15 Top Brands Like Patagonia For Outdoor Sports Gears

With its focus on high-quality sustainable gear, Patagonia has become the gold standard for outdoor apparel and equipment. But the technical clothing and signature fleeces come at a steep price.

What if you want something brands like Patagonia for your adventures, without breaking the bank?

In this post, I’ll highlight the top 15 stores that can serve as alternatives to Patagonia for all your clothing and gear needs.

You’ll discover brands similar to Patagonia in terms of quality, innovation and environmental commitments. But most importantly, I’ll cover options in every budget range.

Brands Like Patagonia

15 Stores Like Patagonia For Outdoor Clothing & Gear

1. Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx store

Arc’teryx is a Canadian outdoor clothing and sporting goods company. They are known for their high-performance and innovative designs perfect for climbers, skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of their popular products include waterproof and breathable hardshell jackets, insulating mid-layers, and trail runners.

The prices here are premium but the gear is built to last. If you want cutting-edge technology for mountaineering or winter sports, it is a top choice.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative, performance-driven designs
  • Durable, weather-resistant garments
  • Premium technical fabrics
  • Made for extreme outdoor activities

2. LL Bean

LL Bean store

This Maine-based retailer offers a wide range of casual outdoor apparel, footwear and gear at reasonable prices.

They are known for their Bean Boot and for their willingness to stand behind their products with a stellar satisfaction guarantee.

Shop classic flannels, fleece, rain jackets and hiking boots. While not as technical as Patagonia, this similar brand’s products are dependable, well-made and affordable.

It’s a great option for everyday outdoor clothing for the whole family.

Key Benefits:

  • Affordable, everyday outdoor wear
  • Huge selection of apparel and gear
  • Known for customer satisfaction guarantee

3. Carhartt

Carhartt store

Carhartt is a staple American workwear brand that also offers durable gear for outdoor adventures.

They are known for their rugged canvas chore coats and jackets lined with Sherpa fleece, they make apparel designed for comfort, functionality, and warmth.

Their clothes have a signature utilitarian and casual style perfect for hiking, camping, hunting and more. Expect well-made, affordable gear that can handle tough jobs outdoors.

Key Benefits:

  • Durable, weather-resistant workwear
  • Rugged yet comfortable style
  • Affordable pricing
  • Made for outdoorsmen and laborers

4. Prana

prAna store

Prana is among outdoor clothing companies like Patagonia known for its versatility. They provide sustainable and stylish designs for travel, yoga, climbing and hiking.

They specialize in stretchy, quick-dry pants and shorts, breathable tops and pullovers, and casual lifestyle wear.

Those who like Patagonia’s minimalist style and eco-friendly will appreciate Prana’s travel-ready mix-and-match wardrobe. Expect responsible textiles and fair trade manufacturing too.

Key Benefits:

  • Sustainable, ethical production
  • Stylish and versatile outdoor wear
  • Stretch Zion pants perfect for hiking or travel
  • Yoga and activewear with UPF protection

5. The North Face

The North Face store

This well-known brand that offers a wide range of outdoor apparel, footwear, and gear. Shop versatile insulated parkas, weatherproof tents and sleeping bags, hiking boots and more.

While not as durable as Patagonia, this similar store’s products are still quality at a bit more affordable pricing.

Common pieces like their Denali Fleece and ThermoBall insulated coats are popular for good reason.

Key Benefits:

  • Huge selection of outdoor wear and gear
  • Innovative weatherproof and insulated apparel
  • Better pricing than premium brands
  • Casual, urban and trail styles

6. Marmot

Marmot store

Marmot, which was establishe­d in 1974, initially focused on producing handcrafted slee­ping bags. Over time, they e­xpanded their product range to include­ a wide variety of outdoor apparel and e­quipment.

Today, they are renowned for the­ir lightweight down jackets, soft shell pants, and re­liable waterproof outer laye­rs.

It also creates high-quality outdoor gear. It keeps you warm and protected while being breathable.

The­ir gear primarily utilizes high-quality down insulation and advanced moisture­-wicking fabrics like Gore-Tex.

Key Benefits:

  • Technical, sustainable outdoor wear
  • Warm down and synthetic insulated jackets
  • Durable waterproof and breathable hard shells
  • Gear for mountaineering and winter activities

7. Columbia Sportswear

Columbia store

Since 1938, Columbia has be­en manufacturing outdoor gear that is both affordable and of high quality.

The­y provides a wide range of jacke­ts, footwear, pants, and shirts suitable for various activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, and snow sports.

Looking for cutting-edge­ advancements? Kee­p an eye out for their wate­rproof-breathable technologie­s, including Omni-Tech.

Not only will you e­njoy remarkable performance­ from their versatile outdoor clothing, but you’ll also be­ pleased with their lowe­r prices.

Key Benefits:

  • Quality outdoor clothing at lower prices
  • Omni-tech waterproof/breathable outerwear
  • Casual, everyday styles ready for the outdoors
  • Durable footwear for hiking and trail running

8. Mammut

Mammut store

This Swiss company creates premium mountaineering, skiing, and climbing gear. Similar to Patagonia’s technical wear, this brand uses innovative materials and functional designs perfect for conquering peaks and slopes.

Their specialized products like ropes, harnesses, hardware and packs are top-notch. Expect precision craftsmanship but with luxury pricing. For hardcore alpine adventures, it is a go-to choice.

Key Benefits:

  • Specialized high-performance mountaineering gear
  • Technical clothing purpose-built for climbing
  • Quality craftsmanship and materials
  • Innovative designs perfect for hardcore activities

9. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear store

Founded by climbers, Mountain Hardwear creates performance-driven clothing and gear for outdoor adventures.

They focus on using innovative materials and designs while keeping quality high and pricing lower.

Shop versatile synthetic and down-insulating jackets, weather-resistant shells, pants and base layers ready for hiking, camping, and mountaineering. The brand combines utility, comfort, and value.

Key Benefits:

  • Innovative technology at a lower price point
  • Quality gear for climbing, hiking, camping
  • Versatile designs and styles
  • Synthetic & down insulation options

10. Filson

Filson store

Filson is re­nowned for its rugged outdoor gear with a classic ae­sthetic. Their collection include­s waxed cotton jackets, wool shirts, and leathe­r boots that exude timele­ss style and grow more distinguished with age­.

It not only offers clothing but also produce­s durable duffel bags, briefcase­s, and accessories that are built to withstand the­ test of time.

These­ products are handcrafted in America using top-quality mate­rials. You can expect timele­ss classics that provide rugged performance­ and versatile style for both urban hike­s and countryside adventures.

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely durable heritage-inspired clothing
  • Heavy-duty cotton canvas and wool
  • Classic outdoorsman aesthetic
  • Handcrafted and built to last a lifetime

11. Salomon

Salomon store

Salomon is a French company specializing in trail running, skiing, snowboarding and hiking. And also in mountaineering footwear and apparel. This similar clothing brand uses innovative designs and technology for speed and safety outdoors.

Their popular running shoes, backcountry ski boots, and Speedcross trail runners are ready to take on mountains, mud and obstacles.

Expect lightweight construction and features like QuicklaceTM and SensiFitTM systems for a precision fit.

Key Benefits:

  • Technical, performance outdoor footwear
  • Innovative designs perfect for trail running
  • Lightweight with quick-dry, breathable fabrics
  • Serious grip and traction for unpredictable terrain

12. REI Co-op

REI store

REI is the go-to outdoor cooperative for high-quality brand name gear and REI-branded apparel. Shop everything from camping equipment to kayaks along with Patagonia-esque outdoor clothing and footwear.

Their own line focuses on value and functionality. Peruse performance fleece, down jackets, hiking pants, trail runners, and more ready for backcountry adventures. Members also get special discounts and dividends.

Key Benefits:

  • All outdoor gear and apparel in one place
  • Functional and affordable REI-branded clothing
  • Used gear for extra savings
  • Member discounts and annual dividends

13. Canada Goose

Canada Goose store

Canada Goose makes premium performance outerwear designed for Arctic environments. Think expedition-grade parkas with real coyote fur hood trims and durable Arctic Tech fabrics ready for extreme cold-weather activities.

The quality and attention to detail is impeccable. Their gear performs in harsh winter weather but at very high prices. The investment pays off for frequent cold-climate adventures.

Key Benefits:

  • Luxury performance-driven winter outerwear
  • Designed for maximum warmth in frigid conditions
  • Ethically sourced premium materials
  • Built to endure seasons of use

14. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen store

Favored by sailors and anglers since the late 1800s, Helly Hansen creates highly technical weatherproof gear to stand up to ocean environments. But their apparel is just as versatile for skiing, hiking, trekking and urban use too.

They offer everything from raincoats and waterproof pants, insulated jackets, and base layers as well as footwear and accessories. Expect protection from the elements and innovative designs like Life PocketTM technology for device storage.

Key Benefits:

  • Specialized in water sports and sailing gear
  • Durable waterproof and weatherproof clothing
  • Breathable insulation for high exertion activities
  • Life PocketTM system to store devices close to body

15. Backcountry

Backcountry store

Backcountry is another Patagonia similar store offering premium outdoor gear and apparel for camping, hiking, and more. Browse outdoor staples alongside niche brands like Westcomb and Norrona.

Expect discounted pricing on past season products. They also has a generous return policy to ensure you find the right gear. For convenience and savings, it’s a go-to outdoor shop.

Key Benefits:

  • Massive online selection of outdoor brands
  • Discounted pricing on past seasons’ gear
  • Generous return policy
  • Free 2-day shipping over $50

Finding Your Perfect Patagonia Alternative

While Patagonia sets the bar high for quality and sustainability, thankfully there are many other excellent outdoor brands available.

Consider what features are most important to you like budget, technical specifications, style, ethics and performance needs for your desired activities.

Each store mentioned has their own unique strengths so review the key benefits to find options that best match your priorities.

With quality gear from any of these Patagonia competitors, you’ll be ready for amazing adventures outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Patagonia best known for?

Patagonia is best known for making durable, environmentally-friendly outdoor apparel and gear. They focus on sustainable design and manufacturing processes.

Is Patagonia worth the high prices?

For serious outdoor enthusiasts, Patagonia’s premium gear is worth the investment. You’re paying for high-quality materials, innovative technology, and durable, long-lasting construction.

What outdoor clothing does Patagonia NOT make?

Patagonia focuses mainly on outerwear and layering pieces. They don’t produce specialty technical mountaineering gear like ropes, ice axes and boot crampons.

Is Patagonia a budget-friendly brand?

Generally no – Patagonia commands premium pricing for their products. However, with proper care their gear lasts for many seasons, helping justify the higher initial investment.

What activities is Patagonia clothing best for?

Patagonia apparel is optimized for hiking, camping, climbing, trail running, skiing and snowboarding. Their technical wear is perfect for outdoor pursuits that demand breathable, weather-resistant and insulating properties.

Is Patagonia ethical and sustainable?

Patagonia is deeply committed to environmental and social responsibility. They use recyclable materials, ensure fair labor practices and dedicate 1% of sales to environmental organizations. Patagonia sets the bar for sustainability.

What is Patagonia’s warranty and repair policy?

Patagonia offers one of the best product warranty and repair policies around. They will repair products for reasonable fees, but will often replace products or issue refunds. This Ironclad Guarantee ensures you get your money’s worth.

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