14 Clothing Brands Like Tripp NYC For Gothic Fashion

Tripp NYC has earned a cult following for its edgy, goth-inspired clothing and accessories. But it’s far from the only brand catering to darkly-inclined tastes.

Let’s explore some of the top alternative and gothic clothing stores similar to Tripp NYC carrying that same rebellious spirit.

Brands Like Tripp NYC

Top 14 Brands Similar To Tripp NYC For Shopping Gothic Fashion

1. Blackcraft Cult

Blackcraft Cult

Blackcraft Cult made waves early on for using occult symbols and promoting ethical values through its clothing. These days the brand takes inspiration from witchcraft, the supernatural realm, and ancient mysticism.

Flowy shrouds, Dark Priest hoodies, and other garments often feature pentacles, triple moons, Latin script and gothic fonts. It’s street goth style with an arcane edge.

Key Benefits:

  • Occult and witchy graphics
  • Sustainably-produced
  • Promotes mindful messaging

2. Kill Crew

Kill Crew

Another hot streetwear label celebrating alt subcultures, Kill Crew traffics in darker vibes echoing 80s punk misfits and 90s goth spirit.

They prioritize unique and provocative designs, encouraging people to showcase their individuality. Their variety of clothing includes bold graphic shirts to stylish outerwear, catering to everyone fond of gothic fashion.

Comfort and durability are ensured with high-quality materials used. If you’re into the darker, alternative side of fashion, this brand worth exploring.

Key Advantages:

  • Rebellious punk messaging
  • Macabre graphics and fonts
  • Sustainable production

3. Rogue + Wolf

Rogue + Wolf

Rogue + Wolf, a gothic clothing line, centers on creating distinctive and magical designs. Their collection spans clothes, accessories, shoes, and even home goods.

This brand lets you flaunt a dark, captivating style inspired by witchcraft. With products ranging from complex lace chokers to eye-catching jewelry bearing esoteric symbols, each accessory adds a mystical touch.

The clothing assortment, including distinctive dresses, tops, and leggings, makes a strong impression with bold patterns and atypical cuts. With this similar brand, you can express your mystic side and create a darkly charming style.

Key Perks:

  • Understated modern mysticism
  • Wearable wardrobe basics
  • Ethical manufacturing

4. Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill store

Dolls Kill dresses the daring. This alternative clothing brand is known for its eclectic styles including punk, gothic, and streetwear. They have unique dresses, statement accessories, and tops that let you show off your personal style.

With bold prints, graphic designs, and out-of-the-norm cuts, they help you break traditional fashion rules. Best of all, they top off your look with matching accessories, shoes, and beauty products.

Why Shop Here:

  • Celebrates equality & self-expression
  • Crazy psychedelic clubwear
  • Gives back to various charities

5. Killstar

Killstar store

Darkness reigns at Killstar, an alternative clothing brand with a gothic, occult-influenced fashion range. “In Goth We Trust” is their slogan, and they deliver with gothic clothing and lifestyle items.

They have everything from tops and dresses to accessories and jewelry. This clothing company also lets you show off your dark side, whether your style is witchy, vampy, or edgy. They sell on their US online store and platforms like Attitude.

Key Benefits:

  • Alluring romantic Goth aesthetic
  • Specialty luxe fabrics
  • Ethical and sustainable

6. FoxBlood


Fox Blood is goth’s modern twist. Created in 2017 by Lindsay Hearts, an ex-stage wear designer and red-carpet stylist, it provides a noir style for the goth lover.

The collection includes easy-to-wear pieces that are minimalist and high-quality, with all being vegan and cruelty-free. Their size range is inclusive, and they work with non-profit organizations, giving them a heart as well.

You can find their select pieces in Los Angeles and items from various goth clothing vendors worldwide. With them, you can fully appreciate the dark beauty of goth.

Key Advantages:

  • Quirky pagan occult style
  • Premium natural fabrics
  • Made ethically in NYC

7. The Ragged Priest

The Ragged Priest

The Ragged Priest offers a distinctive taste in the world of alternative fashion. Based in the UK, this brand is known for its punk and urban street looks.

Many love their unique distressed jeans, oversized shirts with catchy designs, and standout accessories. Their designs rebel against the traditional.

They respect all body sizes and strive for inclusiveness. Need an unforgettable jacket or eye-catching accessory? Go with this alternative brand.

Key Benefits:

  • 70s music nostalgia
  • Sustainable production
  • Androgynous vintage

8. The Pretty Cult

The Pretty Cult

The Pretty Cult says “find your inner darkness” and helps you channel Morticia Addams with their black lace dresses and dainty gothic jewelry.

Catering to soft goths and pastel lovers, the brand blends 80’s new romantic vibes with modern clothing made to empower feminine souls. Their fabrics offer stretch for curvier bodies rarely accommodated in Tripp sizes.

Why Shop Here:

  • Soft gothic clothes for all bodies
  • Feminine lace, florals & velvet
  • Dresses, clubwear & delicate jewelry

9. Punk Rave

Punk Rave store

Punk Rave has been dressing punks, goths, steampunk, and the underground alt club scene across Europe.

The UK-based retailer stocks its own clothing label alongside shoes, clubwear pieces, and accessories in-your-face wild. We’re talking mohawks, creepers, face masks, battle jackets, and bondage pants dialing every detail to 11.

Expect harder-to-find spikes, chains, and neon cyber styles along with all the Tripp NYC staples – checkered skirts, striped tights, creepy tees. Most of their gear runs small though, so read reviews before ordering on their website!

Key Perks:

  • Rare imported punk pieces
  • Cater to multiple alt subcultures
  • Rave fashion & accessories

10. Disturbia

Disturbia store

Disturbia Clothing, a renowned UK goth brand, offers a large collection of alternative shoes, clothes, and accents.

The brand’s remarkable graphic designs make it stand out. The product range, from standout boots to unique trinkets, is expansive.

They serve both men and women through quality items that radiate a dark, edgy vibe on their website. Their affordable prices and product variety make them a top stop for goth style fans.

Key Advantages:

  • Unapologetically alt clothing
  • Garments made consciously
  • Supports LGBTQ+ causes

11. RebelsMarket


RebelsMarket is an online hub bringing together alternative fashion, accessories, and décor. It’s the perfect fit for the bold and unique.

The clothing brand invites various indie sellers who cater to a gamut of tastes including punk, goth, and alternative.

Whether you seek striking clothes or attention-grabbing add-ons, it has you covered. Here, personal style resonates at every corner, thanks to their emphasis on quality and affordability.

Why Shop Here:

  • Discover up-and-coming alt designers
  • Handmade and custom horror pieces
  • Festival fashion finds

12. Gothic Plus

Gothic Plus

Do you love gothic and alternative clothes? Gothic Plus is for you! Men and women of many sizes can find great outfits here.

They sell many types of gothic clothes like dresses, shirts, pants, and more – all with a modern or classic touch. It also makes sure every customer chooses the perfect outfit that matches their style, without spending too much money.

Beyond garb, the Indy retailer also stocks coffin purses, candelabras, vampire-themed beach towels and other curiosities for the legally haunted. Never leave the crypt without one.

Key Perks:

  • Niche romantic Goth goods
  • Clothing & accessories
  • Vampiric charmware

13. Black Mast

Black Mast

Black Mast is a gothic clothing brand that offers a variety, including jewelry. Their collections cater to different budgets and tastes. Are you in San Francisco or LA? Then the brand is right there!

They also include swimwear in their collections. And, it’s not just clothes. For chilling in the dungeon or graveyard gazes under the full moon, few brands exude gothic elegance like Black Mast. Their luxe lounge sets and wrap dresses beat Tripp’s casual t-shirt styles any day!

Key Benefits:

  • Casual light occult motifs
  • Lucky psychic wares
  • Spotlights ethical brands

14. Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful

Tragic Beautiful is the longest-serving online gothic store in Australia. They offer many alternative fashion items. Love traditional goth or just a bit? They have items for you!

Expect to discover dreamy, ethereal, and witchy styles alongside minimalist sophistication rendered in lush textures and details.

Why Shop Here:

  • Music subculture support
  • Funds important cause
  • Modernized alt pieces


For fans of Tripp NYC’s signature goth-punk aesthetic, the diverse brands showcased here offer plenty of edgy alternatives worth exploring. These shops channel the rebellious spirit and darkly inclined style that defines the iconic NYC label.

So whether you want gothic dresses, creepy tees, or vamp accessories, brands like Tripp NYC listed above have you covered. Discover your own punk rock fashion favorites.

FAQs About Tripp NYC Similar Competitors

What styles of clothing does Tripp NYC sell?

Tripp NYC sells alternative streetwear like bondage pants, corsets, Gothic skirts and dresses, punk rock-inspired styles, rave clothing, clubwear, and more.

Does Tripp NYC sell clothes for men or women?

Tripp NYC sells innovative contemporary styles for men and women.

Does Tripp NYC have sales or discounts on their clothing?

Yes, Tripp NYC has seasonal sales and discounts offered online and in their retail location in NYC.

Does Tripp NYC offer free shipping or free returns?

Yes, Tripp NYC offers free standard shipping on US orders over $100 as well as free 30-day returns on all US orders. International shipping rates apply.

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