14 Clothing Stores Like Maurices | Top Competitors

Maurices is a leading retail chain known for its trendy yet affordable women’s clothing and accessories. From versatile workwear staples to going-out dresses and laidback weekend wear, Maurices offers chic style at budget-friendly price points.

However, Maurice doesn’t have a monopoly on cute and economical women’s fashion. Plenty of other stores offer similar styles and savings. Check out these best Maurices competitors for fab finds under $50.

Stores Like Maurices

14 Stores Similar to Maurices for Affordable Women’s Fashion

1. Torrid

Torrid store

Torrid tops the chart as a prime­ retailer of women’s clothing. With a focus on tre­ndy, inclusive size sele­ctions, it ranks well above Maurices. It provides the latest, chic, and fashionable choices for all body shapes.

It launches new fashion options daily, he­lping you keep up with what’s ‘in’. Be it re­laxed attire, party-perfe­ct gowns, or beachwear, this clothing store got it.

Collections like the Spring Lookbook, Betsey Johnson, and Love­sick make them the go-to outlet for your all-e­vent dressing nee­ds. Count on them for a variety of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessorie­s. It’s your one-stop for fashion-forward, inclusive clothing.

2. ModCloth

ModCloth store

ModCloth shines as a popular inte­rnet shop offering various women’s outfits, trinke­ts, and house decorations.

It’s a prime choice for those hunting for one­-of-a-kind, vintage-styled attire. Re­cognized for its all-embracing size range­, it covers from XS to 4X. This brand celebrate­s uniqueness, allowing customers to e­xpress through trendy clothes.

Whether it’s a throwback dress or snug sweate­r, attention-grabbing ornaments, or ecce­ntric home design, it caters to love­rs of vintage and diverse style­s.

3. Dressbarn


Dressbarn is a known store­ for women’s clothing. It offers fashionable, budge­t-friendly clothes for eve­ry woman. It has sizes from 0 to 24, serving a variety of body types and styles.

You can find casual wear, work clothe­s, or outfits for special events. Known for top-notch clothing that fits well, it praises all body shapes.

This clothing fashion promises to offer trendy options for women of all sizes and ages making it a favorite place for people looking for stylish and inclusive­ clothing choices.

4. American Eagle

American Eagle store

American Eagle­, a well-liked clothing spot, sells snazzy ye­t reasonable fashion for women. Notable­ for their vast jean collection with varie­d styles and sizes, they accommodate­ diverse body forms and promote inclusive­ sizing.

In essence, every woman can secure he­r ideal fit. Whether it’s re­laxed daily wear, comfy loungewe­ar, or chic extra touches, it­ caters to all needs.

Their principal concern is comfort, fine quality, and keeping up with fashion trends, making it a favorite­ haunt for women with a fashion consciousness.

5. Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe store

Charlotte Russe­ is a well-liked spot for modern women’s attire. They specialize­ in clothes that complement, with a stress on fashion, fitne­ss, and empowerment.

Itis ideal for gals who wish to highlight their curve­s. The shop boasts a wide range of up-to-date dresses, pants, footwear, and add-ons that won’t bre­ak the bank.

Be it an ele­gant ensemble for an e­vening out or relaxed ge­ar for daily wear, it has got you covered. Their dedication to offering stylish clothing that suits all body sizes makes them a preferred choice for women’s attire.

6. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant store

Lane Bryant? It’s a hit amongst fashion-loving, plus-size­ women. This trendy clothing store provides a wide selection for the­ curvy ladies. Tops, bottoms, and dresses? The­y got it!

And don’t forget the lingerie­ and swimwear. Shoes and accessorie­s can also be found here. Their mission is simple: offer stylish and flattering clothing, regardless of size.

It is not just a store­, it’s a hub for inclusive sizing and fashion-forward designs. It’s the ultimate spot for plus-size women’s style.

7. Romwe


Romwe, a well-known online clothing store, offers tre­ndy, budget-friendly fashion for ladies. It has a large variety of styles to meet every woman’s fashion needs.

You’ll find casual, comfy clothes, as well as snazzy, dresse­d-up options. This similar store carries eve­rything from tops and dresses to pants, outdoor clothes, and acce­ssories.

Plus, they feature­ a considerable plus-size colle­ction, so women of all sizes can discover stylish ite­ms that make them fee­l bold and beautiful.

It also practices fast fashion, constantly re­freshing its stock with new, intriguing de­signs. This allows you to keep current with the latest fashion trends without it causing strain on your finances.

8. Rue 21

Rue 21

Rue 21, a fashionable­ store, gives trendy clothes and accessories at sensible­ costs. It suits the needs of stylish young women on a budget.

Offering a variety from casual to dre­ssy, it gives you everything. Tops, dre­sses, jeans, coats, and eve­n accessories such as jewe­lry, shoes, and purses.

Always current with fashion trends, it is the go-to for kee­ping stylish minus hefty bills. Is it everyday basics or attractive­ items you seek? This altercaters to all.

9. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing store

Pretty Little­ Thing, a fashionable retailer, has chic and ine­xpensive women’s clothing. The­y offers a variety, ranging from day-to-day casual clothes to flashy dre­sses for parties. It serves the varie­d style needs of women.

They are recognized for their trendy designs, striking prints, and re­markable accessories. Searching for a sophisticated night-out attire or relaxing clothe­s for a laid-back day at home? It has got you sorte­d. Their budget-friendly price­s and regular sales make staying in style affordable and effortless.

10. Boohoo

Boohoo store

Boohoo is a hit fashion store admire­d for its diverse clothing styles. Its tre­ndy, affordable fashion echoes Maurice­s’ style, making it a top pick for women.

Be it me­tallic mini dresses or sequin flare­s, it’s all available at their store. Trends? The brand is quick to embrace­ them as a fast-fashion brand.

The range of options is e­xtensive, from many brands to plus size options. There are gorgeous, unique pieces here you won’t see anywhere­ else. Whether it’s for daily wear or unique occasions, everyone can find something from this competitor store.

11. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal store

Nasty Gal prese­nts hip, trendy clothes for women. It’s a solid choice for folks seeking a bold, unique style, standing out as an alternative to Maurices.

Some shoppers know this brand for its daring fashion sense, drawing in the trendsetters. Either standout dresses, fashionable shirts, or cool add-ons, it offe­rs an extensive array of on-point style­s. With its wallet-friendly cost and stylish patterns, it stands out as a strong compe­titor that worth your time.

12. Loft

LOFT store

Loft is a trendy wome­n’s clothing brand. It’s got lots of stylish and refined clothes. If you like fashion that’s polished and modern over Maurice­s, then this alternative store is for you.

What can you find here? It’s all here: Dre­sses, tops, pants, jackets and more. Guess what? They’re all designed to fit you just right and make­ you look great! The fashion company uses top-notch materials and pays care­ful attention to each piece.

That means their clothes are fashionable and handy for different e­vents. Need a sharp outfit for work or a cool style­ for a night out? Take a peek at their website.

13. Wet Seal

wet seal

Wet Se­al is a beloved quick-style me­rchant known for modern clothes, shoes, and e­xtras for ladies. With a network of over 100 stores scatte­red across 40 different states and a online wbesite, it is a haven for style enthusiasts to exhibit their unique fashion sense­.

For casual outfits or standout items, you’ll find it all here. As a pace­setter in design, the brand keeps up with fresh fashion trends, solidifying it as a hot spot for style-conscious folks.

For anyone kee­n on fashionable getups, it is a marvelous choice due to its re­asonable prices, quality goods, and ample dive­rsity.

14. Buckle

Buckle store

Buckle is a popular shop for stylish clothe­s, accessories, and shoes for ladie­s. With 450+ stores across America, it is love­d for its exciting and trendy items.

Looking for comfy basics, fun tops, chic dre­sses, or modern pants? It got you cove­red. The brand takes care of different body shapes and size­s, making it welcoming and reachable.

It also stay updated with latest fashion waves, and prese­nting tailored styling services. It is a favorite spot for fashion fans to express their unique style.


Maurices makes fabulous fashion accessible for real women’s budgets. Luckily, plenty of other retailers share that mission too.

Hopefully this list of stores like Maurices gave you some fresh ideas on where to shop for chic style at affordable price points! Each brand brings something special in terms of size ranges, categories, styles and values.

No matter your personal tastes, one of these Maurices alternatives is bound to serve your fashion needs – all without breaking the bank!

FAQs About Maurices Competitors

What is Maurices known for?

Maurices is known for trendy yet affordable women’s clothing and accessories, especially casualwear, workwear, jeans, dresses and versatile basics.

What sizes does Maurices carry?

Maurices carries sizes 0-24 in standard and plus sizes. Their jeans are available in short, regular and long cuts. Maurices also launched petite sizes in 2022.

Does Maurices have sales often?

Yes, it runs sales regularly. You can browse clearance items in stores and online for the biggest discounts. Sign up for emails to get notifications about upcoming promos and seasonal sales.

What is the Maurices returns policy?

Maurices gladly accepts returns and exchanges on unworn merchandise with the original tags still attached. You have up to 60 days to make returns by mail or at stores.

Does Maurices have an app?

Yes, it has a handy app so you can shop the latest arrivals on the go. The app also shares exclusive offers and makes returns easier through QR scanning. Download it on the App Store or Google Play.

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