How to Put on Fashion Nova Clear Heels Like a Style Pro

Fashion Nova’s clear heels are taking over Instagram feeds lately. The perspex spike heels and mules give off instant boss babe vibes. While clear heels might look chic, they do require some finesse to walk in without wobbling around like Bambi.

Putting on a pair of clear Fashion Nova heels for the first time can be daunting. With their towering height and slippery soles, they aren’t exactly beginner heels. But with the right techniques, you’ll be strutting the streets in your clear pumps like a runway model.

How to Put on Fashion Nova Clear Heels

This blog will cover all the tips and tricks for wearing your fashion nova lucite heels confidently and comfortably. Read on to learn how to put on clear heels properly, walk gracefully, and avoid slips, trips and blisters.

Key Summary

  • Prep feet properly before sliding into clear heels
  • Use tools like shoe horns, tape and guards when putting shoes on
  • Slide feet in carefully to avoid damaging heels
  • Lock feet in place securely with adjustable straps or tape
  • Practice standing in heels before attempting to walk
  • Take small, flat steps landing heel to toe
  • Keep posture tall, core engaged, eyes forward
  • Go slow, take breaks, and bring back-up shoes
  • Limit first-time wear to prevent blisters
  • Perfect your posture and gait over time

How to Put on Fashion Nova Clear Heels

Fashion Nova Clear Heels

When you first unbox your clear fashion nova heels, don’t just slip them on and walk out the door. Taking a few minutes to properly put on the shoes will ensure they fit securely and comfortably.

Follow these steps for putting on clear high heels correctly:

1. Prep Your Feet

Before sliding your feet into the clear vinyl fashion nova heels, take a few preparatory steps:

  • File calluses and dry skin – Heels can rub against rough patches causing blisters.
  • Trim and shape toenails – Prevent ingrown nails by cutting them straight across.
  • Apply moisturizer – Hydrated skin helps prevent friction and slipping against the shoe.
  • Consider cushions and tape – Cushion the ball of foot, heel grips prevent slippage.

Taking these precautionary steps will allow your feet to glide smoothly into the shoes.

2. Gather Your Tools

Having the right tools on hand will make putting on the shoes much easier:

  • Shoe horn – Helps slide feet in without smushing the heels.
  • Double-sided fashion tape – Applied to the insole and foot to keep heels in place.
  • Velvet shoe sleeves – Slip these over the heel when inserting feet to prevent scuffing.

You want to avoid nicking or scratching the clear vinyl material, so use these protective accessories. The shoe horn and sleeves also prevent creasing the heels when putting them on.

3. Slide Feet In Properly

When you’re ready to put on the fashion nova clear heels, use this method:

  • Hold the heel steady and place the shoe on the floor. Don’t grip the thin heel stem which can snap.
  • Pull the back of the shoe opening wide, and keep it taut.
  • Insert shoe horn inside to hold it open if needed.
  • Slowly slide your foot inside, being careful not to scuff the back of the shoe.
  • Line up the ball of your foot with the centre of the shoe, don’t jam toes forward.
  • Let the heel slide down naturally backing your foot. Don’t force.
  • Use your fingers to adjust the back of your foot if needed.

Taking it slow and being careful at this stage prevents damage to the shoes and discomfort for your feet.

4. Lock Feet In Securely

Once both feet are fully slid into the fashion nova clear heels, lock them into place:

  • If heels are loose, attach fashion tape on the soles and heels of the feet.
  • For mules, loop the elastic heel strap tightly over the ankle.
  • Fasten any buckles or straps firmly but not too tight.
  • Adjust the fit across the instep for a snug hold.
  • Check toes have wiggle room and aren’t jammed forward.

Proper placement and a customized fit for your feet will keep the heels firmly on when standing and walking.

5. Practice Standing

Before attempting to walk in the lucite fashion nova heels, practice standing in them first and that we help gradual break in:

  • Hold a wall, chair or friend for balance at first.
  • Place feet hip-width apart, and distribute weight evenly.
  • Engage core muscles and keep posture upright but relaxed.
  • Take a few steps holding onto support to get a feel.
  • Adjust the straps if needed until shoes feel secure.

Standing gets your body acquainted with balancing on the thin stiletto heels. Take it slowly and get your footing before strolling around.

Okay, your clear vinyl fashion nova heels are on and properly adjusted! Now learn how to walk like a runway star without taking a tumble.

How to Walk Gracefully in Clear Heels

The sleek transparent glossy or matte look of clear fashion nova heels equates to zero traction. They require finesse to maneuver in without slipping.

Follow these tips to walk gracefully in clear heels:

Take Small Steps

Don’t try to stride out in transparent heels like you would in sneakers. Take shorter, slower steps for stability and gradual break in. Keep feet around hip-width apart and take flat steps placing each foot fully on the ground rather than on tiptoes. Smaller steps will keep you balanced.

Engage Your Core

Keep your core – abdominals, back, glutes – engaged when walking in clear heels. Maintaining stability in your center rather than relying fully on the heels keeps the rest of your body aligned and upright. Activate those muscles with each step to avoid wobbling.

Focus Your Eyes Forward

Look straight ahead focusing about 10 feet in front of you. Don’t look down at your feet which can throw off balance and posture. Use your peripheral vision to spot potential hazards and keep eyes focused in the distance for spatial awareness.

Lead With Your Hips

Let your hips initiate each step, keeping them centered above feet. Engage your glutes to prevent hips from leaning forward and collapsing your posture. Leading with the hips rather than the thighs or knees keeps steps aligned and graceful.

Distribute Weight Evenly

As each heel lifts and strikes the ground, consciously distribute weight evenly across the foot. Landing too heavily on the ball or heel causes wobbling. Engage leg muscles to keep weight centred through each step.

Point Toes Straight Ahead

Position feet to point straight forward, even if taking smaller side steps. Turning feet outward torques knees and twists posture. Keep toes aiming forward with heels landing beneath hips for optimal alignment and poise.

Don’t Look Down

Staring at your feet causes your posture to collapse inward. Keep chin lifted, look ahead and use peripheral vision to place each step under hips. Standing tall counterbalances the forward pitch of the heels.

Take It Slow

Walk at a controlled, comfortable speed. Hurrying in clear fashion nova heels leads to missteps. Move deliberately with intention at each step. Slowing down keeps strides smooth and stable.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to manoeuvring clear heels. Keep these posture and gait tips in mind and soon you’ll be rocking those nude vinyl spikes like a supermodel.

Now let’s go over how to prevent some issues that may pop up with wearing transparent stilettos for long periods.

How to Prevent Issues from Wearing Clear Heels

Clear fashion nova heels require some extra pampering for your feet to avoid painful blisters and soreness after long wear. Here are some tips to prevent problems:

Carry Cushions and Cream

Stash some friction-preventing cushions and cream in your purse. Apply to hot spots on feet for instant relief and slip back into shoes comfortably. carries them to apply on the go.

Tape Blister-Prone Areas

Apply strips of bandage tape as a preventive barrier on areas like pinky toes or the back of ankles prone to blisters. The tape eliminates the clear heel edge rubbing directly on skin.

Wiggle Toes and Stretch Calves

Whenever you have a moment of rest, release toes from the tapered shape and stretch out the calves. This boosts circulation and reduces cramping in the feet and legs when back in the heels.

Sit Down Whenever Possible

Take breaks to sit whenever you can to give feet a rest from balancing on the thin stems. Cross legs ankle-over-knee to flex feet. Kick shoes off periodically to rub feet if able.

Avoid Heat and Moisture

Control moisture and friction inside heels by applying foot powder before wear and blotting dampness. Avoid hot outdoor venues that can cause sweaty feet and slipped heels.

Limit First Wears to 3 Hours

Don’t overdo it the first few times wearing new transparent fashion nova heels. Limit the debut to 2-3 hours until feet adapt to the pitch and shape. Gradually increase wear over time.

Bring Back-Up Shoes

Pack flip flops or foldable ballet flats in your bag in case clear heels prove too painful for the full day’s activities. Having a back-up option allows you to give feet a break but maintain style.

With some thoughtful preventive and restorative measures, clear fashion nova heels can be comfortably worn without inflicting damage to your feet. Now that your heels are on and feet cared for, a few final tips will perfect your strut.

Final Tips for Mastering Clear Heels

Once you get moving in transparent fashion nova heels, follow these pointers to walk like an effortless glamazon:

  • Start on even, smooth surfaces – Avoid streets, gravel or grass at first.
  • Lean forward slightly – Avoids the urge to take bigger steps when feeling off-balance.
  • Angle feet out slightly – Widens base of support under hips.
  • Push hips back as one heel lifts – Keeps weight centered under standing foot.
  • Keep knees soft – Avoid locking knees which throws off natural gait.
  • Relax upper body – No tension in shoulders or death grip on your purse.
  • Go heel-to-toe – Roll feet gently, landing on the ball then lower heel.
  • Spot obstacles ahead – Gives time to maneuver over cracks in the ground.
  • Stop and adjust as needed – No shame in pausing to fix slipping heels!

With a few wearings, these tips will become second nature and you’ll be a clear heel mastermind. Just take it slowly at first and don’t be deterred if walking like a gazelle takes some practice. Soon you’ll be gliding along beautifully in your glossy transparent pumps.


FAQs About Mastering Clear Heels

Are plastic fashion nova heels bad for feet?

Clear vinyl and PVC heels can cause friction blisters and cramping if worn for too long. Use preventive measures and limit first-time wear to avoid pain. Slowly increase wear as feet adapt.

How long does it take to break in clear heels?

Plan on 2-3 short wearings for your feet to mold to the shape and material. The plastic doesn’t given like leather. Foam cushioning inside helps but discomfort is normal at first.

Can you stretch clear fashion nova heels?

You can stretch lucite heels gently by filling the shoes with socks overnight. But clear plastic quickly rebounds to its original shape. Better to have heels professionally stretched at a shoe repair shop for lasting results.

Do clear mules require pedicures?

Yes! Feet are on full display in clear vinyl mules. Get regular pedicures to keep toes looking neat. Lightly buff skin and use a hydrating foot cream to keep feet smooth.

Are platform clear heels more comfortable?

Yes, a chunky transparent platform reduces the angled pitch, taking pressure off the ball of the foot. A platform toe box also allows toes to spread out comfortably.

Should heels match your skin exactly or be slightly lighter?

Slightly lighter than your skin tone so the shoe disappears into an elongated leg but doesn’t blend fully so the cool clear heel effect remains visible.

What outfit goes best with clear heels?

Monochrome looks let the heels shine as a focal point. Pair with tailored pieces in black, white or bold brights for high-impact texture contrast.

Strut Fiercely in Your Fashion Nova Clear Heels

With these tips for properly putting on, walking in, and preventing issues with your clear fashion nova heels, you’ll be strutting the streets in comfort and style. A few precautions allow you to wear this sexy trend without suffering for the sake of fashion.

Soon you’ll have total confidence manoeuvring pavement, dancefloors and wherever else your glossy heels take you. Just move slowly, engage your muscles, distribute weight evenly, and practice, practice, practice.

Now you have all the inside info to rock clear vinyl heels like a pro! Head out and show off those stems, you glamorous fashionista.


Fashion Nova’s clear vinyl heels may look intimidating, but they don’t have to be painful. With the right techniques for putting them on and walking properly, you can strut around stylishly with comfort and confidence.

Use tools to slide feet in without damaging heels. Distribute weight evenly through each step. Maintain posture and keep core engaged while walking in short, flat strides. And take precautions like cushioning, taping, stretching and resting feet to prevent problems.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to manoeuvring the slick soles and steep pitch. But the payoff is gorgeous gams and head-turning modern style!

With these tips, you’ll shimmy, shake and slay the streets in your glossy clear fashion nova stilettos. Just take it slow and work your way up to owning your strut.

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