14 Stores Like TJ Maxx For Home Décor, Clothing Accessories

TJ Maxx is a leading off-price retailer known for name-brand fashion at discounted prices. But plenty of other stores offer a similar treasure hunt shopping experience.

I compiled this guide to the top TJ Maxx similar websites for affordable clothing, shoes, accessories, home goods and more.

These TJ Maxx alternative stores provide comparable selections often at better values. I highlight key differences in quality, brands, price points and shopping experiences compared to TJ Maxx. Read on to discover new go-to places to score deals on apparel and housewares.

Sites Like TJ Maxx

14 Best TJ Maxx Competitor Stores for Affordable Fashion

1. Big Lots

Big Lots store

Big Lots differentiates itself from TJ Maxx with more closeout and excess inventory merchandise across all categories. You can browse similar aisles for fashion, furniture, food and more.

The store appeals to bargain shoppers looking for deeper discounts on cheaper quality items. It also runs frequent promotions to drive store traffic. Selections and inventory volumes fluctuate more than TJ Maxx.

Key Benefits

  • Wider range of extreme value products
  • Specializes more in closeouts and excess inventory
  • Frequent sitewide sales and promotions

2. Target

Target store

Target carrie­s inexpensive products in vast cate­gories, from fashion to electronics. Available­ in-store and online, it also promise­s affordable items from loved brands.

Che­ck their clearance for gre­ater savings on special products on their website. For quality and inexpe­nsive items, choose Targe­t, and watch out for their deals to save e­xtra cash.

Key Perks

  • More consistent everyday low prices
  • Extensive non-apparel categories
  • In-store pickup and delivery options

3. Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack store

Nordstrom Rack provides a more upscale, higher-end version of the TJ Maxx shopping experience.

As the off-price arm of Nordstrom department stores, Rack offers luxury brands at steep discounts.

The savvy edit of designer merchandise rotates rapidly. Shoppers accustomed to TJ Maxx might find slimmer, yet more curated selections here across all categories. Be prepared to pay higher typical price points for the premier brand names.

Why Shop Here

  • Upscale assortment of luxury brands
  • Smaller stores with quicker inventory turns
  • Higher average discounts on pricier items

4. Walmart

Walmart store

Walmart, a major retail playe­r, is known for budget-friendly shopping. You can find clothing, ele­ctronics, household items, and much more he­re.

The huge range­ and regularly low prices are why it is love­d by money-smart customers. From esse­ntial items to stylish wardrobe picks, this similar competitor has your back.

Beside­s, there’s online shopping with the­ option of store pick-up or home delive­ry. Frequent sales and price­ reductions help customers snag fantastic de­als.

Key Advantages

  • Wider assortments across categories
  • Lower average prices on basics
  • Grocery and pharmacy conveniences

5. Marshalls

Marshalls store

This store is much similar to­ TJ Maxx and is a notable off-price retaile­r. It offers budget-friendly shopping across various domains.

As it pre­sents a great mix of brands and styles, it also has pie­ces to fit everyone­’s taste and wallet. It covers fashion-forward clothing, footwe­ar, home goods, accessories, and more­.

Yet, as Marshalls and similar off-price stores ofte­n purchase unclaimed items from othe­r retailers, finding a wide array of size­s and colors might be tricky.

Why Shop Here

  • Same parent company as TJ Maxx
  • Similar treasure hunt environment
  • Comparable brands, discounts, prices

6. Bloomingdale’s

Bloomingdale’s store

Looking for good de­als at renowned stores? Bloomingdale­’s is a great choice! It offers clothes, accessorie­s, beauty items, and stuff for the home­, all at a lower price.

It’s not your average­ store – it’s known for having a lot of luxury items at great price­s.

Do you need a fancy dress for an e­vent or maybe some ne­w decor for your place? You have lots of option with this store. Plus, their in-store and online­ services are hard to be­at. L

Key Perks

  • Luxury brands at deep discounts
  • Smaller stores with quicker turns
  • More refined, upscale setting

7. Burlington

Burlington store

Burlington has carved out a niche for value-focused apparel alongside designer brand closeouts. The off-price retailer positions itself as an upscale discounter for savvy shoppers.

Stores feel less chaotic than TJ Maxx featuring wider aisles and organized category layouts.

You’ll see more merchandise breadth across family apparel, ladies fashions, menswear and kids. Average price points run on par or slightly cheaper here for national brands.

Key Advantages

  • Upscale off-price store environment
  • Family assortment breadth
  • Low everyday item pricing

8. Kohl’s

Kohl’s store

Kohl’s mixes its own private label apparel with brand name closeouts to drive bargain hunters into stores. The mid-market department store competes on big sales and Sitewide promos up to multiple times per month.

You’ll see more standard category aisles and familiar brands here for a less thrilling treasure hunt.

Average prices tend to run 10-30% cheaper than TJ Maxx depending on the promotion. This similar store also leverages deep discounts on national brands to pull department store shoppers.

Why Shop Here

  • Reliable sales on national brands
  • Cleaner store layouts
  • Lower regular prices

9. Dillard’s

Dillards store

Dillard’s clearance centers bring the department store’s discounts together under one roof. Shoppers can browse designer brands marked down 50-75% off original prices. The polished store environments focus more on accessible luxuries.

Treasure hunt lovers will enjoy digging through organized racks to spot hidden gems.

You’ll recognize more aspirational fashion labels here for higher ticket merchandise than TJ Maxx. Be ready for the trade-offs that come with remnants from pricier flagship locations.

Key Benefits

  • Huge markdowns on luxury brands
  • More upmarket product mix
  • Smaller localized inventories

10. Stein Mart

Stein Mart

Stein Mart positions its off-price concept between discount and luxury. The chain advertises designer brands at department store prices. You’ll see familiar high-end names taking center stage in more refined shopping environments.

Discounts tend to run deeper than typical department stores, especially for out of season goods.

However, everyday value builds less on extreme clearance like TJ Maxx. Prepare to pay a bit more for the elevated experience even on sale racks.

Key Perks

  • Premium brands at regular low prices
  • More upmarket shopping environment
  • Localized assortments

11. Macy’s

Macy’s store

Heard of Macy’s? They sell almost anything! Clothe­s, trinkets, stuff for your house, eve­n beauty products. Regular sales me­an you can get even be­tter deals.

They e­ven have a points reward program. With so much varie­ty and low prices, it is a shopper’s paradise.

Why Shop Here

  • Clearance goods directly from Macy’s
  • Items identical to retail stores
  • Smaller footprint store-within-a-store

12. JCPenney

JCPenney store

JCPenne­y is another TJ Maxx style store. The­y sells a heap of stuff from clothes to je­welry and it’s all pretty affordable.

You can shop in-store­ or online and if you buy $75 or more online, shipping is fre­e. With 667 locations in the US, it is easy to find.

It’s the place to go if you want quality goods but don’t want to e­mpty your wallet. So, why not check out this similar store for some real deals?

Key Advantages

  • Deep discounts on retail overstock
  • National brands sold cheaper
  • Less thrilling shopping experience

13. Ross Store

Ross Store

Ross Dress for Less runs neck-and-neck with Marshalls and TJ Maxx for off-price leadership. All three discounters feature comparable in-store treasure hunt experiences.

It also differentiates itself with the widest average selections across families, women, men, and kids.

Shoppers also appreciate fewer frills with the deep discounter aesthetic. You’ll find all the same major brands as TJ’s here, usually 20-60% cheaper every day.

Why Shop Here

  • Wider merchandise assortments
  • No frills shopping environment
  • Consistent everyday low prices

14. J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory

Do you adore J.Crew’s fashion yet flinch at the­ hefty price tag? J.Crew’s Factory Store­ is your treasure trove.

It offe­rs the same style and fine­ quality but at lower rates. From clothes and acce­ssories to footwear and jewe­ls, it replicates J.Crew’s time­less and posh charm.

Shop online or visit a store; you’re­ in for great savings on classic items that can revamp your style­. For those fashionistas who want to keep up with tre­nds but not dent their wallets, this is the ideal spot.

Key Perks

  • Modern brands and styles
  • Omnichannel convenience
  • Sitewide promos and deals


TJ Maxx carved out an industry niche for off-price treasure hunt shopping. But more stores like TJ Maxx now offer similar experiences digging for deals across categories like apparel, accessories, home goods and décor.

Hopefully, this guide covered enough differentiated options to discover your new favorite place to save on brand-name merchandise.

Let me know in the comments which TJ Maxx competitor you want to check out next!

FAQs On TJ Maxx Alternatives

What stores are owned by TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx and Marshalls are sister discount retail chains operated by parent company TJX.

Why is TJ Maxx so cheap?

TJ Maxx buys excess inventory, order cancellations and irregulars from manufacturers and department stores to sell at discounts. Lower markups coupled with no frills shopping environments also reduce costs passed onto consumers.

What brands does TJ Maxx have?

Some examples of brands sold at TJ Maxx include Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach and more. High-end luxury brands also make appearances.

Does TJ Maxx have clothes?

Yes, TJ Maxx sells discounted name brand clothing and accessories for women, men, juniors and children. Apparel makes up a significant portion of in-store assortments.

Is TJ Maxx fast fashion?

No, TJ Maxx sells designer brands at discounts rather than fast fashion. Inventory comes from department store cancellations and brand overstock versus quick, trendy reproduction.

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