13 Stores Like Bassett Furniture For Furniture & Home Décor

If you love the stylish, quality furniture and home décor at Bassett, you’ll be excited to discover these 13 alternatives that offer similar stylish finds for your home.

These popularcompetitor stores provide beautiful furniture, home accessories, and décor ideas at various price points to suit different budgets and tastes.

Stores Like Bassett Furniture

13 Best Stores Similar To Bassett Furniture For Furniture & Home Décor

1. Arhaus Furniture

Arhaus store

Arhaus is known for its modern, eclectic furniture designs and décor using high-quality reclaimed and recycled materials.

With a focus on artisanal craftsmanship, it offers handmade contemporary furniture with global influences.

The store provides white glove delivery service and has brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. Its furniture categories span living room, bedroom, dining room, and outdoor.

Popular picks are its modish sectional sofas, platform beds, cocktail tables, and unique lighting fixtures.

Why Shop Here:

  • Sophisticated, globally-inspired designs
  • Handcrafted pieces with reclaimed/recycled materials
  • White glove delivery and installation

2. Wayfair

Wayfair store

Boasting over 18 million home goods online, Wayfair is a home décor giant and furniture store for all styles and budgets. It has become hugely popular for convenient shopping across every home category imaginable.

With excellent search features and filter options, you’ll discover furniture finds from modern and contemporary to farmhouse and industrial.

This similar competitor also offers competitive pricing with frequent sales and promos for greater value on quality brands.

Key Advantages:

  • Massive online selection in all home categories
  • Affordable prices with frequent sales
  • Helpful search tools to discover that perfect piece

3. Ikea

Ikea store

IKEA is a well-known furniture and home decor retailer that offers a wide range of affordable options.

They specialize in modern, minimalist designs that are both functional and stylish. With their flat-pack furniture and easy-to-follow instructions, they makes it simple for customers to assemble their own items at home.

They have a vast selection of furniture for every room in the house, as well as home accessories, kitchenware, and lighting options.

The store also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, offering eco-friendly products and promoting recycling initiatives.

Why People Choose Them:

  • Cost-friendly, design-forward furniture
  • Convenience of modular ready-to-assemble pieces
  • One-stop shop with whole home selection

4. World Market

World Market store

Offering a vibrant global bazaar of home furnishings and décor, World Market aims to bring artisanal finds from around the world to your home.

With ever-changing in-store displays and product lines, it makes exploring cultures and discovering new trends fun.

Catering to eclectic tastes, this retailer provides unique accessories, furnishings, and accents spanning modern, bohemian, traditional and more.

This similar company is especially beloved for holiday and seasonal décor that sparks joy.

Key Perks:

  • One-of-a-kind imported home goods
  • Affordable prices on stylish finds
  • Festive and inspiring décor selections

5. Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen store

Ethan Allen is a well-known furniture and home decor store that offers high-quality and stylish pieces for every room in the house.

With a wide range of furniture options, including sofas, beds, dining tables, and more, it has something to suit every taste and style.

They are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that each piece is built to last. With their commitment to quality and design, it is a great alternative to Bassett Furniture.

Why Shop Here:

  • Timelessly styled, fine quality furniture
  • Custom design services and options
  • Specialization in custom upholstery

6. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture store

Known for being trustworthy and budget-friendly, Ashle­y Furniture offers vast choices for e­very household room.

They’re­ a competitive counterpart to Basse­tt Furniture. They showcase a mix of furniture designs, from updated and chic to classic and quaint. This ensure­s that your unique style is reflected in the ideal pie­ces.

Beyond furniture, the­y carry decor, mattresses, and bonus ite­ms to accentuate your home. Regular bargains mean it is a de­pendable pick for cost-effe­ctive style.

Key Advantages:

  • Huge in-store and online inventory
  • Trendy furniture styles at low prices
  • Helpful sales associates and financing options

7. Kohl’s

Kohl’s store

Kohl’s, a familiar departme­nt store, boasts diverse furniture­ styles for every home­ niche. Whether you’re­ into modern or classic designs, it has a match for your decor ne­eds.

Prices are re­asonable, often making it a prefe­rred alternative to Basse­tt Furniture. Regular savings make the­m even more affordable­.

Along with furniture, the alternative store stocks decor, bedding, and kitche­n items filling your home with esse­ntial add-ons.

With the ease of online­ shopping and scattered stores nationwide­, Kohl’s makes finding affordable home charm trouble­-free.

Key Advantages:

  • Brand name home goods at low prices
  • Themed collections for fresh style

8. West Elm

West Elm

West Elm delivers contemporary, mid-century modern and industrial-inspired furnishings with a Brooklyn-based design aesthetic.

With global accents and handcrafted pieces, it offers urban style for modern living.

Focusing on quality and sustainability, they combinations high-end materials like organic cotton, reused wood, and non-toxic finishes in its designs. P

opular picks include its performance sofas, organic bedding, and sculptural lighting.

Key Perks:

  • Stylish urban and global designs
  • Quality construction and eco-friendly materials
  • Specialty in modern, adaptable furnishings

9. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn store

Pottery Barn is a famous furniture­ store for trendy, top-quality home ite­ms. They have a sele­ction from living room suites to bedroom sets and dining rooms.

The­ir designs are timele­ss, fitting any style. Besides furniture­, they sell lamps, rugs, and decor.

The­y aims for perfect craftsmanship, ensuring the­ir items are beautiful and durable­. Whether you nee­d a big statement item or little­ home accents, it has it all.

Why Shop Here:

  • Timeless and customizable furniture
  • Expert design consultation services
  • Collections curated to flow throughout home

10. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond store

You’ll find Bed Bath & Beyond at the top of most shopping lists. This we­ll-known store carries a spectrum of home­ goods such as bedroom outfits and kitchen gear.

It’s truly a hub for all things home­. Their inventory is brimming with options cate­ring to all design desires and budge­t parameters.

From timele­ss pieces to contemporary style­s, they’ve got it all. Not only that, but they also se­ll home accents like rugs, curtains, and artwork, allowing you to add the­ finishing touches to your rooms.

Key Benefits:

  • One-stop for home furnishings and essentials
  • Small space and makeover solutions
  • Value pricing and frequent coupon promotions

11. Raymour and Flanigan

Raymour and Flanigan store

Northeastern US furniture chain Raymour and Flanigan provides medium to high-end furniture from living rooms to backyards.

Focusing on American craftsmanship, it offers stylish customizable pieces from over 500 US manufacturing partners.

With a large inventory spanning contemporary, classic, and modern designs, its selections aim to suit personal tastes.

From dinner tables to headboards and patio sets, bespoke services and integrated technology amenities are available.

Why Shop Here:

  • Extensive collections from US makers
  • Customizable medium-high end furniture
  • White glove delivery and technology integration

12. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware store

Restoration Hardware translates historical designs into modern luxe home furnishings with a cohesive, sophisticated aesthetic.

Offering curated collections and custom pieces across furniture, lighting, textiles, and décor, it focuses on artisanal quality and livable glamour reminiscent of eras past.

With an emphasis on enduring materials and uncompromising craftsmanship, they aims to outfit entire residences in harmony.

Key Advantages:

  • Luxurious historical design made modern
  • Meticulously constructed investment pieces
  • Whole home design harmony

13. Joybird


As an online-only retailer, Joybird differentiates itself through custom-made furniture crafted to order in eco-friendly US workshops.

Its platform makes personalizing colors, materials, dimensions and configurations on sofas, sectionals, beds and more seamless.

With curated looks spanning mid-century modern to industrial and contemporary, it offers heirloom-quality furniture at attainable prices compared to other customized retailers.

Its niche focus on quality, sustainability and customization makes personalized pieces perfection.

Key Advantages:

  • Custom-made furniture without the wait
  • Heirloom-quality at friendly price points
  • Hassle-free customization process


Just like Bassett Furniture, all these popular home goods stores and online retailers offer beautiful furniture and inspiring home décor across styles, materials, and budgets.

With some focused strengths and specialties, they provide quality alternatives where you can discover beautiful pieces for every room.

So explore your favorite Bassett Furniture competitors to enjoy shopping for stylish home upgrades spanning every category and taste.

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