How to Remove Security Tags from Nordstrom Rack Items

We’ve all been there – you find an amazing deal at Nordstrom Rack, only to get home and realize you can’t actually wear or use your purchase until you remove the bulky plastic security tag. Don’t worry, you can outsmart the system with some simple tricks for liberating your haul without ruining it. This comprehensive guide will walk you through several methods, from improvising tools to professional detachers, so you can swiftly remove tags and finally enjoy using your goods.

As a seasoned Nordstrom Rack shopper myself, I’ve accumulated years of experience wrangling those pesky security tags off clothing, shoes, handbags and more. It’s a rite of passage for any Deal Hunter worth their salt. Through trial and error with a lot of cursing, yelling, and possibly a few tears, I’ve discovered tips and tricks for removing tags safely and efficiently. Take it from me, a schlub can definitely take down Goliath, you just need the inside scoop.

So grab some pliers and gather round, friends. Class is in session!

How to Remove Nordstrom Rack Security Tag

Ways to Remove Nordstrom Rack Security Tag: The Step-By-Step Guide

Improvising Tag Removal Tools

Don’t have a professional tag detacher on hand? No worries, with some common household items you can DIY your way to tag removal freedom. Just be careful not to tear or puncture your new treasures. Here are the best homegrown tools for getting the job done:

Use Scissors to Snip and Cut

Carefully insert one scissor blade behind the tag and clip through the attaching mechanism. This works best on paper tags attached with plastic fasteners. Make small, strategic cuts rather than hacking wildly to avoid damaging the item.

✂️Pro Tip: Use a small, pointy embroidery scissors for precision on delicate fabrics.

Twist and Pry with Needle Nose-Pliers

Certain thick, plastic tags can simply be twisted off using nose pliers. Grip the base of the tag tightly with the pliers and slowly twist back and forth while pulling away from the item. The plastic should snap after a few twists.

?️Pro Tip: Try using needle-nose pliers for better leverage in tight spaces.

Pop the Pin with a Hammer

For thin, plastic pin-style tags, place the tag face down on a hard surface like concrete or wood. Lay the item flat to avoid damage. Then, gently tap the pin with a hammer until it pushes through the attachment hole, releasing the tag.

? Pro Tip: Put a piece of plywood underneath to absorb hammer blows and prevent holes in delicate fabrics.

Cut Through Adhesive with Floss

Some tags attach via stubborn adhesive or heat seal. Unwind dental floss and carefully saw back and forth over the adhesive strip until you cut through it. Pull tag away and use oil or goo-gone to remove residual sticky bits.

? Pro Tip: Unwaxed floss works best for maximum friction and cutting power.

Specialized Tag Removal Tools

For faster, safer tag removal, it’s worth investing in a few professional detacher tools:

Magnetic Detacher

This ingenious tool uses magnetic force to remotely detach security tags. Simply place the “key” end near the tag’s lock mechanism and it will release the lock. There’s no need to directly touch the tag or item.

?Pro Tip: Look for detachers designed for apparel use with curved magnets that can reach around clothing tags.

Vibration Bottle Tags

These detachers use a safe, vibrating motor to shake open bottle security tags. The vibration demagnetizes the locking mechanism, causing the two halves to separate cleanly. It’s quick and won’t damage the contents.

?Pro Tip: Opt for a detacher with multiple vibration settings so you can tackle all standard bottle tag frequencies.

Combo-Head Detachers

This style detacher combines multiple detachment tools in one. It will have a magnetic key, a blade/scissor for cut-away tags, and a vibration motor for bottles. The 3-in-1 functionality helps tackle nearly any tag type.

?Pro Tip: Seek out a rechargeable model so you never have to deal with replacing button batteries.

Removing Security Stickers and Ink Tags

Adhesive security stickers and ink tags also need some finesse to remove. Here are tips to cleanly detach them:

Heat to Loosen Stickers

Hold a hairdryer 3-5 inches from the sticker and heat it for 30-60 seconds. Slowly peel the sticker away while hot. The heat softens the strong adhesive so it releases cleanly.

?‍♀️Pro Tip: Throw it on the lowest fan speed and hold heat further away on delicate materials so you don’t scorch the fabric.

Dissolve Ink Tags in Alcohol

Ink tags contain dye that will permanently stain clothing if opened incorrectly. Soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and hold it on the tag for 1 minute. The alcohol dissolves the ink canister so the tag can be removed safely.

?Pro Tip: Take precautions against ink stains just in case – work in an area you can clean and wear gloves to avoid skin contact.

The Secret Weapon: The Nordstrom Rack Tagging Gun

If all else fails, you may need to call in the big guns – literally. Some Nordstrom Rack stores use a special magnetic tagging gun to apply security tags. This same gun can actually detach tags in a snap! Here’s how to put one to work for you:

Ask at Customer Service

Politely inquire at the customer service desk if they have a detachment gun you could borrow for a few tags that are proving stubborn. Often, stores keep one handy for just this reason.

?Pro Tip: Kill ‘em with kindness! A friendly request goes a lot further than righteous anger with customer service reps.

Offer a Deposit

The store may require that you leave your license or car keys to secure the gun’s return. This is standard policy, so come prepared with a deposit item and be sure to return the gun promptly.

?️Pro Tip: Before leaving, test the gun on your tags to ensure it detaches them as expected so there are no unwelcome surprises later!

Safety Precautions to Take While Removing Nordstrom Rack Security Tag

  • Use caution when using sharp tools like scissors or needle-nose pliers. Carefully grip tags to avoid scratching or puncturing the item or yourself.
  • When using hammers/mallets, be aware of fingers/hands and fragile surfaces underneath. Place item on a sturdy, padded surface first.
  • Check that adhesive stickers are heat/chemical resistant if using heat, alcohol or other solvents. Test on small hidden area first.
  • Wear gloves when handling ink tag solvents to avoid skin staining if ink leaks. Work in an area that’s easy to clean.
  • If borrowing a store detachment gun, follow all staff instructions carefully to avoid misuse. Do not take guns from stores without permission.

Benefits of Removing Nordstrom Rack Security Tag

  • Allows you to fully use, wear and enjoy your purchases as desired without large cumbersome tags.
  • Removes frustrating extra step between buying an item and actually being able to use it. No more waiting to get tags removed.
  • Frees you from relying on retail staff for tag removal. Removes pressure to immediately take new clothes to store for detachment.
  • Allows you to remove tags on your own time when convenient rather than making a special trip to the store.
  • No more avoiding washing delicate new clothes because you haven’t removed sizing/security tags yet.
  • For clothing, removes discomfort, rubbing or chafing caused by bulky attached tags along necklines or side seams.
  • Eliminates tag imprints or markings left on items from tight or long-term tag attachment.

Voila, with these removal tips you’ll be a security tag Houdini. Enjoy the sweet taste of victory when you successfully liberate your purchases to wear and flaunt. Take that, annoying tags! Now let’s go rush the stage during an avant-garde performance art piece!

FAQs About Removing Security Tags from Nordstrom Rack Items

Will removing security tags set off alarms at the store exit?

Only if done improperly while still in the store. Once purchased, removing tags will not trigger alarms.

Can forcibly removing tags damage the item?

Yes, using too much force or the wrong tools can damage, tear or puncture the product. Take care when removing tags from delicate materials.

Where are tags usually located on products?

A. Most tags attach to interior seams, side vents, or hem/waistbands on apparel items. Check clothing seams carefully.

What should I do if a security tag ink pack explodes on clothing?

A. Act quickly! Rinse ink under cold water immediately then treat stain as you would any dye. Ink can be stubborn, so take items to the dry cleaner ASAP if home remedies don’t suffice.

Do all stores use the same types of security tags?

No, tags come in various shapes, sizes and ink colors. Not all detachers work on all tag types, so have multiple removal tools on hand.

Can I return an item with the security tag removed?

Yes, as long as you have the original tag as proof of purchase. Keep any detached tags with the receipt in case a return is needed down the road.

What should I do if a plastic security tag piece gets stuck in clothing after detaching?

Try to gently maneuver the stuck piece out through an opening. If it doesn’t budge, take the item and any remaining tag pieces to a Nordstrom Rack store for associate help.

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