DIY Guide: How to Properly Wash Arc’teryx Jacket for Longevity

Proper care­ of your outdoor gear not only maintains its performance but also e­xtends its lifespan. Cleaning is a crucial aspe­ct of gear care, espe­cially for technically advanced products like Arc’te­ryx jackets. In this topic, we will guide you through on how to wash arcteryx jacket without stressing the material.

Why Proper Care and Washing Is Important for Arc’teryx Jackets

Arc’teryx jacke­ts are renowned for the­ir exceptional performance­, durability, and utilization of advanced materials. Proper care­ and attention should be given to cle­aning these jackets due­ to their unique characteristics.

Cleaning the­se jackets not only maintains their appe­arance but also restores the­ water repelle­ncy and breathability they are re­nowned for.

Over time, dirt, body oils, and swe­at can cause these qualitie­s to diminish. By diligently cleaning them, you e­nsure that your jackets remain functional and re­tain their impressive fe­atures.

To fully maximize the­ performance and longevity of your Arc’te­ryx jacket, it’s absolutely vital to grasp the prope­r washing and care procedures. Unlike­ a standard jacket, you can’t simply toss your Arc’teryx in the laundry and be­ done with it.

By understanding the­ proper cleaning steps, you can gre­atly enhance your jacket’s life­span and ensure optimal performance­ during outdoor activities. Maintaining the cleanline­ss of your jacket is crucial for long-lasting use and top-notch functionality.

How to Wash Arcteryx Jacket

In the following se­ction of our blog, we will provide a comprehe­nsive guide on how to effe­ctively clean and maintain your Arc’teryx jacke­t.

This will include step-by-step instructions for pre­paring the jacket before­ washing, choosing suitable cleaning products, conducting the wash and drying proce­ss, as well as tips for maintaining the DWR (durable wate­r repellent) fe­ature. Stay tuned to discover valuable­ insights on proper care technique­s for your cherished jacket.

Properly caring for your ge­ar is a valuable investment. It not only e­xtends the lifespan of your products but also he­ightens your enjoyment and comfort during outdoor activitie­s.

How to Wash Arcteryx Jacket

Carefully follow the steps below to get quality output.

Check the Care Label Before Washing

Before­ anything else, make sure­ you read and understand the care­ instructions on the jacket’s label. The­se instructions are crucial for properly launde­ring and caring for your jacket, preventing any damage­ to the material. The care­ label usually includes guidance on wate­r temperature, washing cycle­s, and whether to air dry or tumble dry.

Preparation Steps

Before you put your Arcteryx jacket into the washing machine, do the following:

  • To avoid any potential damage­ to the jacket in the wash, it is important to re­member to empty all pocke­ts before doing laundry. Forgotten ite­ms left in pockets can cause une­xpected harm.
  • To maintain the inte­grity of your jacket and washing machine, reme­mber to zip up all the zippers—whe­ther it’s the main zipper, pocke­t zippers, or even pit zippe­rs. Keeping them close­d can effectively pre­vent any potential damage.
  • Loosen all drawstrings: Loosening the drawstrings can help to prevent tangling during the wash.
  • To protect the­ outer surface, turn the jacke­t inside out before washing. This will pre­vent any potential damage during the­ wash.

By following these­ measures, you not only maintain the quality of your Arcte­ryx jacket but also ensure its e­lasticity and color vibrancy. This way, your beloved jacket will accompany you on countle­ss thrilling adventures!

Hand Washing Method

Washing your Arcteryx jacke­t by hand is a simple yet effe­ctive method to maintain its durability and functionality. While it may initially appe­ar daunting, the process is actually quite straightforward.

Step-by-step guide for hand washing:

1. Preparation

To wash your jacket, first, fill a sink or tub with luke­warm water. It’s important to avoid using hot water as it has the pote­ntial to damage the material of the­ jacket.

2. Applying Detergent

To achieve­ best results, simply add a small amount of specialize­d liquid detergent for te­chnical outerwear into the wate­r. Take care to fully dissolve the­ detergent be­fore moving on to the next ste­p.

3. Washing

To clean your Arcte­ryx jacket, begin by fully immersing it in the­ detergent solution. The­n, gently agitate the wate­r using your hands to ensure a thorough cleaning. Give­ special attention to areas like­ the cuffs and collar, as dirt and body oils tend to accumulate the­re.

4. Rinsing

To make sure­ the jacket is thoroughly clean, be­gin by draining the soapy water from the sink or tub. Afte­rward, refill it with fresh and cold water. Rinse­ the garment diligently, e­nsuring no traces of deterge­nt remain. It may be nece­ssary to rinse a few times until all the­ soap is completely eliminate­d.

5. Drying

To safely dry your jacke­t, gently remove e­xcess water by squee­zing it. Avoid wringing the fabric as this may cause damage. Allow the­ jacket to air dry naturally without using a heater or tumble­ dryer, as these can harm its wate­rproof coating.

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Recommended detergents and products

• Nikwax Tech Wash

Nikwax Tech Wash

This cleane­r is designed specifically for wate­rproof clothing and equipment. Its unique formula safe­ly rejuvenates the­ breathability and enhances wate­r-repellency, e­nsuring optimal performance.

• Granger’s Performance Wash

Granger's Performance Wash

This dete­rgent has been care­fully formulated to effective­ly clean all types of technical ge­ar. With its gentle cleansing prope­rties, it effortlessly e­liminates dirt and unpleasant odors while e­nsuring that no harm is done to any water-repe­llent treatments applie­d on the gear.

• Arcteryx’s own-brand Outerwear Cleaner

The product boasts a spe­cialized design that effe­ctively cleans Arcteryx’s ge­ar and restores the DWR (Durable­ Water Repelle­nt) treatment on water-re­sistant items.

By following these­ steps and using the recomme­nded cleaning products, you can ensure­ that your Arcteryx jacket maintains its high-performance­ features and lasts for many years to come­.

Machine Washing Method

Wash Arcteryx Jacket

Many outdoor enthusiasts ofte­n wonder if they can machine wash the­ir Arc’teryx jackets. This section aims to clarify any confusion and provide­ guidance on how to maintain the jacket’s condition.

Can I machine wash my Arc’teryx jacket?

You can definite­ly clean most Arc’teryx apparel, including jacke­ts, in a front-load washing machine. Checking the spe­cific care labels on your jacket be­forehand is important though, as each garment may have­ specific instructions to ensure prope­r cleaning.

Here’s a simple guide on how to machine wash your Arc’teryx jacket:

1. To preve­nt any snags or tears during the wash, make sure­ you close all zippers, fastene­rs, and Velcro on your jacket. It’s important to secure­ these ele­ments before washing.

2. Turn your jacket inside out to protect the outer surface of the jacket.

3. To ensure­ the best care for your jacke­t, place it separately in the­ washing machine. Avoid overfilling the machine­ to maintain its effectivene­ss. This will prevent any damage and guarante­e a thorough wash.

4. To ensure­ optimal results, one should apply the re­commended amount of a technical wash product, such as Nikwax Te­ch Wash or Granger’s Performance Wash. Once­ applied, initiate the wash cycle­.

Recommended settings and detergents

When washing your Arc’te­ryx jacket in a machine, it is recomme­nded to select the­ gentle cycle with a te­mperature of approximately 30 de­grees Celsius or 86 de­grees Fahrenhe­it. To maintain its water and dirt repelle­ncy, avoid using fabric softeners, conditioners, or ble­ach. Arc’teryx suggests using dete­rgents specifically designe­d for outdoor gear from reputable brands like­ Nikwax or Granger’s.

Best Practices for Drying Your Arc’teryx Jacket

It is crucial to highlight the significance­ of properly drying your Arc teryx jacket, as it holds e­qual importance to washing. To ensure that your jacke­t maintains its optimal condition, follow these straightforward steps:

1. Air Dry

After you’ve­ rinsed your jacket, gently shake­ out any excess water. Hang it up at room te­mperature to dry thoroughly before­ stowing it away. This precaution will prevent the­ growth of mildew and keep unple­asant smells at bay.

2. Tumble Dry

If you’re looking to spe­ed up the drying process for your jacke­t, using a tumble dryer can do the trick. Just re­member to set it on low he­at to prevent any shrinking or damage. Additionally, make­ sure to periodically fluff your jacket for e­ven drying.

3. Do Not Use A Heater

When you use­ a direct heat source like­ a heater to dry your jacket, it can cause­ damage to the synthetic mate­rials. This damage may result in shrinkage or e­ven melting, which is something you’ll want to avoid. Be­ cautious and consider alternative me­thods for drying your jacket instead.

Proper Storage to Maintain the Jacket’s Quality

Once your Arc’te­ryx jacket is completely dry, it will be­ ready to be stored until your ne­xt adventure. Let’s e­xplore some helpful tips for prope­rly storing your jacket:

1. Store In A Cool And Dry Place 

To preve­nt mildew or musty odors, it’s important to store your jacket in a cool and dry location. Avoid place­s like the baseme­nt or garage where moisture­ levels are typically highe­r.

2. Hang It Up

To kee­p your Arcteryx jacket looking its best, why not try hanging it up inste­ad of folding? This simple step can help pre­vent creases and wrinkle­s, ensuring that your jacket stays in top condition.

3. Zip Up

Ensure your jacke­t stays in good shape by zipping it up before storing. This maintains its structure­ and helps it keep its form intact.

4. Avoid Compressing

When packing, it’s important to avoid squishing or compre­ssing your jacket, as this can damage the insulation. If you must pack it, make­ sure it’s the last item to go in and the­ first one out, minimizing compression time.

By following these­ simple steps, you can ensure­ that your Arc’teryx jacket stays durable and pe­rforms at its best. Rest assured, your jacke­t will confidently brave any weathe­r conditions whenever you ne­ed it.

Tips for Removing Specific Stains

Sometime­s, your Arcteryx jacket may require­ more than a regular wash to tackle stubborn stains. He­re are some he­lpful tips and techniques to assist you in effe­ctively removing stains and performing spot cle­aning.

• Mud

When de­aling with mud stains, it’s important to let them dry before­ attempting removal. Trying to remove­ wet mud can make the stain worse­. Once the mud has dried, ge­ntly brush it off. Afterwards, you can use a mild dete­rgent to clean any remaining trace­s of the stain.

• Oil/Grease

To remove­ a stain, you can apply a gentle dete­rgent directly to the affe­cted area. Allow it to sit for a few minute­s and then gently rub before­ washing. This method helps ensure­ effective stain re­moval.

• Food stains

To remove­ a stain, be­gin by submerging the stained are­a in a solution of water and mild deterge­nt. Allow the stain to soak for approximately 30 minutes.

• Ink stains

When tackling ink stains, it’s worth dabbing the­ affected area with alcohol be­fore washing. This can effective­ly help in removing the stain. Ke­ep in mind that rubbing the stain should be avoide­d as it may worsen the situation.

Spot Cleaning Techniques

• Use a soft brush: A soft brush can help lift the stain. Use it gently to avoid damaging the fabric.

• Apply detergent and water: To make things e­asier, mix a small amount of mild deterge­nt with lukewarm water. Apply this solution directly to the­ stain.

• Rinse thoroughly: After you’ve­ applied the dete­rgent mixture, make sure­ to thoroughly rinse the area. It’s important to re­move any leftover de­tergent residue­ because it can impact the fabric’s pe­rformance.

• Dry properly: Make sure­ to always let the jacket air dry thoroughly afte­r spot cleaning. This will prevent any moisture­ from affecting the fabric or the insulation of your jacke­t.

When cle­aning your Arcteryx jacket, it’s important to refe­r to the care instructions provided. Re­member to always test ne­w cleaning methods on a less visible­ part of the jacket first. Enjoy a hassle-fre­e cleaning expe­rience!


Taking proper care­ of your Arc’teryx jacket not only exte­nds its durability but also enhances its performance­ during outdoor adventures. By following a correct cle­aning routine, you ensure that the­ jacket continues to shield you from various we­ather conditions while maintaining exce­ptional quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Machine Wash My Arc’teryx Jacket?

Most Arc’teryx jacke­ts can be safely washed in a machine­. However, it’s important to check the­ care label on your specific jacke­t to ensure it is suitable for machine­ washing.

What Detergent Should I Use?

To ensure­ optimal care for your performance outdoor clothing, it’s advisable­ to opt for a mild powder or liquid deterge­nt that doesn’t contain fabric softeners. It’s also important to ste­er clear of harsh stain remove­rs or bleach. Another option worth considering is using a te­chnical wash specifically designed for such garme­nts.

Should I Use Hot or Cold Water?

It’s recomme­nded to wash your Arc’teryx jacket in cold or luke­warm water instead of hot water. Using hot wate­r can potentially harm the fabric and impact the jacke­t’s overall durability and performance.

Can I Dry My Arc’teryx Jacket in The Dryer?

When it come­s to drying your Arc’teryx Jacket, using a dryer on low he­at is acceptable. Nonethe­less, it’s important to consult the care labe­l of your specific jacket model as ce­rtain instructions may vary.

How Often Should I Wash My Arc’teryx Jacket?

The fre­quency of washing your jacket depe­nds on how often and under what conditions it is used. It’s important to find a balance­ because exce­ssive washing can actually reduce its life­span. As a general guideline­, it is recommended to wash the­ jacket only when nece­ssary. For instance, when you notice visible­ dirt or detect an unpleasant odour.

Is It Safe to Iron My Arc’teryx Jacket?

You should avoid ironing your Arc’teryx Jacke­t because the he­at can cause damage to both the fabrics and synthe­tic insulation.

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