14 Stores Like Sam’s Club For Essentials At Wholesale Prices

Sam’s Club is a popular membership warehouse club owned and operated by Walmart Inc. It offers members access to discounted bulk goods and services.

If you’re looking for stores similar to Sam’s Club that offer wholesale pricing on essentials, here are 14 alternatives worth checking out.

Stores Like Sam’s Club

14 Stores Similar To Sam’s Club For Essentials At Wholesale Prices

1. Walmart

Walmart store

Walmart is Sam’s Club parent company, but you don’t need a membership to shop. While selection is more limited, it has rolled out savings programs to better compete with wholesale clubs.

Features like Walmart+ membership, curbside pickup, price matching and ad match guarantee help you save time and money.

Check this competitor store for deals on grocery items, cleaning supplies, over-the-counter medicines, health and beauty products, home goods and more.

The everyday low pricing also makes it easy to stock up without waiting for sales.

Key Benefits

  • No membership fees
  • Low prices on national brands
  • Convenient locations nationwide
  • Broad assortment of products beyond just bulk sizes

2. Costco

Costco Wholesale store

Costco is perhaps the most direct Sam’s Club competitor. This membership warehouse chain stocks everything from fresh food to appliances at wholesale prices.

It has an enormous selection of Kirkland Signature private label products that rival national brands in quality and cost less.

Shoppers appreciate their fresh bakery items, generous return policy, exclusive member coupons, and discounted gas stations.

A basic Gold Star membership provides access to all Costco warehouse locations for $60 per year. An Executive membership for $120 adds 2% rewards on purchases.

Key Benefits

  • Kirkland private label brand
  • Bakery and food court
  • Lenient return policy
  • Member-only coupons and discounts
  • Cheap gas stations

3. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s store

BJ’s is another leading wholesale club gaining ground with new digitally-savvy shoppers. Unique benefits include curbside pickup, same-day grocery delivery, mobile scan and pay, and digital coupons to stack more savings without clipping.

The BJ’s store brand Wellsley Farms offers premium quality at prices rivaling cheaper name brands.

Shop groceries, household items, pet supplies, toys, furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, and more.

Key Benefits

  • Good for East Coast shoppers
  • 5-10% credit card rewards
  • Wellsley Farms store brand
  • Lower membership fee

4. JCPenney


JCPenney offers big savings on apparel for the whole family, with specials like buy one get one 50% off.

It also has great prices on home goods like bedding sets, small kitchen appliances, furniture, decor and more.

Sign up for their Rewards credit card to save even more through discounts and bonus points. Other regular sales promotions to watch for include coupons, % or $ off, and free shipping codes.

Why Shop Here:

  • 40-60% off sales
  • Mix of national brands and private labels
  • JCP credit card rewards
  • No membership fees
  • Extensive online assortment

5. Marshalls

Marshalls store

Marshalls stands out as a popular wholesale­ store offering must have e­ssentials at affordable prices to value­d customers.

Boasting a network of over 1000 locations sprawle­d across the United States Marshalls has made­ a name for itself with its irresistible­ markdowns on branded clothing accessories home essentials and more.

Custome­rs can delve into a wide array of products spanning across me­ns womens and childrens attire home­ decor kitchen gizmos and eve­n electronics.

This alternative store also takes pride­ in presenting topnotch items at a fraction of the­ir original cost catering to budgets

Key Benefits

  • 20-60% less than department stores
  • New stock daily
  • Major apparel and beauty brands
  • Household names and luxury designers
  • No membership fee

6. Big Lots

Big Lots store

Big Lots is a discount retailer with over 1,400 stores across 47 states. It focuses primarily on excess and overstock inventory from other major retailers and closeout merchandise. It has constantly changing stock at prices up to 40-50% off competitors.

While you won’t find fresh groceries, the stores carry packaged foods, household cleaners, furnishings, seasonal goods, clothing, toys, electronics and various other bargains.

You can reliably stock up on basics and find fun surprises without a membership fee. Daily 25% off deals and coupons provide additional savings for savvy shoppers.

Key Benefits

  • No membership fees
  • Up to 50% off competitors
  • New deals and finds daily
  • 25% off coupons
  • Major discounts on excess stock

7. Target

Target store

Target is a one-stop discount retailer with nearly 2,000 stores and a vast online catalogue of products.

It combines groceries, household essentials, baby supplies, beauty, clothing, electronics, and pretty much anything else the average household needs.

While not a warehouse club, it does offers very competitive pricing from both national brands and their popular private label brands like Up&Up and Goodfellow.

This similar company routinely runs promotions like spend $50 get $10 gift cards or 15% off coupons to motivate bigger hauls.

Key Benefits

  • No membership fees
  • 5% off all purchases with RedCard
  • Frequent 15% off coupons
  • Popular private label brands
  • Competitive prices with Sam’s Club

8. Best Buy

Best Buy store

Best Buy is the top electronics and appliance retailer operating nearly 1,000 big box stores across the US.

The selection includes televisions, laptops, cell phones, cameras, appliances large and small, video games, movies, music and more.

While everyday prices closely match competitors, it is aggressive with member deals, student offers, and flash sales in popular categories.

Key Benefits

  • Elite member perks and sales
  • Frequent flash deals
  • Tech and appliance services
  • Price matching guarantee

9. Kroger

Kroger store

Kroger is a staple­ in the grocery industry offering a wide­ array of affordable musthaves. Boasting over 2000 locations spanning the­ United States, it e­nsures a shopping experie­nce tailored to your convenie­nce.

Explore a diverse­ array of products ranging from fresh produce meats and dairy to pantry essentials and household items.

More­over it prese­nts its exclusive private labe­l brand furnishing customers with even more budgetfriendly choices.

Key Benefits

  • Low grocery prices
  • Fuel points and coupons
  • Weekly promotions
  • Extensive private brands

10. TJ Maxx

Tj Maxx store

T.J. Maxx is a popular retail store that offers affordable essentials and fashionable merchandise. This similar store provides customers with a wide range of products at discounted prices.

Customers can find a variety of clothing, accessories, home goods, and beauty products. The store is known for its ever-changing inventory, with new items arriving regularly.

Whether you’re shopping for clothing or home decor, it offers a great selection of affordable options.

Key Benefits

  • 20-60% less than department stores
  • New deliveries daily
  • Thousands of brands
  • Designer fashion at bargain prices
  • Household necessities too

11. World Market

World Market store

Cost Plus World Market specializes in affordable imported home furnishings, food, wine and gifts from over 50 countries.

The 260+ stores across the US offer a wide global product assortment you won’t find elsewhere. Shoppers appreciate the unique décor, specialty foods, and travel discoveries.

Their website and apps extend the international shopping experience with exclusive online promotions and curbside pickup options.

Beyond retail locations, it offers interior design services perfect for transforming your home on a budget using their diverse, globally inspired inventory.

Key Benefits

  • Unique international products
  • Specialty food and wine
  • Globally inspired home goods
  • Interior design services
  • Exclusive online deals

12. Kohl’s

Kohl’s store

Kohl’s a belove­d department store chain care­fully curates an extensive­ collection of affordable esse­ntials for the whole family.

They have earne­d its reputation for offering fantastic deals and discounts on clothing acce­ssories home goods and more.

Patrons can e­xplore a diverse array of brandname­ products at discounted prices establishing it as the­ goto destination for budgetconscious shoppers.

Whethe­r youre in pursuit of trendy clothing stylish home de­cor or everyday esse­ntials it stands out as the ultimate destination for coste­ffective shopping.

Key Benefits

  • Stackable discounts and coupons
  • Generous loyalty rewards program
  • Sitewide sales up to 30% off
  • Extensive private labels
  • Mobile app for exclusive deals

13. Burlington

Burlington store

Burlington operates over 850 off-price retail stores across 45 states selling excess apparel inventory and branded closeouts discounted up to 60% off department stores. The merchandise focuses mainly on clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, and home goods.

It also receives new arrivals from over 100 famous name brands every day. You can find major retailers like Nike, Ralph Lauren, and Hasbro alongside specialty designers.

While quantities are limited, the fast inventory turnover makes visiting often rewarding to discover fresh markdowns.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 60% off department stores
  • New markdowns daily
  • Name brand closeout deals

14. Home Depot

Home Depot store

Home improvement leader Home Depot operates over 2,000 warehouse-format stores across the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Shoppers have access to over 30,000 products in categories like appliances, tools, lumber, flooring, lighting, outdoor living and more to take on big home projects.

While everyday prices closely match competitors, it offers special values in each department and additional savings for professional contractors with a free Pro Xtra membership.

You can reliably save on bulk essentials like furniture, storage solutions, cleaning supplies, and seasonal goods.

Key Benefits

  • Pro Xtra membership perks
  • Special buy deals in all departments
  • Bulk pricing on home essentials


Sam’s Club set the standard for membership warehouse clubs saving shoppers money on bulk essentials and brand name goods.

Luckily many big box retailers, grocery chains, department stores and specialty shops offer similar wholesale pricing and bulk discounts without needing to buy an annual membership.

Checking out this list of 14 alternatives to Sam’s Club can save you money in every category from pantry staples to appliances to apparel for the whole family.

Take advantage of loyalty programs, exclusive deals through store apps and credit cards, coupons and frequent markdowns to maximize your savings.

FAQs On Sam’s Club Competitors

What is Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is a membership-only retail warehouse club owned and operated by Walmart Inc.

How much does a Sam’s Club membership cost?

Sam’s Club offers three membership levels ranging from $45 to $100 per year, plus additional add-ons.

What can you buy at Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club sells groceries, household goods, clothing, furniture, office supplies, automotive supplies, and more in bulk quantities.

Does Sam’s Club offer any perks for members?

Yes, Sam’s Club members get cash rewards, early shopping hours, pharmacy & optical savings, and discounted gas among other perks.

Can you shop at Sam’s Club without being a member?

No, a membership is required to shop at Sam’s Club. However, non-members can use a one-day guest pass to shop with a member.

Does Sam’s Club accept manufacturer coupons?

Yes, Sam’s Club accepts valid manufacturer coupons except when prohibited by the manufacturer.

What is Sam’s Club’s return policy?

Most items purchased at Sam’s Club can be returned within 90 days with the original packaging and receipt for a full refund.

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