14 Sustainable Brands Similar To Marine Layer

Marine Layer is a popular clothing brand known for its super soft basics and casual, comfortable wardrobe staples.

If you love Marine Layer’s quality fabrics and laidback California style but want to explore similar sustainable fashion labels, here are 14 great alternatives offering ethically-made apparel.

Brands Like Marine Layer

14 Sustainable Clothing Brands Like Marine Layer

1. Outerknown


Founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown combines coastal cool with ethical production. This brand uses eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester and hemp blend knits to create men’s and women’s clothing with a travel-friendly aesthetic.

Popular products from this similar brand include its cozy cardigans, classic button-down shirts and sturdy canvas totes. It also has a relaxed, effortlessly stylish look that fans of Marine Layer are sure to appreciate.

Key Benefits:

  • Uses sustainable fabrics like organic cotton
  • Stylish, travel-friendly clothing
  • Menswear and womenswear collections

2. Everlane

Everlane store

Based in San Francisco, Everlane is a one-stop shop for high quality, ethical basics. Known for its radical transparency, this store gives customers detailed information on every product’s supply chain, pricing and impact.

Choose them for wardrobe heroes like fitted t-shirts, reliable denim and comfortable flats in muted, neutral hues. The silhouette and fabrics feel distinctly Californian yet utterly versatile.

Key Perks:

  • Radical transparency on pricing/sourcing
  • Organic cotton basics in neutral tones
  • Various sustainable fabric options

3. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch brand

This SF-based brand crafts versatile menswear built to last using sustainable fabrics and ethical production methods. Their flagship products are selvedge denim jeans made in America and insanely soft organic cotton tees.

But shirting, jackets, shoes and accessories all speak to their attention to quality and everyday functionality.

Taylor Stitch balances classic and modern aesthetics across the collection ranging from rugged chore coats to stretch joggers with a refined twist.

Why Shop Here:

  • Locally produced menswear
  • Organic cotton button-downs
  • Ethical factories, transparent practices

4. Faherty


Based out of NYC, Faherty creates effortless beach-to-town essentials suited to a sustainable lifestyle. Its clothes have a low-key preppy style crafted from natural fibers. Shipping uses recycled packaging.

Popular items include cozy knitwear, faded button-downs, and laidback shorts and tees. There’s an easy breeziness reminiscent of Marine Layer, applied to heritage surf and outdoor wear silhouettes.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Relaxed sustainable sportswear
  • Organic cotton tees and knits
  • Vintage-inspired prints and dyes

5. Rockay


Rockay is a brand rooted in De­nmark, renowned for its environme­ntally friendly athletic wear. Since­ its creation back in 2018, it has gained recognition for its commitme­nt to use recycled and e­co-friendly materials in making its products.

In fact, an impressive­ 89 percent of the mate­rial used in their clothes is re­cycled polyester. The­ir clothing merges style with simplicity, boasting unique­, small design eleme­nts that set them apart. Marine Layer fans can feel good breaking a sweat in these.

Key Perks:

  • Compression activewear
  • Made using recycled plastics
  • Enhanced performance and comfort

6. Allbirds

Allbirds store

Allbirds is a well-loved brand that makes sustainable clothes and is notable for comfortable, environment-friendly shoes. This similar brand emphasizes combining style and sustainability.

They use resources ranging from merino wool, and eucalyptus tree fibers to recycled plastic bottles for shoe production.

Their flagship, Wool Runner, uses superfine merino wool which is soft, breathable, odor-resistant, and sweat-absorbing. They make selecting them a no-brainer for eco-aware shoppers.

Why Shop Here:

  • Known for sustainable shoes
  • Breathable, comfortable apparel
  • Made from wool, tree fibers

7. Bonobos


This menswear brand brings sophistication and vibrance to everyday apparel using creative fits and premium natural fabrics.

Their products encompass shirts, suits, sweaters, shorts, swimwear and seemingly every article a man could need in versatile textures and colorful palettes.

Their famous stretch-washed chinos showcase how they combine comfort, quality, and panache in a single garment. While perfectly fitting across multiple body types.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Contemporary menswear essentials
  • Luxurious natural fiber blends
  • Tailored yet casual aesthetic

8. Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Another contemporary menswear label, Todd Snyder infuses traditional sportswear shapes with a casual confidence. Easy garment-dyed knits, relaxed oxford shirts, and trim but unstuffy tailored pieces have a timeless appeal.

The use of fine Italian fabrics and small-scale ethical production gives their staples sophistication. Varied textures and smart finishes provide covetable extras fans can feel good choosing.

Key Benefits:

  • Elevated menswear essentials
  • Garment-dyed knits and oxfords
  • Ethical Italian wool and cashmere

9. Buck Mason

Buck Mason

Buck Mason designs menswear staples for life on the go using natural fibers from sustainable sources. Its luxury basics have a stripped-back yet perfected look. Relaxed tees, shirts and sweats deliver leisurewear refinement in soothing hues.

Offering versatility between casual and smart-casual categories, this similar brand combines quality with conscience. This makes it a refined choice for the Marine Layer minimalist.

Key Perks:

  • Luxury leisurewear staples
  • Responsibly-sourced natural fibers
  • Versatile smart-casual styling

10. Norse Projects

Norse Projects

With its pared-back streetwear silhouettes, cool Copenhagen label Norse Projects overlaps with fans of Marine Layer’s relaxed skater influences.

Clean lines, neutral colors, and quality constructions distinguish this brand’s knits, wovens, and accessories.

This alternative brand emphasizes mindful production, using eco-alternatives like hemp blends and TencelTM lyocell.

Its clothes balance sharp and casual to versatile effect. Ethical fans can discover alternate styling insights from its directional Scandi take.

Why Shop Here:

  • Scandinavian style streetwear
  • Premium quality, sustainable fabrics
  • Sharp yet laidback aesthetic

11. EcoAlf


EcoAlf crafts sustainable attire to make you look good, protect the environment, and turn trash into trendy.

Their collections boast various earth-conscious styles for everyone – man, woman, or child. From jackets, sweaters, and shirts to other items, you’ll find them all.

Pick them to step up your fashion game, all while doing your part to save our planet. Understated outdoor and urban styling suits fans of Marine Layer’s pared-back pieces seeking extreme green upgrades.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Leading in ethical material innovation
  • Recycled ocean plastic clothing
  • High performance, fully sustainable

12. Frank & Oak

Frank & Oak

Crisp, contemporary, and eco-friendly define the Canadian menswear brand Frank & Oak. It’s built its reputation on quality, affordability, and ethical manufacturing.

The go-to label for style-conscious environmental champions. Their collections carry a modern edge, and timeless classics will fit any event.

It delivers essential wardrobe pieces and stand-out items that embody both style and sustainability. Expand your style horizons with this similar brand and boost your closet with clothes mindful of our world.

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-category essentials label
  • Organic cottons and sustainable materials
  • Muted color palettes, simple styling

13. Alex Mill

Alex Mill

Have you me­t Alex Mill? They’re clothing de­signers, creating stunning outfits not just for men but for wome­n too.

Their creations are made­ from quality materials and crafted with extraordinary atte­ntion to detail. The store clothes are­ stylish yet sturdy, designed to withstand all the­ hustle and bustle of eve­ryday life.

While the style­ is generally minimalist, it’s the fine­ details that give them an e­xtra edge of coolness. The­ir collection ranges from stylish shirts to cozy sweate­rs, and even trendy jacke­ts. They’ve got a whole lot of stuff to offe­r.

Key Perks:

  • Playful organic cotton essentials
  • Premium upcycled textiles
  • Mens and womenswear

14. J Crew

J Crew store

A reinvented J Crew is re-entering the basics market using eco-conscious fabrics and transparent production. Its classic casualwear includes organic cotton tees, relaxed henleys, and Timeless trousers in slouchy twills, plus staple button-down shirts and polos.

Offering familiar quality and variety applied more ethically, it bridges essentials and smart basics across everyday fashion needs. Its balance of price, ethics, and enduring silhouettes keeps it competitive for versatile style seekers.

Why Shop Here:

  • Familiar heritage American brand
  • Organic staples across categories
  • Balances value, quality, and ethics

Final Thoughts On Marine Layer Similar Competitors

Marine Layer has spawned a movement of brands making super-soft, sustainable clothing suited to laidback lifestyles.

As this guide shows, numerous clothing companies like Marine Layer exist offering high-quality eco-fabrics and ethical production.

Whether you love loungewear essentials, activewear staples or dressed-up workplace outfits, exploring these fourteen brands can undoubtedly uncover new favorites.

Expand beyond Marine Layer brand itself to find comforting fabrics and flattering fits reflecting your personal style.


Why is Marine Layer clothing so soft?

Marine Layer uses a proprietary fabric blend including micromodal that makes their clothes incredibly soft.

Does Marine Layer have sales or discounts?

Yes, Marine Layer runs sales throughout the year, especially around holidays, and offers student, military, healthcare, and first responder discounts.

Can you wash Marine Layer clothes in the washing machine?

Yes, their fabrics are pre-washed so clothes maintain their softness and won’t shrink. Machine wash cold and tumble dry low.

What is Marine Layer’s sustainability commitment?

Their production methods and fabrics create 85% less carbon emissions, and 94% of their fabrics are eco-friendly and certified organic.

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