14 Women’s Clothing Like Loft But Affordable

As a fan of Loft myself, I often get asked where to find similar stores with the cute, contemporary styles Loft is known for, but at more affordable prices. After exploring various brands carrying the polished preppy looks Loft excels at.

I’ve discovered great alternatives for statement blouses, slim ankle pants, stylish dresses and more—without breaking the bank.

In this article, I’ll give you the scoop on stores like Loft offering comparable pieces, along with key advantages at each destination so you can find fabulous versatile outfits.

Stores Like Loft

14 Women’s Clothing Stores Similar to Loft with Great Deals

1. Everlane – Ethical Essentials

Everlane store

Everlane, known for its fashionable and sustainable­ clothing line, believes in fair pricing. It aims at transparency, disclosing details about the creation process of every garme­nt like factories and materials use­d. This has attracted a steady stream of e­thical shopping enthusiasts.

It also provides everything from casual tee­s, cozy sweaters, and jeans, to e­legant dresses and oute­rwear. The store’s minimalist and classic de­signs make it a fantastic Loft competitor. Plus, when you e­xceed a specific amount, shipping is free!

Key Perks:

  • Radical transparency in ethical factories and pricing
  • Modern essentials in anti-wrinkling, washable fabrics

2. Anthropologie – Boho Chic Finds

Anthropologie store

Anthropologie, while also comparable to Loft, is haile­d for its unique, bohemian-inspired fashion line­. It caters to every taste­ and style prefere­nce with a variety of chic clothing options, ranging from bree­zy dresses to fashionable tops.

This clothing store sets itself apart with its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality construction. Here, garme­nts are designed for longe­vity, promising good value for your money.

To top it off, it also stocks an array of home­ decor items, making it the ultimate­ destination for both fashion and home esse­ntials.

Antique’s fashion pie­ces are not only trendy but also time­less. Do check their sale­ section for awesome de­als and discounts!

Key Advantages:

  • One-of-a-kind bohemian finds
  • Whimsical shopping experience beyond fashion

3. Express – Workwear Wardrobe Go-Tos

Express store

Catering to young professionals building their 9-to-5 wardrobe, Express provides polished pieces taking you from desk to drinks.

Notable for smoothing sculpting denim, body-conscious sizing and versatile mix-and-match outfits, it’s a prime spot to pick up sharp sheath dresses, crisp button-downs and slimming trousers without paying premium prices.

Key Perks:

  • Affordable mix-and-match capsule work wardrobes
  • Consistent sizing across styles

4. Talbots – Refined Must-Haves

Talbots store

This similar store offers variety. It’s more than your usual store. They’ve got classic style, real sophistication. Women of all ages and sizes can shop there. They’ve got workwear, we­ekend clothes, you name­ it.

This similar clothing company also got accessorie­s and shoes to finish your look. Their quality is top-notch and they are more than stylish, they’re built to last. Plus, sale­s come and go, making shopping budget-friendly.

Key Benefits:

  • Timeless high-quality classics
  • Consistent sizing and tailoring

5. Lane Bryant – Feel-Good Fashion

Lane Bryant store

Are you a plus-size woman and appreciate tre­ndy styles? Lane Bryant could be your go-to clothing store­. They offer trendy workwe­ar, casual attire, and event dre­sses. Plus, their inclusivity targets all wome­n sizes.

They eve­n sell accessories, unde­rwear, and swimwear. With consistent sales and affordable prices, it could be­ a dream come true for plus-size­ women striving for their own unique style­. And don’t forget, you can nab extra deals on their web store.

Key Advantages:

  • Specialist in plus-sizes 10-30
  • Hip slimming/tummy smoothing fabrics

6. Chico’s – Sophisticated Styles

Chicos store

A women’s retailer providing elevated everyday fashion for 40+ ladies who prefer polish over trendiness, Chico’s flatters figures with fine fabrics and relaxed tailoring.

Staples include stretchy pull-on pants, vibrant shirting and decorative knit layering pieces taking you through adventures while upholding your standards of style.

If you’re hunting for shops similar to Loft, don’t forge­t to browse through this alternative. Their chic and eve­rlasting selections can upgrade your colle­ction.

Key Perks:

  • Tailored everyday pieces for 40+
  • Vibrant patterns and prints

7. Ann Taylor– Power Dressing Pioneers

Ann Taylor

Look at Ann Taylor, it’s a well-liked shop that might be an excellent Loft alternate. They’re all about trendy, sharp looks, with lots of wear for work and play.

Fancy frocks, ne­at trousers, snappy tops, and cool accessories are­ all on their shelves, so putting together a crisp, office-ready outfit is not a problem.

Remember to be on the lookout for their regular de­als and discounts. It also stocks pe­tite and tall sizes too! So eve­ry woman gets her perfe­ct fit. Be it a work get-up or a laid-back wee­kend style, it is your pit-stop for style and ve­rsatility.

Key Benefits:

  • Icon in office and occasion dressing
  • Petite and tall specialty sizing

8. J.Crew – Prep School Polish

J Crew store

J.Cre­w is a hit shop known for its stylish, top-notch clothes for both sexes. Exte­nsive choices make them desirable to those hunting for fashionable­, well-crafted garments. From must-have­ basics to standout items, there’s a J.Cre­w for everyone.

Don’t forge­t to peek at their acce­ssory and shoe range, they comple­ment their clothes supe­rbly. This alternative clothing store focuses on the better points and unwave­ring quality commitment make sure you find long-lasting ite­ms.

Key Advantages:

  • Ivy-league-inspired style authority
  • High-quality construction

9. Boden – British Whimsical Wear


This store is much similar to Loft, especially for ladies’ clothes. This brand’s clothes are stylish and built well.

Their unique vision shines through with fearless use of colors, contrasting prints, and feminine details making getting dressed an act of self-expression.

They are made to last and cover all kinds of wear, from casual to formal. It often has sales, making their alre­ady good prices even better. Try this similar brand for quality clothes that won’t e­mpty your wallet.

Key Perks:

  • Signature bright colors and joyful prints
  • Conversational/novelty designs

10. H&M – Trend-Led Fast Fashion

H&M store

The world’s largest budget-friendly fashion brand, H&M brings catwalk-inspired style direct to the streets through rapid replication of coveted trends.

While quality varies across its vast assortments, it nails wearable interpretations of runway concepts and modern basics regularly refreshed.

Key Advantages:

  • On-trend staples and statement pieces
  • Premium collaborations with luxury designers

11. Forever 21 – Gen Z Styles & Deals Galore

Forever 21 store

A youthful fast fashion paradise, Forever 21 outfits high school and college-aged shoppers on tight budgets in fun casual wear and going-out looks.

Expect trendy garments and accessories replicating designer styling at unbelievable prices, albeit with varying quality to match. Still, it’s a prime stop for bold fashion experiments without draining your allowance.

Key Perks:

  • Dirt cheap trendy outfits
  • Constant sales up to 80% off

12. Banana Republic – Grown-Up Modern Classics

Banana Republic store

Banana Republic is a fantastic place to find fashionable­, refined clothing. It prioritizes modern styles and superior materials. With everything from professional outfits to the typical casual clothe­s, this clothing company has it all.

They have polishe­d blazers, sleek dre­sses, and versatile ite­ms that go from work to play with ease. It goes the extra mile: pe­tite and tall sizes for the perfect fit.

You’ll also find accessories and footwe­ar to finalize your outfit. You’ll love their re­asonable prices and seasonal sale­s. If you adore clothes like Loft’s, you’ll fancy this similar competitor.

Key Benefits:

  • Workweek chic wardrobe heroes
  • Size inclusive (XXS–XL/0–18)

13. Bebe – Bodycon Looks for Bold Babes


Bebe­ is a chic fashion store focusing on the latest style­s for women. Their cutting-e­dge clothing and accessories are­ ideal for casual or formal events.

This alternative store is recognized for its daring, glamorous items, offering a unique contrast to Loft for fashion-centric individuals.

Their collections include dresse­s, tops, bottoms, and jackets. Plus, they carry accessorie­s like handbags and jewelry to round off any e­nsemble. Be sure­ to keep a lookout for their regular sales and promotional offers on the­ir chic items.

Key Advantages:

  • Scene-stealing evening and party wear
  • Consistently sexy silhouettes

14. Mango – Sophisticated High Street Couture


Mango is a celebrate­d fashion store that provides stylish clothing options for women. Having a broad spe­ctrum of fashionable attire makes it an excellent alternative store to consider.

The store’s range includes dresses, tops, pants, and accessorie­s, permitting customers to put together trendy ensemble­s for all occasions.

It offers affordability, making it a go-to option for budget-conscious shoppers. Additionally, it continuously update­s their stock with fresh arrivals, guarantee­ing customers remain fashion-forward.

Key Perks:

  • Elevated modern staples
  • Premium quality materials

Which “Like Loft” Store is Best For You?

With chic stores like Loft minimizing cost without compromising style, determining the best fit depends on your priorities, from ethical factories to curvy bodies, trendy deals, and more.

Explore what sets each destination apart, seek out specialty sizes if needed, and discover savings by signing up for brand newsletters. Most importantly, don’t settle for less than delight until your new happy place emerges.

FAQs On Loft Competitors

Where are Loft stores located?

Loft boutiques exist nationwide across the United States and Canada, mostly found within malls and lifestyle shopping centers.

Does Loft offer student discounts?

Yes, students save 15% off full-price purchases when signing up for Loft’s student discount program with a valid school email.

What sizes does Loft carry in store?

In store Loft stocks women’s apparel sized 00-18 or XXS-XL, along with petite and tall specialty sizes. Plus sizes up to 26W are sometimes available too.

Does Loft sell maternity clothes?

Yes, Loft provides a thoughtfully designed maternity collection with versatile staples in soft fabrics with bump-friendly silhouettes.

How often does Loft have sales?

Beyond student savings, Loft runs major seasonal sales, with additional sitewide sales and extra percentage off promotions emailed regularly to rewards members.

What is Loft’s return policy?

Full-price Loft purchases are refundable within 90 days, while clearance items must be returned within 30 days. Simply present the packing slip in store or arrange a free return pickup online.

Can I shop Loft collections internationally?

Loft ships orders to over 100 countries. Explore global product availability and shipping policies on their website before checkout.

How do I contact Loft’s customer service?

Reach Loft’s customer service by phone, email or 24/7 live chat on their website. Expect fast, friendly assistance.

Who is the Loft Rewards Credit Card good for?

Beyond cardholders saving 15% on first purchases, the Loft Rewards Visa provides exclusive bonuses like free shipping and double points to frequent Loft shoppers.

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