1975

  • Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-877-666-8235

  • Hot Products: Insulated jackets, Vests, Pants, Shorts, Gloves, Socks, Hats, T-shirts, Bags, Sleeping Bags, Cookware, Sunglasses

LA Sportiva: Stores Like Arc’teryx To Shop High-Performance Mountain Clothing

LA Sportiva

LA Sportiva allows you to explore outdoor gears with technical footwear, clothing, and accessories for climbing, hiking, trail running, skiing, and mountaineering.

LA Sportiva is a manufacturer of boots for farmers and lumberjacks who we believe to be budget-friendly, but it does not lack in regards to quality. Click the above link to find the best outdoor gear for yourself and your friends and family from LA Sportiva.

  • Founded: 1928

  • Headquarters: Ziano di Fiemme, Italy

  • Customer Service No: +1-720-697-5756

  • Hot Products: Jackets, Shells, Mid-layers, Hoodies, Technical shirts, T-shirt, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Socks, Hats, Beanies, Gloves

Millet: Field-Tested Gears For Mountaineers


Millet is a French clothing and accessory company that is well-known for the appearance, reliability, and effectiveness of all of its famous products. Millet is among the Arcteryx competitors with the coolest variety of durable and reliable clothes that make you feel good about yourself whenever you wear them.

Their goods are built to withstand repeated usage, notably for downhill skiing and climbing, but also for cycling, cross-country skiing, and skating, and many other purposes.

  • Founded: 1930

  • Headquarters: Annecy-le-Vieux, France

  • Customer Service No: +49 8036-94394-15

  • Hot Products: Sweatshirts, Downjackets, Fleece, Pants, Shorts, Underwear, T-shirts, Gloves, Beanie, Low Cuts Hiking Boots, Hiking boots, Climbing Shoes

Patagonia: #5 On Our Listing Of Brands Like Arc’teryx


With a minimalist mentality, Patagonia makes your life easy now. Patagonia’s goods are timeless and also made to be as utilitarian as possible for outdoor recreation.

We ensure that their items are faultless, and it’s impossible that you are dissatisfied with any of them and your experience of shopping at there will never be disappointed.

  • Founded: 1973

  • Headquarters: Ventura, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-638-6464

  • Hot Products: Athletic Gears, Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Camping Meals, Outdoor Clothing, Sweaters, Overalls, Top Tanks, Pants, Hoodies, Skirts, Shorts

Marmot: Perfect Gears For Your Next Adventure


Marmot has developed to become one of the most well-known brands in the outdoor clothing industry, thanks to their high-quality goods and excellent performance.

The company also creates bags and tents in addition to outdoor clothes and their products feature light-weight and breathable material that offers better weather performance. And Marmot is more affordable and part of Arcteryx competitors.

  • Founded: 1974, Grand Junction, Colorado

  • Headquarters: Rohnert Park, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-888-357-3262

  • Hot Products: Hoodies, Jackets, Vests, Jeans, Shorts, Tops, Bottoms, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Backpacks, Luggage, Sleeping Bags

Canada Goose: Amazing Protection In Extreme Weather Conditions

Canada Goose

Canada Goose sells a variety of high-quality outerwear and is undoubtedly one of the country’s most well-known garment business companies. The jackets from this store claim to be able to endure conditions as low as -30° C.

Canada Goose is one of the most well-known Arcteryx competitors for its large range of high-quality coats as well as other items available at reasonable prices.

  • Founded: 1957

  • Headquarters: York, Toronto, Canada

  • Customer Service No: +1-888-276-6297

  • Hot Products: Parkas, Lightweight Down Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Raincoats, Snow Pants, Knitwear, Hats, and Scarves, Skirts, Dresses, Shorts, Trousers, Mini dresses, Tops

The North Face: All-In-One Alternative To Arc’teryx

The North Face

One of your favourite brands is The North Face. In some circumstances, this option may be less expensive than Arc’teryx. Regardless, we’re excited to have this company join our brands like Arc’teryx listing.

TNF is famed for its high-end apparel designed for extreme cold. Their whole line of weatherproof and insulating shoes, backpacks, and weatherproof tents is available. You must visit this website and check out the amazing new arrivals to explore the new designs and collections.

  • Founded: 1968, San Francisco, California

  • Headquarters: Alameda, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-888-863-1968

  • Hot Products: Women’s Backpacks, Men’s Backpacks, School Backpacks, Kids’ Backpacks, Fanny Packs, Totes, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Casual Tops, Active Tops, Tank Tops

Gregory Packs: Best Quality Outdoor Essentials

Gregory Packs

Gregory products make high-quality backpacks for trekking, hiking, and alpine travelling for your vacations. With over 40 years of experience, they create flawless products that are difficult to find fault with.

You can shop at Gregory to check out huge trendy designs of backpacks that can be taken for long-journey and are best to be carried on long hikes.

  • Founded: 1977

  • Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-877-477-4292

  • Hot Products: Backpacking Packs, Hydration Packs, Travel Packs, Rollers, Day Packs, Urban Commuters

REI: #10 On Our Listing Of Arc’teryx Competitors


In reality, REI is not the direct competitor of Arc’teryx. In fact, you can shop many of the products of Arc’teryx inventory on their brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce site.

For a long time, REI has been high-performance and presentation of outdoor clothing and equipment. Their products are low-cost, long-lasting, and have been demonstrated to be among the greatest outdoor gear available.

Visit the store to check their latest out gear to upgrade your wardrobe with different new colours.

  • Founded: 1938

  • Headquarters: Kent, Washington, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-426-4840

  • Hot Products: Shorts, Sweaters & Hoodies, Swimwear, Underwear, Vests, Sandals, Shoes, Slipper, Hiking Clothing, Cycling Clothing, Paddle Clothing, Running Clothing, Ski Clothing, Snowboard Clothing, Travel Clothing, Yoga Clothing

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