10 Stores Like Zara To Shop Latest Fast-Fashion Clothes and Accessories

On this page, we have listed a handpicked selection of ZARA alternatives. For you to shop similar used clothing, shoes, and accessories at comparable or low prices. You will also find basic intros and links to the official websites of the best stores like ZARA.

stores like Zara

ZARA: When? Where? What?

ZARA comes from the chain of a Spanish company and it was founded in the year 1974. And their headquarters are placed in Municipality of Arteixo, Spain. ZARA belongs to the Inditex group of companies(other subsidiaries are Pull&Bear, Bershka). And it is the largest clothing retailer in the globe.

They sell the best quality and sustainable clothes and accessories. Keeping all the things in mind, we have prepared a list of alternatives to ZARA where you can find similar quality clothes. We hope you will find what you are looking for and the prices are low or comparable.

Top 10 ZARA Alternatives

1. H&M:#1 On Our List Of Alternatives To Zara

HM 1

H&M is the 2nd largest clothing retailer giant in the world. It is the right destination for fast-fashion lovers. They have sustainable clothing variety with affordable prices and low prices never mean low quality.

You can easily shop for your whole family and your living place simply by shopping at H&M. They have discount offers live on their site and H&M also offers free shipping.

  • Founded: 1947, Västerås, Sweden
  • Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Customer Service No: +1-855-466-7467

Hot Products; Dresses, Tops, Blouses, Jackets, Coats, Blazers, Jumpsuits, Rompers, Skirts. And also Sweaters, Sportswear, Baby Clothes and Accessories, Decorative Accessories, Bedding, Rugs, Curtains

2. C&A: Fashion Clothing To Feel Perfect


C&A has new and latest trendy clothes to make your day. They are made from sustainable materials and their collection can be recycled again and again.

Are you looking for some fresh and modern styles? C&A has all these hanging in their stores to make you look really confident and pretty. You can check the discounts available at their site and they ship without any cost.

  • Founded: 1841
  • Headquarters: Vilvoorde, Belgium
  • Customer Service Email: service_eu@shop-c-and-a.com

Hot Products; Blouses, Dresses, Jumpsuits, Loungewear, Trousers, Jeans. And some Skirts, Jackets, Blazers, Swimwear, Sweatjackets, Suits, Baby Clothes, Accessories

3. Uniqlo: Designer Casual Wear Collection


Uniqlo is a Japanese company that never compromises on quality. As they worked hard from design to development of their collection. Their signatures clothing is perfect to style throughout the year and feel comfortable.

Their durable classical styles are ideal to make your day special. Here you can find a unique collection of high-performance and affordable gear at their site and they have free shipping and pickup offers.

  • Founded: 1949
  • Headquarters: Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
  • Customer Service No: +1-855-486-4756

Hot Products; T-Shirts- Tops, Graphic Tees, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, 3D Knitwear, Bra Tops, Jeans, Skirts, Casual Shirts, and more Accessories.

4. Old Navy: Shop Clothing and Accessories For All Family

Old Navy

Old Navy comes from America’s largest clothing retailer which is GAP. They brought up the latest and versatile clothes at the best prices for their customers.

A sale of up to 50% is live on their site. You can also shop from their mobile application and free and fast shipping is also available. You can also visit the Banana Republic and Athleta, both come from the same fashion company.

  • Founded: 1993
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Customer Support No: +1-800-653-6289

Hot Products; Jumpsuits, Rompers, Leggings, Dresses, Sweaters, Graphic Tees, Polo Shirts, Sweaters, Pajamas, Jackets, Maternity, Plus Size Clothes and more.

5. J Crew:#5 On Our List Of Stores Similar To ZARA

J Crew

J. Crew is America’s retailer company that are selling high-quality clothing essentials. They make a timeless signature collection that is perfectly alright to style in every era.

Their collection is super soft and comfortable to use. And the heritage styles are perfectly intermingled with modern designs. You can shop their expertly made creative collection from the J. Crew official site and their brick-and-mortar stores.

  • Founded: 1947
  • Headquarters: New York, NY, United States
  • Customer Support No: +1-800-562-0258

6. Tommy Hilfiger: Premium Quality American Clothing

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger having trendy and popular clothing solutions for you. They deliver cool and classical styles with a twist of modernism. Although their luxury collection is not very affordable they payoff every penny with the finest quality ever.

We suggest you have a short tour of their site and we assure you will be worth our recommendation. Also, shopping at Tommy Hilfiger would be a brilliant experience for you.

  • Founded: 1985
  • Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Customer Service No: +1-888-866-6948

Hot Products: Polos, T-Shirts, Jeans, Swimwear, Loungewear, Activewear, Sweaters, Jackets, Coats, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, e.t.c

7. Vineyard Vines: American Company To Shop Clothes and Accessories

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines has a classical-style casual collection to become a style icon in your daily routine. If you are thinking to update your wardrobe, simply consider Vineyard Vines as a brilliant option.

You can shop their unique collection at their site and feel good. On Vineyard Vines, a sale is live on their website along with free shipping.


  • Founded: 1998, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
  • Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut, United States
  • Customer Service No: +1-800-892-4982

Hot Products: Swimwear, Button-Down Shirts, Swimwear, Sweaters, Pants, Jeans, Blazers, Tanks, Leggings, Joggers, Jackets, Gaiters, Phone Cases, Bags, Totes, Flip Flops, Plus Size Clothes, Accessories

8. Lululemon: Athletic Clothing and Accessories


Lululemon has an elevated style active clothing collection that you will surely love when you style them. They perform well and their clothes are very lightweight, versatile, and stretchy.

All you need for a workout is comfortable essentials and Lululemon provides it well. They also have a collection of workout video which helps you and gave you the best guidance.

  • Founded: 1998
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
  • Customer Service No: +1-877-263-9300

9. New Look: Retailer Company To Shop Latest Trendy Clothes

New Look

Are you inspired by celebrity fashion? If yes, New Look has the latest styles that tend you to love them. The unbeatable fashion loos you can create with their inspirational collection help you to get the attention of your loved ones.

Here is up to 60% off on their site, which helps you to save some extra bucks with the best quality.

  • Founded: 1969, Taunton, United Kingdom
  • Headquarters: Weymouth, United Kingdom
  • Customer Service No:+44-344-499-6690


10. Ralph Lauren:#10 On Our Listing Of Stores Like ZARA

Ralph Lauren

Do you love designer clothes, if yes, Ralph Lauren is one of the best options for you. They have such a nice collection that simply turns you to look elegant and cool.

They have an iconic collection of premium lifestyle clothes and accessories. You can shop their authentic and timeless collection from their site. The good thing is you don’t need to worry about the quality, they work hard from design to selling of the assortments.

We hope the list of alternatives to ZARA stores works well for you. If you have bought something from any of the stores on the list or know some other stores like ZARA. Then you can share your worthy experience in the comments section below.

  • Founded: 1967
  • Headquarters: New York, NY, United States
  • Customer Service No: +1-888-475-767


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