About Almostsimilar

At AlmostSimilar, our goal is to provide readers with quality advice and tips to help enhance your outdoor adventures and personal style.

Our Camping Tips section draws on extensive experience from lifelong backpackers, wilderness guides, and outdoor educators. You’ll find recommendations on choosing sturdy tents, starting campfires, packing gear, and more based on real-world testing of products from top brands like Columbia.

For Shoe Care, we consult with seasoned cobblers and shoe repair experts. Our writers share insider techniques to clean, restore and care for all types of footwear. In Fashion, our team stays current on trends by attending major industry events and consulting merchandising professionals.

We thoroughly research and fact-check all our advice against respected publications like Backpacker Magazine and Walking Magazine. Our recommendations focus on products that deliver quality, durability, and functionality.

At AlmostSimilar.com, our mission is to empower readers with practical guidance for outdoor recreation and style. We believe hands-on experience and careful research are crucial to providing useful recommendations. Please explore our site for tips to make your adventures more enjoyable.

Meet the Authors♥

Otobrise Kathryn

Kathryn the founder of AlmostSimilar.com earned her fashion merchandising degree and has worked closely with designers and buyers while attending college. She attends major industry events like Fashion Week to stay current on brands and trends.

Kathryn enjoys analyzing fabrics and construction to assess quality and functionality. She shares fashion tips to help consumers make informed style choices. I published on Clothing Store categories with topics related to fashion and styling. And also, a few on How-Tos categories which are all about fashion and recognizing quality products.

Sometimes, she loves to explore the grocery retail industry as a woman that enjoys cooking for her family.

James Thompson

James is an experienced backpacker and hiker who has explored trails across the U.S., including multi-day treks in the Appalachians, Rockies, and Sierra Nevada. He previously worked as an outdoor guide leading camping trips for youth groups. James draws on his time spent navigating wilderness areas to provide practical camping and hiking tips. He researches the latest outdoor gear to provide recommendations. He also learned crucial skills like setting up tents, building fires, and packing gear. He loves sharing his knowledge so others can fully enjoy the wonders of the natural world. He stays up-to-date on the top outdoor brands through regular research and testing.

Andrew Kochan

Kochan grew up in his family’s shoe repair business where he learned to care for all types of footwear. He has fixed, cleaned, and restored thousands of leather boots, dress shoes, sneakers and more about footwear guides over the years. Kochan loves sharing insider techniques to help people properly maintain their shoe collections. He regularly experiments with products to determine optimal cleaning methods.


Finding Your Signature Style

We believe your wardrobe is an expression of who you are. Our fashion advice aims to help readers thoughtfully cultivate their personal style. We cover topics like:

  • Identifying fabrics, silhouettes and fits that complement your body type and flatter your figure. Understanding proper fit is key to looking and feeling your best.
  • Purchasing versatile, well-made staples that align with your lifestyle and tastes. We believe in investing in quality over quantity and building a closet of cherished pieces.
  • Learning fashion guidelines then experimenting with creative combinations and bold looks. While understanding style norms, don’t be afraid to break the rules and make fashion your own.
  • Curating cohesive looks that communicate your personality. Thoughtful ensembles reflect your passions and inspire confidence.

At Almost Similar, our writers combine research with practical knowledge. We provide recommendations based on real-world testing and experience. Our goal is to give readers useful advice to make the most of their adventures.