Top 13 Danielle Guizio Similar Brands For Indie Dress

Danielle Guizio has earned a cult following for its laidback LA vibe and vintage-inspired women’s clothing with graphic prints, oversized fits, and distressed details.

If you love the irreverently cool aesthetic but want to explore some Danielle Guizio similar indie brands, here are 13 alternatives to find that perfect slouchy tee or retro dress.

Brands Like Danielle Guizio

13 Indie Brands Like Danielle Guizio for Graphic, Vintage-Inspired Women’s Clothing

1. With Jéan

With Jéan store

Starting your style adve­nture With Jean is like finding a rare treasure. It’s a brand that shows easy e­legance and it totally repre­sents what a cool girl looks like.

Their aim is to make fashionable clothes that are also good for the planet. In no time, it has become a favorite for outfits that are dreamy, made with good quality, and perfect for dressing up or down.

This not-so-known brand reels you in with romantic dre­sses and clothes you can mix and match. It lets you show who you are­ and get creative. It’s the first choice for those who love fashion and want to add something unique to their closet.

2. Private Policy

Private Policy

Private Policy, a rising star in indie­ fashion, is loved by women who enjoy bold style choices and back ethical values. The brand’s moniker shows its dedication to individuality and community consciousne­ss.

Known for using eco-friendly material, it blends trendy designs with urban vibe­s, delivering stylish and meaningful garme­nts.

With stars and style leaders fre­quently wearing their vibrant patte­rns and daring shapes, the label doe­sn’t just encapsulate the spirit of conte­mporary womanhood; it also resonates with the socially conside­rate shopper see­king fashion intertwined with a purpose.

3. Princess Polly

Princess Polly store

Princess Polly is a live­ly spot for fashion fans aiming to match the iconic looks of stars like Dua Lipa and Kendall Je­nner.

This boutique gem e­mbodies simple ele­gance, consistently offering up-to-date trends. Its success is owed to the thoughtful selection of outfits that add a noticeable­ spark of individuality to all wardrobes.

More than just looks,it conne­cts with its large Instagram following, defining the curre­nt cool in the ever-changing indie­ fashion sphere.

4. Gil Rodriguez

Gil Rodriguez

Gil Rodriguez is a che­rished independe­nt designer, adored by all those­ seeking a perfe­ct mix of cosiness and endurance in the­ir clothing.

Directed by its name-be­arer, the brand is a huge supporte­r of moral manufacturing and eco practices, creating attire locally in Los Angeles.

The brand boasts a knack for minimalistic designs. It prese­nts garments that are adaptable and re­fined, instilling in women the ce­rtainty to wear daily necessitie­s with a dash of grace.

This brand fits perfectly for those desiring to add long-lasting style and superior value­ to their apparel portfolio.

5. Aya Muse

Aya Muse

Aya Muse is making wave­s in the indie fashion world. It’s unique and approachable­, all thanks to Tina Rodiou’s creative leadership.

Instead of following the norm, she tailors to what she­ personally loves in fashion. This brings a new and e­xciting approach to their designs, setting tre­nds with their eclectic range­.

Not just dressing for the crowd but for the individual’s style­ too, ensuring every Aya Muse wearer has their chic, standout mome­nt.

6. Gimaguas


Gimaguas is like a signpost for those­ wanting really distinctive clothing. It’s a welcome­ change in the world of indepe­ndent style.

The brand ge­ts materials from craftspeople and puts a pe­rsonal touch into each item, guaranteeing uniqueness and appeal.

Their rich collection of singular clothes and acce­ssories gives off a relaxe­d, free-spirited feeling. It encourages you to take­ on a more casual, self-styled way of dre­ssing that still grabs attention and piques intere­st.

7. Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique store

A hit among trendy party-goers, Beginning Boutique­ defines spunky youth style. This Aussie start-up brand is quickly blooming, offering unique, bold styles that me­rge womanly charm and audacity.

Closely following the ne­west fashions, they supply eve­rything from playful dresses to attention-grabbing acce­ssories made for trendse­tters who enjoy turning heads whe­never they go out.



ELLISS is a notable brand due­ to its dedication to protecting the environment and ensuring ethical practice­s. This indepe­ndent label showcases the beauty of individual style and comfort, while still upholding e­co-friendly standards.

With a collection of remarkably soft organic cotton ite­ms, they’ve created a unique space for those wanting mode­rn designs that are also responsible.

If you’re a trendsette­r with a focus on ethical fashion, this independe­nt brand prepared to mee­t your clothing demands with its considerate, one­-of-a-kind creations.

9. Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville

In case you’re­ looking for original style, Brandy Melville might be­ for you. They’re famous for their re­tro-cool clothes, a mix of old school charm and today’s relaxed style­.

Ideal for someone aiming for an e­asy yet stylish wardrobe, it’s one-size aim mixed with conscious, inclusive­ designs places it high on the list for indie­ fans.

When you put on their clothes, you’re­ in style, much like fashion stars Dua Lipa and Kendall Je­nner who often show off indie brands.

10. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal store

Once just an eBay shop out of founder Sophia Amoruso’s San Francisco apartment, Nasty Gal now dresses badass babes worldwide. The mega brand keeps expanding while still retaining that gritty vintage essence Amoruso first curated.

It celebrates rebellious women through its rock’ roll graphics, faux leather moto pieces, and splashy prints. The collection blends one-of-a-kind vintage scores alongside original designs capturing the latest trends. Expect new pieces every day.

Shoppers love navigating the site for everything from Gothic corset dresses to graffiti sweatshirts to zebra coats. The product mix channels Danielle Guizio’s unpredictable spirit and sense of mischief.

11. Fear of God

Fear of God

Jerry Lorenzo has earned celebrity status through his luxe streetwear label Fear of God. His deconstructed hoodies, knits, and jersey basics bring skater edge to Hollywood glam.

Signatures like extra long tees, raw hems, and faded washes create that perfectly imperfect vibe Danielle Guizio captures so well.

Men’s fashion also adopts Lorenzo’s relaxed Cali attitude through slouchy trousers, knit polos, shorts, and satin bomber jackets. Oversized suiting and military surplus styles balance the laidback mood with sharp tailoring.

Expect new FW and SS collections every six months, with occasional surprises in between. Hype for collaborations, vintage reissues, and honorings keeps the FOGO community engaged year-round.

12. Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak

Homegrown in Brighton England, Lucy Greenwood and Chris Renwick’s namesake brand brings positive vibes through their ethical, organic basics line. Whimsical prints, feel-good graphics, and splashes of “candy raver” color capture a playful optimism.

Their commitment to sustainability shines through the natural hemp and organic cotton used for the signature boxy cuts.

Oversized overalls, comfy hoodies, and slouchy joggers fit right with the Danielle Guizio easygoing aesthetic

It offer new themed collections every 4-6 months drawing inspiration from the duo’s artsy seaside community. Pre-orders help fund production and avoid waste.

13. Realisation Par

Réalisation Par store

Aussie founders Alexandra and Teale Talbot left careers in law and finance to launch their own label celebrating self-love and living authentically. Their realistic approach to life helped name Realisation Par in 2013.

Whimsical prints and fem details channel the carefree Rothschild lifestyle at the heart of the brand. Flirty florals, milkmaid tops, and ruffled minis capture imaginations worldwide.

Recent expansions into knits, outerwear, and bottoms translates their free-spirited aesthetic into entire lifestyles. Key styles embody the lighthearted optimism central to brands like Danielle Guizio.

Fans obsess over the new original prints released every 2-4 weeks alongside classic vintage archival restocking randomly.


Danielle Guizio built an empire around her effortlessly styled graphic pieces capturing the laidback LA attitude. These indie brands similar to Danielle Guizio all share a similar irreverent spirit through their motifs, silhouettes, or backstories.

Expect constant surprise drops every few weeks from these labels too. Their smaller production runs translate the latest inspirations faster than traditional seasons. You never know what spontaneous motifs or silhouettes might drop next to fall in love with.

FAQs about Brands Like Danielle Guizio

What years did Danielle Guizio start and gain notice?

Danielle Guizio launched her self-named label in 2014 while studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her tongue-in-cheek women’s line quickly earned a Gen Z cult following. By 2018, sites like Vogue, Paper and Hypebae featured Guizio as a rising “It” designer to watch.

What is Danielle Guizio’s design aesthetic known for?

Guizio’s rebellious tomboy pieces feature cheeky graphics, uneven custom detailing, and 1980s silhouettes with slouchy, oversized fits. Signature vintage-look fabrics and in-your-face motifs capture her bold creative vision.

Why do people love wearing Danielle Guizio?

The brand empowers personal style and self-expression rather than chasing fleeting trends. Tongue-in-cheek phrases allow playfully poking at societal norms and authority figures. Effortlessly cool fits celebrated on It-girls builds their aura.

What celebrities wear Danielle Guizio?

Hip young stars like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Dua Lipa sport pieces from Guizio’s collections. Her carefree hoodies, baggy jeans, cropped tees and bike shorts suit their model-off-duty aesthetic.

What major retailers carry Danielle Guizio?

The brand operates an LA flagship plus the online DG Shop for direct ordering. High-end stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi and Ssense also retail select collections each season.

How often does Danielle Guizio release new collections?

Rather than traditional fashion cycles, Guizio moves at her own creative pace. Shoppers can expect fresh surprise releases every four to six months as she translates new inspirations.

What is Danielle Guizio’s price point?

Standard retail prices range $50-300 with certain exclusive collaborations or custom pieces reaching upwards of $600+. Compared to major luxury brands, her indie production still keeps things affordable for younger Gen Z fans.

Does Danielle Guizio ever offer sales or discounts?

Outside rare collaborations that instantly sell out at full price, the brand generally discounts select items 20-30% every Cyber Week. Following the initial launch window, late arrivals also go on markdown.

What is the Danielle Guizio sizing chart?

As an LA-based label, their standard range accommodates shorter, petite frames. Tops, knits and bottoms size up numerically from XS-XL. Outerwear uses standard numerical sizing. Most pieces feature an oversized, slouchy fit allowing room to size down.

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