13 Stores Like Spencer’s To Shop Fashion Clothes & Gifts

Spencer’s is a fun store at the mall with crazy toys, jewelry, graphic t-shirts, underwear, and more. Teens and young people like shopping there. But what other good Spencers similar stores? Here are my top 13 picks for places to shop that are similar to Spencers.

Stores Like Spencer

13 Top Alternative Stores Similar To Spencer’s for Edgy Fashion

1. Hot Topic


Hot Topic can be se­en as a major competitor to Spence­r’s. It’s a hot spot for alternative style and pop culture­ items. They sell all sorts of things like­ band gear, funky t-shirts, necklaces, rings, even undergarments. Fans of music re­ally like their band t-shirt assortment.

It is now a top place for pe­ople wanting to show their distinct fashion and hobbies. Thanks to its cool, unconve­ntional clothes, it has gathered a de­voted group of customers.

Beside­s attire and extras, it provides an array of ite­ms like collectibles, inte­rior decoration pieces, and be­auty essentials. This makes it a compre­hensive store for e­verything that’s connected with alte­rnative or trendy pop culture.

Key Perks

  • Huge licensed brand collaborations on apparel and merch
  • Trendy plus sizes available
  • Competitive pricing with constant sales/discounts

2. Claire’s

Claire’s store

Best known for affordable trend jewelry and accessories, Claire’s also offers stylish graphic tees, tanks, hoodies, rompers, leggings, and dresses targeting tweens, teens, and college students.

The accessories lean young and playful with hair goods, hats, bags, beauty items, dorm gear, gifts, and pride merchandise available too.

While not as daring as Spencer’s, you can always rely on them to deliver cute statement pieces merging fashion and function. The stores are located in nearly every mall in America making last-minute outfit additions easy.

Why Shop Here

  • On-trend graphic tees and hoodies
  • Rainbow of fashion jewelry/accessories
  • Convenient mall locations nationwide

3. Killstar

Killstar store

This UK alternative fashion site offers Spencer’s shoppers a darker, goth-glam vibe on heir cropped tees, bodysuits, dresses, jackets, and intimates designed in England (with international shipping).

The edgy God Save the Queen styles flaunt details like vegan leather, lace-up backs, and straps galore at affordable prices.

Outside indie-inspired clothing, you can get witchy with their array of pagan, gothic, and occult-inspired accessories. Layer in their witch hats, chokers, harnesses, fishnets, and demonia platforms to fully embrace your inner chaos magic goddess.

Key Advantages

  • Intricate Gothic clothing and accessories imported from the UK
  • Vegan and upcycled materials used for most products
  • Extended sizes in apparel and footwear available

4. Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill store

This fierce online boutique empowers babes and betties to freely express themselves through fashion. You’ll uncover edgy dresses, club wear, rave apparel, and street goth clothing alongside unique gifts, décor, and accessories.

It celebrates fearless femininity welcoming all bodies, LGBTQ+ pride, kinks, and quirks within its model diversity and merch selection. Shopgirls adore the site’s music festival and EDM vibes translating alternative scenes into affordable attire.

Why Shop Here

  • Inclusive size range from XS-4X
  • Music/festival inspired graphic apparel
  • Novelty gifts and accessories for every occasion

5. BlackMilk


This Aussie brand attracts Spencer’s fans thirsty for fierce leggings, bodysuits, swimsuits, and dresses that blend pop culture flair with imaginative prints.

Their proprietary fabrics sculpt curves and hold up through daily wear and workouts thanks to their high spandex content.

Their accessories fully showcase their cheeky humor and playful charm through beanies, bags, scarves, and jewelry. When you crave clothing beyond the expected, this will deliver excitement to your wardrobe.

Key Perks

  • Signature printed leggings in extended sizes
  • Graphic tanks, tees, and hoodies for layering
  • Baggy boyfriend tees with quirky sayings

6. Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween store

Love all things e­erie and spooky? Then, Spirit Hallowe­en is the spot for you. Packed with an array of outfits, orname­nts, and add-ons, it’s your ultimate Halloween source­.

Its offerings go beyond just costumes. The­ir wide range of body jewe­lry, graphic tees, and lingerie­ allow you to show off your personal style any time of the­ year.

You’ll find bold pieces that make a stand and softer ones that whisper your taste­. No matter what, it is your one­-stop shop.

It is popular for its high quality and careful craftsmanship. If you’re excite­d to show off your spooky character like a ghost or vampire, visit Spirit Hallowe­en. Let your creativity loose­.

Why Shop Here

  • Year-round horror/Halloween apparel and accessories
  • Competitively priced graphic tees
  • Seasonal costume shops across America

7. Forever 21

Forever 21 store

Foreve­r21 provide­s trendy clothes and accessorie­s. This alternative store is familiar in malls and trade areas in North Ame­rica. They stock all things – from office wear and se­mi-formal clothes to graphic tees loade­d with pop culture. Plus, they’ve signed a deal with Marve­l.

It provides the newe­st looks, designs, and best bargains. If you’re se­arching for fashionable dresses, tops, t-shirts, tights, or more­, this is the place­ for you. Considering their broad assortment and budge­t-friendly prices, it serves as an exce­llent substitute for those wanting to display the­ir style and be unique.

Key Perks

  • Trend-driven casual clothing and accessories
  • Licensed Disney and anime graphic tees
  • Bargain basement pricing with discounts

8. PacSun

PacSun store

This veteran mall retailer transformed itself from surf/skate shop into a fashion mecca for laidback SoCal style.

Alongside men’s board shorts, you’ll discover graphic muscle tees, cropped camis, mumus, and dresses boasting coastal appeal from top action sports brands.

It’s value shines through buy one, get one 50% off specials run frequently to keep their Cali swag affordable.

You will also discover novelty socks, hats, bags, dorm gear, festival accessories and gifts to showcase your chill vibes.

Why Shop Here

  • West coast inspired graphic muscle tanks and tees
  • Major sales run weekly on apparel
  • Youthful novelty accessories and gifts

9. Punk Rave

Punk Rave store

Since 2003, this UK site stocks alternative street styles targeting punks, goths, steampunks, and metalheads. Blending Victorian inspirations with hardcore edge, their tube tops, club dresses, hoodies, pants, and kilts offer distinct fashion edge.

Expect leather, latex, lace and linen translating underground aesthetics into avant garde apparel. It’s attention to detail shows through delicate embroidery, structured corsets, and tactical accents across this ready to wear line.

This similar store also add statement boots, jewelry, purses, and home goods to fully embrace your inner rebel.

Key Advantages

  • Intricately detailed gothic/steampunk/punk designs
  • International shipping and returns available
  • Models showcase pieces on diverse figures

10. Disturbia

Disturbia store

Looking for a twist in your clothing style with a hint of darke­r appeal? Then, Disturbia Clothing is your go-to place. This online­ store is stocked with an array of clothes and acce­ssories to enthuse the­ mature goth in you.

This isn’t your typical gothic site with lace and e­xcessive feminine­ ghoulish items. This clothing company spreads the mature­ gothic charm, promising unduplicated and daring patterns.

One re­markable thing about them is its fair cost. Some goth website­s appear to believe­ goths are filled with cash. But, this competitor offers a finance­-friendly route for all. Want an outfit change with alte­rnative style that shows your unique and re­bellious streak? Consider this brand.

Why Shop Here

  • Cheeky, gothic-inspired clothing with a fetish edge
  • Carries extended sizes across most products
  • Special savings for newsletter subscribers

11. Party City

Party City store

While best known as a seasonal costume shop, Party City also stocks basic graphic tees, jewelry, beauty accessories, dorm gear, gifts and party supplies flaunting pop culture flair year-round. Shop their clearance racks after peak holidays for the best deals on leftover merch converted to everyday casual wear.

You will also love their ever-changing selection of gifts, home goods, and gag toys to make any day more festive. Scroll their site weekly to catch one day sales with deep discounts helping you save more, spend less.

Key Perks

  • Affordable graphic tees and novelty jewelry/accessories
  • Seasonal sales with clearance party merch year-round
  • Online Party Savings sales offering limited discounts

12. Princess Polly

Princess Polly store

This indie Australian boutique brings playful femininity to edgy fashion through polka dot prints, puff sleeves, and micro minis.

Their cropped tops, bodysuits, and party dresses capture youthful rebellion with a dash of retro sweetness across fabric, embellishments, and silhouettes.

While more subtle than Spencer’s hyper graphics, it empowers chic self-expression through punchy patterns, assertive necklines, and flirty details applied just right.

Why Shop Here

  • Feminine styles with flirty, retro accents
  • Curated edits make matching sets effortless
  • Petite and plus sizes carried on most items

13. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters store

Urban Outfitters, a fashion hot spot, boasts tre­ndy and unique styles. It’s a one-stop-shop for clothe­s, accessories, and home ite­ms tailored for the youthful, style-savvy crowd.

He­re, find everything from funky te­es to jewelry, and from intimate­ wear to playful home piece­s. The company’s products beam with original and unconventional de­signs, a hit for those who dare to be diffe­rent.

Coupling a vast variety and budget-frie­ndly prices, it stands as a favorite for folks wanting to use­ fashion to show off their uniqueness. Be­ it for an event or just a wardrobe re­vamp,it has something to intrigue you.

Key Perks

  • Constantly updated novelty apparel and accessories
  • Intimate apparel in extended sizes
  • Bargain deals on sale items


I picked these 13 brands because they offer similar products as Spencer’s with their own unique style. These places cater to alternative, punk, goth, boho, anime fans.

They sell graphic tees, accessories, jewelry, underwear, shoes, costumes, make-up, decor, and gifts. Lots focus on youth and young adult fashion. Most ship fast worldwide.

So check out these spots if you want to shop brands like Spencer’s!

FAQs Spencer’s

Does Spencer’s sell clothes online?

Yes, Spencer’s offers their full range of provocative and humorous clothing like graphic tees, tanks, hoodies, dresses, rompers, and more available for purchase on their website Spencersonline.com.

What should I not buy from Spencer’s?

Avoid purchasing beauty products like bath bombs or makeup at Spencer’s, as mass retailers like Target and Ulta offer more variety at better values. Also skip the low quality novelty tableware and dorm gear commonly found in discount stores for cheaper.

Is everything at Spencer’s cheap?

While Spencer’s positions itself as an affordable mall accessory and gift store, some items like trend jewelry, higher end costumes, and exclusive merch can fetch higher price tags. Always scout end caps for clearance items discounted up to 75% off for the best deals.

Does Spencer’s sell real jewelry?

Alongside their funky fashion jewelry, Spencer’s offers genuine sterling silver hoops, studs, rings and pendants, often embellished with crystals or engraved detailing. They also sell quality stainless steel and leather pieces built to last years.

Is Spencer’s appropriate for all ages?

Some products at Spencer’s featuring vulgar sayings, sexual innuendos, or provocative imagery make it an adult-oriented retailer inappropriate for children. Use discretion when shopping its cheekier novelty gifts and apparel collections.

Do you have to 18 to shop at Spencer’s?

No age limit exists to shop inside Spencer’s stores, however adult supervision is recommended given the mature assortment. To make online purchases, you must verify your 18+ status prior to final checkout.

Does Spencer’s have good sales?

Spencer’s runs weekly specials both online and in stores featuring 20-50% certain categories like tees, jewelry, beauty items or gifts. Around major holidays, sitewide promos offer extra 30-40% off discounts across already marked down clearance inventory.

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