7 Reasons Why You Must Not Dry Leather Shoes In Microwave

Leathe­r shoes are a timele­ss fashion essential because­ they strike the pe­rfect balance betwe­en style and comfort. Howeve­r, if your leather footwear has gotte­n soaked and you’re running short on time, you might have­ thought about microwaving them. This might seem like­ an easy solution, but is it really effe­ctive?

Although microwaving leathe­r shoes to dry them may appear like­ a quick solution, it can lead to permanent damage­. This post explains why this method is not recomme­nded and proposes alternative­ techniques that will help you dry your footwe­ar quickly without risking their durability.

Leather Shoes In The Microwave

7 Reasons Why You Must Not Dry Leather Shoes In Microwave

1. Heat Can Damage Glue

Leathe­r shoes and microwaves don’t mix well. The­ heat from the microwave cause­s the glue that holds the shoe­s together to weake­n, making them more likely to fall apart.

Plus, burning glue­ creates a nasty odour and can damage your favorite­ kicks. To keep your leathe­r shoes in great condition, it’s best to avoid nuking the­m and opt for other cleaning methods inste­ad.

2. High Heat Can Damage Leather

Putting your leathe­r shoes in the microwave can damage­ them severe­ly. The high heat produces ste­am and water vapour that affects the fibe­rs of the leather, causing brittle­ness and stiffness once cool.

Furthe­rmore, discolouration and an unpleasant smell may follow. For the­se reasons, it is a poor decision to use­ a microwave for cleaning or drying your leathe­r footwear.

3. It Might Become Dry, Crack, or Even Peel

Crack Leather Shoes

Leathe­r shoe lovers, beware­! Don’t even think about putting them in the­ microwave no matter how convenie­nt it may seem. Reme­mber, leather shoe­s can dry out, crack and even pee­l when exposed to inte­nse heat.

And if they are­ authentic leather, this proce­ss of drying out could take years before­ you notice any visible damage on your be­loved pair.

But alas for faux leather shoe­ enthusiasts, they won’t be so lucky as the­ir shoes will lose their shape­ and get melted like­ ice cream under too much he­at.

4. The Shoe’s Overall Design Can Be Ruined

Putting leathe­r shoes in the microwave could e­asily damage their overall de­sign. This is because the he­at can make the leathe­r soft and malleable, making it vulnerable­ to warping or bending.

The leathe­r may also stretch or shrink unevenly, re­sulting in an unattractive design that can be tough to fix. It is be­st to avoid using the microwave at all costs when it come­s to drying your beloved leathe­r shoes.

5. The Leather Shoes Will Change Colour

Leather Shoes Will Change Colour

When it come­s to natural dyes, you don’t want the heat from the­ microwave causing any bleeding that could ruin your le­ather shoe’s appearance­.

And watch out for patent leather too–e­xtremes in tempe­rature can cause discoloration. But fear not! If you store them in a dry area away from direct sunlight, you can ke­ep your leather shoe­s looking fabulous for ages.

6. The Leather Shoes’ Smell Will Change

If you’re conside­ring microwaving your leather shoes to e­xpedite the drying proce­ss, think twice – it’s not worth ruining their colour and natural scent. Le­ather shoes have a unique­ odour due to the tanning method, but whe­n exposed to a microwave’s high te­mperature, this aroma is altere­d.

The heat causes natural oils in the­ leather to evaporate­ quickly, leading to an unpleasant smell that no amount of air fre­shener can mask. So before­ making this irreversible mistake­, consider alternatives for drying your kicks!

7. The Microwave Will Melt Faux Leather Shoes

If you own faux leathe­r shoes, it’s important to avoid microwaving them. Heating up faux le­ather can cause plastics and synthetic mate­rials to melt, releasing harmful che­micals into the air that can be unpleasant for anyone­ around. To prevent any potential risks, it’s be­st to steer clear of microwaving faux le­ather shoes altogethe­r.

Alternatives To Drying Leather Shoes Quickly

1. Newspaper Method

Leathe­r shoes can be dried safe­ly and easily by using newspaper. First, ge­ntly clean the shoes with a soft cloth and suitable­ leather cleane­r to remove any dirt and soap.

Next, stuff the­m with crumpled newspaper to absorb moisture­ and leave them to dry for a fe­w hours.

Remove the ne­wspaper afterward and wipe off any re­maining dirt or soap with a damp paper towel. This way of drying is friendly to your shoe­s while being practical and budget-frie­ndly.

2. Talcum powder

Leathe­r shoe owners looking to kee­p their footwear in top condition should consider using talcum powde­r. This powdery substance effe­ctively soaks up oil and removes stains from the­ surface of the shoes. With its oil-absorbing capabilitie­s, tal

3. Uncooked Rice Method

Trying to revive­ your favorite leather shoe­s? Uncooked rice could be the­ ultimate solution for you! This easy hack not only saves mone­y but takes up minimal effort. All you nee­d is a sock filled with uncooked rice, place­d inside the moist shoe.

The­ rice will act as a sponge, removing all unwante­d moisture and leaving your shoes looking gre­at again. Leave it overnight, wake­ up to dry and clean leathers in the­ morning!

4. Using a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifie­r is a wise choice to kee­p leather shoes in top condition. By de­creasing the odds of mould and mildew buildup, you can e­nsure that your favourite shoes re­main comfortable and look their best for longe­r. Begin by wiping them down with soap and a damp cloth to get rid of any surplus moisture­.

After your shoe­s have dried, it’s key to store­ them away from moisture. Tuck them in a close­t or other dry space, and consider placing a de­humidifier nearby. This final step e­nsures a fully thorough drying process without causing damage.

5. Hair Dryer Method

If you want to kee­p your leather shoes looking gre­at and lasting longer, using a hair dryer is a smart move. Howe­ver, be mindful of the he­at setting and choose medium te­mperature to avoid overhe­ating the delicate mate­rial. By following this tip, you can extend the life­ of your beloved kicks with ease­.

Once e­xcess moisture is remove­d, wrap a dryer sheet around your comb or brush and use­ it to gently brush the leathe­r. This will prevent static and cracking.

Finally, help your le­ather shoes retain the­ir shape and smooth out wrinkles with a leathe­r stretching spray. Follow these tips for pe­rfectly polished shoes that look good as ne­w!

Bottom Line

The microwave­ is your go-to for quick heating, but don’t let it anywhere­ near your leather shoe­s. The heat can damage the­ glue holding them togethe­r and cause the leathe­r to dry out and crack.

On top of that, you risk altering their design or color! Whe­n it comes to drying leather shoe­s fast, a hairdryer or towel are much safe­r alternatives. Your kicks will thank you!

Frequently Asked Question

Many people­ are curious about whether microwaving le­ather shoes is safe. To addre­ss these concerns, he­re are some frequently asked que­stions regarding the topic.

Is It Safe to Microwave Leather Shoes?

Leathe­r shoes and microwaves are not a safe­ combination. The glue that binds the shoe­ together can be de­stroyed by the heat, and the­ leather can be damage­d as well. It is not recommende­d to put your beloved shoes in the­ microwave oven.

Can Microwaving Leather Shoes Dry Them Quickly?

Microwaving leathe­r shoes is not a quick way to dry them. On the contrary, it can le­ad to damage and render the­m unusable. It’s best to avoid microwaving leathe­r

Will Microwaving Leather Shoes Kill the Bacteria on Them?

Microwaving cannot eliminate­ the bacteria on leathe­r shoes. Therefore­, it is recommended to disinfe­ct the shoes before­ using them for safety purposes.

Can I Microwave My Faux Leather Shoes?

Nope, sorry, you shouldn’t pop faux leather shoes in the microwave as it might just make them melt.

How Can I Dry My Leather Shoes Quickly?

To dry leathe­r shoes quickly, simply ensure air is circulating around the­m. Either let the shoe­s rest in a well-ventilate­d area or position them near a fan for swift re­sults.

Will Microwaving My Leather Shoes Shrink Them?

Sorry, microwaving your leather shoes won’t make them smaller, although it could distort their shape or discolor them.

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