Gothic Fashion Delights:14 Brands Similar to BlackCraft Cult

Blackcraft Cult is the hot streetwear label for alternative scenes and creepy aesthetics. But it’s far from your only option for dark, daring style with edge. Many smaller retailers carry creative threads inspired by horror, rock n’ roll, or the occult.

Just to show that Blackcraft Cult has no monopoly on shock value, here are 14 similar brands that deliver devilish wares, underground vibes, and something deeper behind the seams. What they have in common is individuality, self-expression and a pinch of middle fingers to convention.

Brands Like Blackcraft Cult

14 Clothing Brands Like Blackcraft Cult For Gothic Fashion

1. Tripp NYC

Tripp NYC

Are you a fan of bold fashion? You’ll love­ what Tripp NYC has to offer. This popular brand crafts stunning clothing that beautifully blends punk and goth e­lements.

With their striking plaid pants, skirts, le­ather jackets, and corsets, your wardrobe­ will never be dull.

This similar brand doe­sn’t just make alternative fashion; the­y focus on quality and detail that really makes the­ir pieces stand out. If expre­ssing your individuality through fashion is your thing, then the store should be your go-to choice.

Key Benefits:

  • Rebellious punk aesthetics
  • Bold East Coast attitude
  • Innovative alt clothing

2. Killstar

Killstar store

Spun from its lair in the British darkness, Killstar crafts clothing and accessories for darklings, daywalkers, and night stalkers alike.

With romantic Goth and vampire-chic vibes, the brand goes heavy on crushed velvets, gossamer fabrics, bloody prints, and nocturnal palettes.

Boudoir-inspired pieces like lattice bras, funeral shrouds, and bondage pants entrance with dangerous beauty. It’s a creepy-glam style for graveyard ravers, elder emo kids, and anyone who basks under the moonlight.

Key Advantages:

  • Alluring Goth/vamp aesthetics
  • Luxe specialty fabrics
  • Globally ethical production

3. Rogue + Wolf

Rogue + Wolf

If you’re a fan of the­ gothic and mystical realm of fashion, you should definitely che­ck out Rogue + Wolf. Their fashion line ooze­s a distinct dark and edgy vibe that alternative­ style fans just can’t get enough of.

From moon-phase­ themed jewe­lry to intricately designed pe­ntagram clothes, their collection is re­ally something. The store prides itse­lf on creating high-quality, long-lasting pieces.

So, whe­ther you’re looking for a stateme­nt piece or a hip accessory, this brand offe­rs a wealth of unique options to choose from.

Key Perks:

  • Understated street goth vibe
  • Wearable wardrobe basics
  • Ethical manufacturing

4. Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill store

Dolls Kill, a well-liked gothic brand, offers diverse clothing, accessories, and footwear. The brand’s alternative designs line up with those who prefer unconventional fashion.

Their items range from goth-influenced dresses to daring accessories. Ensuring durability of their high-quality products is a priority for them

Be it a daring pair of boots or a unique piece of jewelry, they have you covered. Their dedication to distinctive fashion makes them a top choice for the darker fashion enthusiasts.

Why Shop Here:

  • Celebrates creativity & equality
  • Trippy rave and club looks
  • Gives back to various charities

5. Kill Crew

Kill Crew

You can’t talk about brands similar to Blackcraft Cult without mentioning Kill Crew. This streetwear label drives hard with rock n’ roll-infused threads embracing stranger sides of life.

Their extensive line of clothing, accessories, and footwear allows for unique self-expression. Bold graphic t-shirts, black denim jackets, and pants are part of their collection.

To complete your look, they provide accessories like belts and hats. Their prices are reasonable without compromising on quality.

Through its clothing, it confronts societal norms and celebrates youth activism and liberation. Quality sourcing and ethical production underpin the brand’s disruptive mission as well.

Key Benefits:

  • Rebellious messaging & details
  • Occult and rock lifestyle imagery
  • Sustainably made

6. FoxBlood


Fox Blood, a choice brand for modern noir fashion, was founded by Lindsay Hearts in 2017. The brand focuses on minimalist designs that are all about inclusivity.

Their vegan, cruelty-free collection caters to various subcultures. From slick black dresses to distinct accessories, there’s an extensive selection to express one’s personality.

With a commitment to ethical fashion and modern designs, this alternative brand carves a unique niche in the gothic fashion landscape.

Key Advantages:

  • Whimsical occult & folk style
  • Premium natural materials
  • Handcrafted in the USA

7. Punk Rave

Punk Rave store

Punk Rave is different. They make cool, goth-style clothes with punk and steampunk twists. They make everything from fancy jackets to standout skirts and tops.

This similar clothing company uses interesting extras like buckles, lace-ups, and studs to spice up their clothes.

They pay attention to using good materials and skilled work, so the clothes don’t just look good – they’re made to last. Try them if you like fashion that’s bold and different.

Key Perks:

  • True punk and Goth style
  • Small batch artisanal production
  • Outrageous accessories

8. Mystic Crypt

Mystic Crypt

Mystic Crypt is the go-to brand for dark, supernatural fashion. They sell everything from clothes and jewelry to house stuff – all with a goth flair.

Their special designs borrow from witchcraft and alternative themes. If you need an attention-grabbing outfit or enchanting accessory, this store has you covered.

They take care in making high-quality products that look great and last a long time. Want a dose of dark style? Trying exploring their website for me.

Beyond apparel, you can also shop ingredients for spellcraft, divination tools like tarot decks, and crystal healing from the online shop.

Why Shop Here:

  • Clothing with ritual symbolism
  • Metaphysical shop offerings
  • Materials charged with intent

9. The Ragged Priest

The Ragged Priest

The Ragged Priest is a popular goth brand known for its bold blend of punk and urban styles. They create attention-grabbing outfits that set you apart from the crowd.

Whether it’s torn jeans and leather coats, or image-laden shirts and spiked accessories – their variety has something for everyone. The brand is all about expressing yourself.

Oversized graphic tees, floral kimonos, tall socks and Buffalo check capture retro edge with some Victorian romance mixed in.

Key Benefits:

  • 70s punk & rock nostalgia
  • Sustainable production
  • Bold graphic statements

10. Disturbia

Disturbia store

Disturbia Clothing caters to those who enjoy a darker fashion sense. They offer designs blending gothic, punk, and streetwear.

Their clothes feature edgy graphics and standout prints, ideal for those wanting to make a fashion impact.

The variety stretches from distressed denim to oversized hoodies, fitting different styles. Whether you’re at a concert or showing your unique style, this brand lets you stand out.

Key Advantages:

  • Unapologetically nonconformist
  • Garments made to high standards
  • Supports LGBTQ+ charities

11. RebelsMarket


RebelsMarket serves those seeking a broad spectrum of alternative clothing. Gothic, punk, and alternative brands worldwide are carefully selected.

Their offerings extend to accessories, providing all you need for a unique style. The range is so vast, that you’ll likely not leave their website without making a purchase. Whether you’re a goth lover or want edgy style, it offers varied options.

Why Shop Here:

  • Unique handcrafted goods
  • Direct-to-consumer model
  • Youthful rebellious spirit

12. Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful is your stop for the dream gothic dress in Australia. They present an assortment of alternative fashion brands at the forefront of gothic style.

Be it a witchy outfit or a classic gothic gown, they’ve got it. Their big selection of black dresses ensures your new favorite is waiting.

With their dedication to alternative style, this similar store meets all your gothic dress desires. So spread good vibes along with dark ones by repping TB.

Key Perks:

  • Music fandom apparel
  • Give-back mission
  • Alt style clothing

13. Black Mast

Black Mast

Black Mast stands out in gothic fashion circles, offering clothing, gear, and jewelry. Their edgy, unique designs meet the demands of those with a taste for the dark and different.

Detail-oriented and high-quality, they serve up chic, long-lasting options. From goth-style leggings to statement jewelry, it has pieces for every goth fashion lover. Dive into your darker side with their broad gothic fashion line-up.

Key Advantages:

  • Artistic original illustrations and graphics
  • Quality basics for everyday alternative wear
  • Ships worldwide from Australia

14. Gothic Plus

Gothic Plus

Featuring gothic clothing and gear, Gothic Plus is a brand dedicated to those drawn to alternative fashion.

They provide a plethora of items, catering to all who enjoy the fashion’s darker side. From gothic dress elements like corsets to accessories like necklaces, they offer something unique.

Their pieces, constructed with quality and attention to detail, guarantee durability and chic style. For goth-themed events or daily wear, it is where you should look to express yourself.

Key Advantages:

  • Specialty romantic Goth wares
  • Apparel, decor & accessories
  • Small gothic business


These alternative clothing stores like Blackcraft Cult give you dark and edgy looks perfect for festivals, concerts, cosplay or just daily wear. Several cater specifically to plus sizes as well.

Most brands ship worldwide but UK and European-based companies tend to be slower. Shipping from the US ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks. Consider where the brand is located when ordering for a special event.

Take your Blackcraft Cult aesthetic to the next level by exploring these uniquely alternative clothing shops! Let your inner punk or Goth rocker shine.

FAQs On Blackcraft Cult Similar Brands

What is Blackcraft Cult?

Blackcraft Cult is an occult-inspired clothing company. They sell Gothic clothing such as T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories.

What is Blackcraft Cult’s logo?

The Blackcraft Cult logo features a pentagram design with horns and the company name around the edges. It has become an iconic brand symbol.

What clothing items does Blackcraft Cult sell?

Blackcraft Cult sells apparel like T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, jackets, beanies, hats, and jewelry pieces such as necklaces with pendants and rings.

What are some signature Blackcraft Cult T-shirt designs?

Some of the most popular Blackcraft Cult T-shirt designs feature occult symbols like pentagrams and sigil designs along with phrases and words related to the occult, magic, and the paranormal.

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