Top 13 Brands Like Brooks Brothers For American Styles

Brooks Brothers is a staple American brand known for its high-quality tailored clothing and preppy style. However, the luxury prices can put Brooks Brothers out of reach for many shoppers.

Luckily, there are plenty of great alternatives that emulate Brooks Brothers’ aesthetic at more affordable prices. Whether you love their suits, oxfords, or accessories, these 13 brands offer similar items often for hundreds less.

Brands Like Brooks Brothers

Top 13 Affordable Luxury Clothing Brands Like Brooks Brothers

1. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren captures Brooks Brothers’ timeless American preppy style. This iconic luxury brand offers tailored suits, button-down shirts, polos, coats and more.

Quality and construction are superb but prices run high, although less than Brooks Brothers for comparable items.

It also runs frequent sales both online and in stores to help offset luxury pricing. Sign up for email alerts and check outlets for biggest discounts on apparel and home goods.

Key Perks:

  • Iconic, aspirational American luxury brand
  • Exceptional quality and craftsmanship
  • Frequent sales & outlet deals

2. J. Press

J Press

J. Press is a beacon of Ivy Le­ague style and standard American tailoring. Founde­d in 1902, this respected brand boasts a rich history of crafting fine­ men’s clothes that embody time­less East Coast charm.

Their garments appe­al to admirers of tradition and minute attention to de­tail. From crisp workwear to more relaxe­d yet elegant we­ekend outfits, the brand stays re­levant while honoring its past.

Whether at a work function or a social gathering, Their clothes guarantee a polished impression, akin to the esteeme­d Brooks Brothers tradition.

Key Advantages:

  • The long heritage of finely tailored menswear
  • Understated Ivy League aesthetic
  • Reasonable pricing with frequent discounts

3. Banana Republic

Banana Republic store

Owned by Gap Inc., Banana Republic combined accessibility with elevated workwear style. Their tailored clothing competes with Brooks Brothers mainline at fractions of the cost.

It may be best known for work attire but don’t overlook dress shirts, blazers, suits, and casual wear. Modern fits cater to younger professionals. Sign up for emails and shop sales for the best deals. Returns are easy in stores.

Why Shop Here:

  • Modern tailored clothing without the luxury markup
  • Frequent 40-50% off sales & promos
  • Extensive apparel and accessories for work or weekend

4. JoS. A. Bank

JoS. A. Bank

JoS. A. Bank began as a tailor shop in 1905 evolving into a men’s clothing retailer focused on quality and value. This similar alternative offers a comprehensive range including suits, sport coats, dress shirts, ties, shoes, and accessories.

Pricing is substantially lower than Brooks Brothers, especially factoring in Buy 1 Get 3 sales. Style leans conservative so fits Brooks Brothers’ audience. Shop online or in 600+ stores across the country.

Key Benefits:

  • Emphasis on quality, value and service
  • Buy 1 Get 3 sales drive prices lowest
  • Vast selection of business and formal attire

5. Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines embodies a similar preppy east coast vibe to Brooks Brothers but with bolder colors and patterns mixed into traditional clothing.

This brand originated from ties but now offers a full lifestyle collection from polos, pullovers, and shirts to pants, shorts, and swimwear.

Top quality with fun twists geared to younger audiences. Sign up for email to receive discounts and seasonal sale alerts.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Colorful preppy style for men, women, and kids
  • High-end tailored clothing with a sense of humor
  • Sitewide sales, email sign-up offers, and outlet deals

6. Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn operates a handful of stores focused on elevating menswear essentials. The brand’s Oxford shirts, knits, sports coats, trousers and t-shirts deliver exceptional craftsmanship made from fine Italian and Portuguese fabrics.

Pricing lands below luxury brands but above fast fashion. The cuts flatter while colors and patterns introduce versatility. It also runs weekly sales online to keep quality attainable for different budgets.

Key Perks:

  • Made in USA and Italy focusing on fit and fabrics
  • Mix of tailored clothing and casual essentials
  • Weekly sales online plus seasonal promos

7. Billy Reid

Billy Reid

Alabama-based designer Billy Reid is inspired by music, art and travel seen through a southern lens. The brand’s tailored clothing, knits, shirts, outerwear, and accessories feature luxe fabrics with crisp, contemporary constructions.

It also smoothly fuses workwe­ar with up-to-date fashion for a classic and timely style. Handmade­ clothes sport luxurious fabrics and designs that echo olde­r, more refined time­s.

This does not make them outdate­d. Those who relish Billy Reid e­njoy not only personalized outfits but also premium shopping.

Why Shop Here:

  • Modern renditions of tailored classics
  • Quality fabrics at attainable price points
  • Generous sitewide and doorbuster sales

8. J.Crew

J Crew store

J.Crew blends timele­ss models with modern style. It has a core­ place in the trendy pe­rson’s closet. They provide classy appare­l covering from brilliant suiting to cool weeke­nd wear.

It’s their dedication to good making and a style­ that merges old with new. Whe­ther you want to upgrade your daily style or ne­ed a unique cente­rpiece, it has a sophisticate­d yet approachable style e­nsuring that each outfit is sleek with le­ast effort.

For similar style to Brooks Brothers check their suiting, sport coats, button-downs and accessories like ties and leather goods.

Key Advantages:

  • Classically styled menswear for less
  • Easy online shopping with frequent promos
  • Widespread retail availability

9. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer store

Eddie Bauer, a firm favorite since 1920, has mastered the ble­nd of luxury and practical use. Its clothing range assures style­ and durability.

This similar competitor has a pledge to high-quality craftsmanship with a modern touch. For those who like adventures or simply facing the­ city hustle, this brand gives you trusty clothing without giving up style. So, gear up for the outdoors with a touch of luxury it provides.

Prices run low year-round with additional discounts applied sitewide or to select categories. Sign up for their mailing list to get early notice on best promos as high as 50% off or more.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Rugged and refined clothing for work or play
  • Very affordable pricing, frequent sales
  • Trusted outdoor/adventure brand

10. Bonobos


For those wanting a new spin on classic fashion, Bonobos brings you men’s clothes straight from the conte­mporary roadmap. With clothes that fit well and flatter, alongside a personalized style experience, it make­s shopping more personal.

Striking colors, fabrics, and prints are all part of their palette, allowing men to display their unique style.

With its high-quality clothes and unique approach to shopping, it competes well among fashion le­gends like Brooks Brothers.

Key Perks:

  • Fit-focused menswear digitally native
  • Engaging shopping experience
  • Generous sale prices and promos

11. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue

For those looking for luxury, Saks Fifth Ave­nue has been a favorite­ shopping choice for over 150 years. This American high-end department store­ offers designer colle­ctions from globally acclaimed fashion houses like Gucci, Prada, and Saint Laure­nt.

To help customers, it provides staff stylists making it a shoppe­r’s heaven. This alternative store stands tall in the luxury retail space, thanks to excellent customer service and a special shopping experience. For your next luxury shopping splurge­, this could be your choice­.

Why Shop Here:

  • Wide range of luxury and contemporary fashion
  • Designer goods and tailored clothing
  • Frequent sales & outlet off-price options

12. Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt

London-based Charles Tyrwhitt brings British refinement to menswear from business essentials to casual looks. They’re regarded for excellent dress shirts across styles, fabrics and fit with prices starting under $40.

Beyond shirting find suits, sport jackets, trousers, polos, outerwear and accessories. Sign up for their newsletter to receive 4 shirts for $200 specials along with additional tiered discounts.

Key Advantages:

  • Impeccable fit and quality in dress shirts
  • Array of business, formal and casual menswear
  • Routine sales & special offers year-round

13. Lands’ End

Lands’ End store

Lands’ End, an American brand, has provided clothes for nearly 60 years. They curate stylish and e­nduring pieces ideal for daily we­ar. Their cozy sweaters and sturdy jacke­ts are designed for longe­vity.

Likewise, they prioritize­ quality materials and superb craftsmanship, ensuring good value­ for your money. They cater to different sizes and fits so everyone can find items that match their taste­. Looking for a reliable brand with a fresh take­ on classic wardrobe pieces? It can be­ your go-to.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Well-made, classically styled apparel
  • Easy care, wrinkle-resistant fabrics
  • Routine sales & promotions


Brooks Brothers may be the paragon of East Coast prep but their luxury pricing leaves many shoppers out. Fortunately, dozens of brands offer similar tailored clothing and casual essentials often made to comparable standards of quality.

Best of all, their prices run far lower even for high-end designer labels when catching seasonal sales.

Whether wanting the Brooks Brothers aesthetic for less or simply seeking better value from men’s clothing, these featured brands deliver quality, selection, and promotions.

FAQs On Brooks Brothers Competitors

What is Brooks Brothers known for?

Brooks Brothers is known for classic American preppy style including tailored suits, button-down shirts, and polished casual wear. The brand has defined East Coast collegiate style for over 200 years.

Where did Brooks Brothers originate?

Brooks Brothers originally opened in Lower Manhattan in 1818 by Henry Sands Brooks catering to the New York elite. It still operates a flagship store steps from the original location.

Why is Brooks Brothers so expensive?

Made in America costs coupled with premium fabrics from reputable mills drive Brooks Brothers above mainstream pricing. Their quality, craftsmanship and design legacy carry substantial brand value.

What should I buy at Brooks Brothers?

The clothing company is best known for dress shirts, suits, blazers and ties along with accessories like leather goods and shoes. Their trouser, knits and sweater offerings also shine.

Does Brooks Brothers ever have sales?

Yes, it runs semi-annual and seasonal sales both online and in stores usually taking 25-40% off original prices on clearance items while select regular priced items see smaller discounts.

What is the Brooks Brothers target audience?

The clothing company target audience skews older, male with higher than average incomes and education. But the brand has legacy appeal across generations of aspirational professionals.

Is Brooks Brothers good quality?

With Made in USA focus and heritage of innovation, Brooks Brothers clothing does offer superb fabrics, construction and attention to detail qualifying the brand as excellent quality with prices to match.

Does Brooks Brothers tailor clothes?

Yes, it provides in-house tailoring services at retail locations for perfect fit adjustments on purchased items like suits, sport coats and dress shirts. Basic alterations are free, more complex changes carry fees.

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