12 Online Grocery Stores Like Trader Joe’s To Use

Are you fatigued from the mundane task of making grocery runs, encountering long queues and packed lanes? Worry no more, and turn to online grocery stores instead! The advent of technology has blessed us with numerous options for online grocery shopping, with some that even look like your favourite store. These our list of 12 online grocery stores like Trader Joe’s will surely offer convenience, even quality products at affordable prices that will make your life a whole lot easier. So grab your computer or smartphone and start filling up that virtual cart!

Stores Like Trader Joe's

12 Trader Joe’s Alternatives For Online Grocery Stores

1. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

In your exploration for affordable and quality grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market is a great option to consider. While often associated with pricier organic and natural products, Whole Foods now offers 365, their own pocket-friendly store.

Their wide range of products caters to different dietary lifestyles, with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness, giving you the satisfaction that your purchases are eco-friendly. Check out Whole Foods’ nearest location by typing your starting address into Mapquest and explore all the options. Do not try to miss amazing deals on this list and always compare your prices with other stores.

2. Aldi


On a tight budget but still want quality food? Look no further than Aldi, with various range of options and in-house brand products, this store will help you to save big. Because it have the unique items you crave. So why pay more for groceries when you can get the best at Aldi? They are efficient and well-structured layout will captivate you, especially if you’re not fond of bustling shops. Never before has grocery shopping been so comfortable, thanks to online shopping.

3. Sprouts Farmers Market


When searching for a grocery store that carries natural and organic products, Sprouts Farmers Market is a top contender. Although it may not offer the cheapest prices like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts regularly showcases amazing deals and discounts.

Their wide assortment of fresh fruits and veggies allows for easy healthy eating and positive vibes. Consumers have ranked Sprouts as one of the United States’ top 10 grocery spots. From weekly pickups to a quick bite, this seems to be a better choice to think of.

4. FreshDirect


FreshDirect must be on your radar if you’re looking for a dependable, user-friendly online grocery delivery service. They are a market leader in the online grocery delivery sector because of their outstanding assortment of fresh produce, prepared speciality foods, and all your basic shopping items.

The best item is you may benefit from quality and fast delivery that comes right to your house to make grocery shopping simple for you. Let this retailer bring your groceries to you rather than wasting time browsing the aisles.

5. Thrive Market

Thrive Market

Organic enthusiasts will find a haven in Thrive Market which houses over 500 all-natural food and home brands. Even more delightful is the affordability offered here; from pantry items to fresh produce, you can easily avoid overspending while indulging in your preferred healthy options. With convenient door delivery, Thrive Market makes sure grocery shopping is not a stressful affair.

6. Safeway


After thoroughly exploring various online grocery stores similar to Trader Joe’s, let’s delve into Safeway, a less thrilling option, that does not compromise on the quality of its products or prices. Spanning across numerous locations, it serves as a convenient choice for in-store or online shopping, and they are boasting their hassle free delivery service. Do not disregard this reliable and reputable selection on your next grocery run.

7. Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale is even best choice if you’re seeking for affordable prices, a large assortment of goods, and outstanding customer service. because it sells stuff in bulk in addition to offering their own brand products at unbelievable pricing.

For those who want to stock up on necessities or for families, this makes it the perfect option. Despite the fact that they might not carry as many distinctive things as some of the other shops on this list, their prices on basic requirements are unbeatable. Shopping there is also risk-free because of their excellent return policy.

8. Walmart Grocery


Walmart Grocery should be high on your list if you have been looking for an online grocery store that will provide you with a wonderful shopping experience similar to Trader Joe’s. It contains everything, from local produce to pantry essentials, resulting in an ideal option for time-constrained shoppers seeking convenience without jeopardising quality.

It’s never been simpler to make purchases for groceries without ever leaving the comfort of your own home thanks to their user-friendly website or mobile app and quick delivery options. Why then wait? Try them out right away to discover why savvy consumers worldwide are choosing them so frequently!

9. Target

target grocery store

Target offers more than clothing and home goods. They also have a robust grocery selection, including the healthy Simply Balanced packaged foods with no artificial ingredients that your family will love. You can take advantage of their online grocery delivery program and have your favourite groceries delivered right to your doorstep. Target’s competitive prices make it a fantastic option for your grocery needs.

10. Publix


Publix is unquestionably worthwhile visiting if you’re seeking for a grocery shop similar to Trader Joe’s. This local firm has long been a customer favourite since it provides a huge selection of goods at reasonable rates.

In areas like Alabama and even Florida, they have even been named among the most favoured grocery stores. In addition, with options like fresh vegetables, ready to eat meals, and a bakery, they cater to all tastes. Don’t overlook this establishment the next time you’re seeking Trader Joe’s alternative!

11. Kroger


Let’s now discuss Kroger, because it part of the country’s largest supermarket chains. They might not possess the same upscale vibe as stores like Trader Joe’s, but you will get access to tonne of specials and promos on regular items. They even supply a big assortment of reliable generic groceries, making it a fantastic convenient destination for all of your buying requirements.

Do not underestimate them for your grocery shopping necessities; you never know what excellent prices and a wide selection of goods they may have in store for you. And it becomes obvious that there are many options available for all your shopping needs when paired with the other stores on this list.

12. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh

If you’re looking for a comprehensive grocery delivery service with a massive selection, Amazon Fresh is definitely worth considering. They offers competitive pricing and consistently good deals compared to its competitors. It’s also convenient and easy to use, with national delivery available for those with Amazon Prime.

You can order a wide variety of groceries and even enjoy artisanal and local products through partnerships with companies like Good Eggs. You can do all of your food purchasing with Amazon Fresh without needing to leave your home.


As a conclusion, it’s great news for anyone who enjoy Trader Joe’s distinctive business strategy and product assortment to learn that there are other online grocery stores that provide experiences very comparable to theirs. These shops mentioned above are some of various online food companies that aim to offer high-quality goods at reasonable pricing.

You may be sure to discover the ideal combination of high-quality products and outstanding prices at Trader Joe’s and these other online grocery stores to satisfy all of your food needs.

FAQs On Trader Joe’s

What is Trader Joe’s All About?

They are known to be a grocery store with their unique products, great prices, and better customer service.

How can I find Trader Joe’s store?

The number of Trader Joe’s locations around the country appears to be over 500.

What sets Trader Joe’s apart from other supermarkets?

They are known for their unique and the exclusive products that are created them. They put an emphasis on giving customers superior service and a pleasant experience when they shop.

Do Trader Joe’s offer delivery or online ordering?

Sure they do, they provide delivery through services like Instacart. However, they do not have online ordering through their own website.

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