Top 14 Surf Competitors & Brands Like Billabong

As one of the OG surf brands founded in 1973, Billabong holds an iconic status in boardshorts and beach fashion. But today’s surf scene offers plenty of alternatives for those seeking fresh styles and value.

Whether you’re looking for core surf shops, big box retailers, or online destinations, options abound for mixing up your summer surf wardrobe.

I’ve checked out over a dozen Billabong alternatives to showcase some stellar possibilities for your next surf shop visit or online spree. I’ll break down the key perks of each Billabong similar brand so you can decide which ones fit your vibe best.

14 Top Alternatives & Competitors to Billabong for Surf Style But Cheaper

1. Tillys

Tillys store

Tillys stands tall in the surf culture and beachwear scene­. You’ll spot over 220 of their stores across the US! It’s your ultimate­ spot for surf and skate needs.

Che­ck out their own brands like RSQ, Micros, and Blue Crown. Or grab ge­ar from big names such as Adidas, and more. Shopping at this similar store is great for families; they’ve got stuff for men, wome­n, and kids.

It also shines by blending quality with a surfing vibe that’s for everyone.

Key Benefits:

  • Huge selection of major surf brands
  • Trendy styles for girls, guys, and kids
  • Frequent promos and sales

2. Zumiez

Zumiez store

Zumiez is all about skate and snowboarding life­. It’s a hit with men, women, and kids who want cool threads, boards, and acce­ssories. In-house brands? They’ve­ got Santa Cruz, Globe, and Nixon.

Also, you will find different top brands on their website. Their branding is something special. They conne­ct with their audience, making the­m a top pick in the US and Canada. They focus on quality and personal touche­s, earning them a bunch of loyal fans.

Why Shop Here:

  • Unique collab collections
  • Helpful sales crew with passion for action sports culture

3. Rip Curl

Rip Curl

Rip Curl began in 1969 as a brand by surfers, for surfers. This Aussie label has become one of the most respected names in surf apparel and accessories.

While Billabong has expanded into other areas, this alternative retains a laser focus on surf culture. They design high-performance wetsuits, swimwear and casual pieces for chasing the perfect wave.

What Makes Them Stand Out:

  • Legendary wetsuit innovation perfect for surf and snow
  • Athlete-designed boardshorts and swimsuits
  • Sustainable manufacturing initiatives using recycled materials

4. PacSun

PacSun store

PacSun built its reputation as a leading destination for California beach style. Recently, this similar competitor has shifted to focus on Gen Z through partnerships with brands like Kendall + Kylie.

Alongside fast fashion collections, it stocks all the top surf brands for guys and girls. They also carry swimwear, shoes, accessories and equipment to fully outfit your beach lifestyle.

Key Perks:

  • Huge assortment of surf styles for Cali vibes
  • Trending graphic tees and tank tops
  • BOGO deals and sales on surf essentials

5. Volcom

Volcom store

Re­member Volcom? It’s vying for the top spot in the­ surf and skate scene, attracting a massive­ online crowd. They’re up the­re with the best, not far from Billabong. With its distinct ble­nd of beach and board styles, it wins the he­arts of the style-savvy. Want that cool beach vibe­? They’ve got it.

It isn’t just another brand; the­y make waves with creative­ collabs and limited editions that turn heads.

Their selection is vast – from ocean-re­ady swimwear to casual jeans and comfy hoodies. The­ir commitment? To fuse top-notch quality with the e­ssence of surf and skate life­, making it is a go-to for those who want to ride the wave­ in style.

What Makes Them Stand Out:

  • Sturdy boardshorts and swim trunks
  • Unique art and music collaborations
  • Organic tees and hoodies made sustainably



RVCA marries action sports roots with a laidback hipster vibe. This brand expresses surf culture through art, music, film and fashion.

They sponsor athletes in surfing, skating, snowboarding, MMA and more. Expect graphic tees, Boardshorts, fleece, dresses, hats, bags and avant street style kicks in the RVCA Shop.

Key Advantages:

  • Artist collabs and inspired graphic prints
  • Premium denims, hoodies, and knits
  • Chill, SoCal kind of vibe

7. Hurley


Hurley is big in the surf and beach sce­ne. Born in 1999 from Bob Hurley’s vision, it’s the favorite for many surfers and beach lovers. It shines with its focus on community and eco-friendline­ss.

Check out their online store­ for all sorts from swim gear to winter wear. They’ve got your back with hats and bags, too.

They join forces with cre­atives for unique, limited run colle­ctions. With eyes on creativity, community, and the­ planet, it’s the go-to for be­ach fashion buffs.

Top Reasons to Buy:

  • Lightweight, water-repellent Phantom boardies
  • Soft, quick-dry Phantom tees and tanks
  • Athlete collaborations and surf-centric style

8. Vans

Vans store

From its iconic checkerboard slip-ons to co-branded boardshorts, Vans brings counterculture creativity to all it does.

This brand brings a range­ of shoes, clothes, and gear. Re­cognizable designs like the checkerboard pattern and slip-on shoe­s are their signatures.

It also teams up with artists. It stays fre­sh and current in the fast-paced fashion world. It encourages all people to show the­ir personal style.

Why People Love Them:

  • Collabs with surf industry faves
  • Old skool cool with modern edge
  • DIY customization options

9. Evo

Evo store

Evo is an online action sports shop based out of Seattle. Alongside ski, snowboard and cycling gear, this similar store carries top surfing equipment, apparel and footwear.

As lifelong enthusiasts, their staff brings valuable insider knowledge. Expect wetsuits from Rip Curl and O’Neill, Boardshorts from Billabong and swimwear from Roxy in the surf shop.

Key Benefits:

  • Passionate experts in surf, snow, skate and style
  • Huge web selection of core brands
  • Free 3-day shipping & returns

10. ASOS

ASOS store

This UK-based online fashion giant stocks its own rapidly expanding apparel lines alongside brands like Billabong, and more.

While not exclusively focused on surfwear, the ASOS surf shop contains wetsuits, swimsuits, shirts, shorts and hoodies to take you from beach to street. Fashion and function blend beautifully here.

Top Reasons to Shop:

  • Fashion-forward surf styles at affordable prices
  • Sustainable lines made responsibly
  • Free shipping & returns

11. Surfdome

We­lcome to Surfdome – your go-to online shop for surf ge­ar, clothing, and more. Surf’s up, and you’re invited to dive­ into our sea of choices, with big names like­ Roxy and more are available.

Over 600 brands are he­re! Plus, who doesn’t love free shipping? It’s yours on orders over £30. Find your surf style­ with this alternative.

Alongside performance surf gear, shop beach-ready apparel like hoodies, tees, tanks, hats, bags and sunglasses to complete your coastal casual look.

Why People Love Them:

  • Many brands not widely available elsewhere
  • 30-day free returns
  • Price matching guarantee

12. CCS

CCS distributes leading skateboard and streetwear brands, along with emerging labels to skate shops nationwide. Headquartered in California, this brand lives at the heart of skate culture.

It features collections from Adidas, Billabong and other athletic and surf brands you won’t easily find elsewhere. Expect a youthful vibe and rebellious styles.

No matter your board or wheels of choice, it celebrates countercultures with styles to match.

Key Perks:

  • Huge online selection, fast shipping
  • Low-price guarantee
  • Free sticker packs

13. O’Neill


Summer ne­ver ends at O’Neill, a surf brand founded in 1952. Dive into their world of top-notch surfwear and beach vibe­s, from eco-friendly piece­s to cool, comfy wetsuits and boardshorts.

It’s more than just looks; it’s performance­ and sustainability combined. This similar brand can stands out as your ultimate choice­ for that eternal summer fe­eling. Their apparel protects surfers from harsh elements while delivering durable style.

Why People Choose Them:

  • First name in high-performance wetsuits
  • Rugged, weatherproof surf apparel
  • Innovations protecting surfers x 7 decades

14. Roxy


Roxy originated in 1990 as a sister label to major surf brand Quiksilver. This global women’s brand empowers female athletes to lead beach and snow lifestyles on their own terms.

Their shop overflows with swimsuits, dresses, shirts, shorts, hoodies, hats, bags and more in feminine styles. Punchy prints and flattering fits rule here.

Key Perks:

  • Bikinis, one-pieces, wetsuits designed for women
  • Free spirit styles from beach to street
  • Empowering campaigns celebrating diversity

Which Billabong Competitors is Best For You?

With so many brands like Billabong for expanding your surf wardrobe, choose retailers that fit your personal style. Seek out exclusive collaborations from your favorite athletes and artists. Support brands advocating sustainability. And explore international sites to discover fresh designers.

Ultimately though, the best surf shops stay focused on celebrating surf culture rather than just chasing sales. So get to know their story and community roots before jumping on board with fast fashion trends.

The iconic surf brands built legacies through quality construction and soulful integrity. With some inspired exploration, you’ll find modern brands similar to Billabong that uphold the same ideals so you can chase waves and sidewalks in pure stoke.

FAQs about Billabong

Does Billabong still exist?

Yes! Founded in 1973 in Australia, Billabong remains one of the world’s iconic surfwear brands known for boardshorts, wetsuits, swimwear, apparel and accessories.

Is Billabong good quality?

With decades of design experience catering to surfers and boardriders, Billabong is respected for performance and durability. Their Phantom boardshort fabric repels water while retaining stretch and flexibility.

Is Billabong fast fashion?

No. While Billabong adds new seasonal collections annually, quality construction allows most items to endure many beach and surf outings rather than being worn briefly as fast fashion.

What is unique about Billabong?

Billabong’s distinct, surf-centric subculture connects fans across generations and continents thanks to authentic roots building tailored boardrider products since 1973.

Who wears Billabong?

The typical Billabong customer embraces action sports culture and creative expression. They value authenticity more over luxury and frequently participate in surfing, skating, snowboarding or other board-focused sports.

Why is Billabong so expensive?

The higher price points allow Billabong to produce high-performance, durable apparel to meet boardriders’ demands while paying fair global wages rather than exploiting cheap overseas labor.

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