11 Online Grocery Stores Like Stop & Shop To Try

More people than ever before are buying their groceries online. People may now buy more easily and conveniently from the comfort of their homes as a result.

While Stop & Shop is among the largest supermarket chains, where can I find alternative online grocery stores that are comparable to their selection and prices? We are going to look at 11 e-commerce grocery stores similar to Stop & Shop in this blog post. These online retailers provide a variety of benefits to help make your shopping experience as simple as possible, including delivery services and kerbside pickup alternatives.

Stores Like Stop & Shop

11 E-Commerce Grocery Stores Similar to Stop & Shop

1. Walmart Grocery


Walmart Grocery is the go-to choice for busy bees looking to save time and money. With a vast array of fresh groceries available at unbeatable prices conveniently located in one place, Walmart Grocery makes your shopping experience a breeze.

Not to mention their online ordering system, which boasts an easy to use interface, providing free same-day pickup from select locations. And for those pressed for time, Walmart Grocery offers free delivery with no subscription fees.

2. Target

target grocery store

They are popular choice for online grocery delivery and offers a range of options for customers. Along with traditional grocery items, they also offer household and personal care products for added convenience.

Customers can choose from several delivery options, including same-day delivery through Shipt. In addition, they offer periodic deals and discounts to its loyal customers. Combined with their user-friendly website and app, Target is a reliable choice for online grocery shopping.

3. Kroger


The grocer Kroger is an internationally recognised company and it provides customers with a wide range of promotions and price reductions on their regular purchases. It frequently competes with other grocery shops like Stop & Shop because it is one of the biggest food store operators in the nation.

Additionally, it has increased its online presence by providing grocery delivery facilities and special deals for its devoted customers. Due to the pandemic’s widespread adoption, they have made it simple for clients to order groceries through the internet and pick them up at the retailer’s location closest to them.

4. Peapod


Ahold-Delhaize owns the widely recognised online grocery delivery company Peapod, which has been in business around 1989. People who shop online can place grocery orders and have them transported right to their house.

Fresh vegetables, meat, and dairy items are among the many supermarket things Peapod has to offer. In accordance with the customer’s prefered delivery time and location can influence delivery costs. For their loyal consumers, they provide a number of promos and discounts.

For people who would like to avoid stress of going food shopping in person, this is a great pick because of their ease of online ordering and get it delivered to your door.

5. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

With a large assortment of fresh food and necessities, Whole Foods Market is a famous online grocery shop similar to Stop & Shop. People may easily get goods online and get them shipped right to their door in matter of hours. They provide the ease of being able to purchase groceries using the same membership as Amazon Prime because it is a subsidiary of Amazon.

Customers can find unusual and difficult-to-find items at Whole Foods Market thanks to partnerships with neighbourhood and speciality shops. They are trying to stay a step ahead of the competition with the raise of “dark stores” by providing buyers with ease of purchasing online without sacrificing their in-store experience.

6. Publix


Throughout the Southeast of United States, lots of people appreciate Publix and is an established grocery store. They have an unrivalled assortment of fresh foods, including vegetables, meat, fish, bakery, deli, floral, and grocery items and it have everything you could possibly need.

With their simple online ordering method, you will get anything you need without leaving your house. With more than 1,200 stores in seven different states, shopping will be convenient for anybody within the region.

It is understandable why Publix is the most favoured grocery store in three states because of their outstanding customer service.

7. Meijer


Numerous Midwesterners have a soft spot for the grocery store chain Meijer. It has more than 240 locations throughout six states and has a reputation for its excellent sales and premium products. They started as grocery stores in the year 1934.

They provide various products to choose from, which are; fresh fruit, meats, and bakery goods. The company is a top pick for people who are much more concerned about their health. Because they are providing mixture of natural and organic products at cheaper rates. Although there are some obstacles to online shopping, but they are still favourite for individuals looking for fantastic bargains and high-quality groceries.

8. Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter

With its wide variety of premium food items and practical pharmacy services, Harris Teeter is a popular grocery store company. Harris Teeter has more than 200 locations in both North and South Carolina which makes it the prefered grocery chain for residents of both states.

Harris Teeter has built a solid reputation for its extensive selection of name-brand products and reliable seafood and meat products.

Buyers can do online grocery shopping and pick between having the items shipped to their home in few hours or to picked it up at their nearby grocery store.

It is perfect alternative for people who are interested in nutritious foods that are organic because of its emphasis on fresh vegetables, meats, and other dairy items.

9. Wegmans

Wegmans 2

Lots of people in the U.S.A are well aware of this grocery retailer Wegmans. It’s no surprise it’s become so popular with its abundance of fresh vegetables, variety of exotic foods, and friendly service. According to a recent study, Wegmans is among the second popular brand in America.

Customers have raved about the store’s large international foods and cheese sections, as well as their bakery, deli, and seafood and meat counters. The store raises the bar on the shopping experience with the best quality, an abundance of choice, restaurant-quality prepared foods, and beautiful stores.

 10. Albertsons


If you want to shop for more groceries without facing any difficulty, Albertsons should be the perfect choice. This online store like Stop & Shop provide various range of goods, from premium meats to incredibly fresh veggies. Also, shoppers can use the advantage of range of pantry essentials, making it simple to stock up on everything they need for their home uses. They even provides Albertsons for U rewards and coupons, making shopping more affordable.

As a buyers, you can easily save your time by having the goods brought directly to your house with the comfort of home delivery feature.

11. FreshDirect


Popular online grocer FreshDirect is known for both its broad assortment of organic and speciality products at reasonable prices. The company takes great satisfaction in its use of just-in-time production to maximise product freshness and quality while simultaneously decreasing waste.

As reported by CNET, FreshDirect provides top-notch service for customers, which makes it an excellent alternative for people who enjoy quick and friendly support. Their fresh vegetables and prepared foods are available for overnight delivery.

FreshDirect offers local and organic alternatives for its fruits and veggies to appeal to everyone who is passionate about eating well. Despite the fact that it faces competition from large supermarket chains like Stop & Shop. They still charge a comparable price on their goods.

This shows that they actually cares about their clients and wish to provide them all product at cheap rate.

Final Thought

That is all we have for you. If you were unable to see the one that meets your needs please let us know what we can miss and share your thoughts on our list of grocery stores like Stop & Shop.


What is Stop & Shop?

Stop & Shop is a regional chain of supermarkets located in the northeastern United States.

Does Stop & Shop offer delivery or takeout services?

Yes, Stop & Shop offers takeout services and delivery options will depend on store’s location.

Are customers allowed to pick up their orders at Stop & Shop?

Sure, they can easily pick up their orders at the store locations and it is advised to check for nearest store in your region.

Does Stop & Shop sell groceries only?

No, Stop & Shop sells groceries alongside pharmacy, wellness, and beauty products.

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