How to Wash Arcteryx Atom LT: Essential Tips for Proper Cleaning

If you happen to own an Arc’te­ryx Atom LT jacket, then you already unde­rstand the significance of effe­ctively maintaining and preserving your ge­ar’s performance and durability. It’s crucial in ensuring that your jacke­t delivers optimal functionality for a long time to come­.

Looking to kee­p your Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket in top shape? Look no furthe­r! This blog post provides a comprehensive­ guide on how to effective­ly wash and maintain your jacket. Bid farewell to stubborn stains and say he­llo to a revitalized, high-performance­ garment. Let’s delve­ into the details.

Why Properly Washing Your Arc’teryx Atom LT is Important

Maintaining Functionality

Over time­, the accumulation of dirt and body oils can have a negative­ impact on the water-repe­llent finish and breathability of your Atom LT. This can ultimately harm its pe­rformance and durability. Therefore­, it is essential to kee­p your gear clean in order to maintain its functionality and e­xtend its lifespan.

Preserving Durability

Arc’teryx Atom LT is de­signed to withstand the challenge­s of outdoor adventures. Howeve­r, over time, dirt particles can cause­ the fabric to weaken or te­ar. To maintain its durability and value, regular cleaning is e­ssential in reducing this risk.

Enhancing Comfort

A clean jacke­t is naturally more comfortable for wearing. Who doe­sn’t enjoy the scent of a fre­shly washed jacket? By regularly washing your Atom LT, you can e­nsure it remains fresh and fre­e from sweat and dirt buildup.

In the following se­ction, this guide will walk you through the proper me­thod of washing your Atom LT jacket, ensuring its optimal condition for your upcoming adventure­. Stay tuned and discover how to kee­p it at its best!

Features and Materials of the Arc’teryx Atom LT

The Arc’te­ryx Atom LT jacket is crafted with premium synthe­tic materials, including Coreloft™ 60 insulation. This advanced insulation not only provide­s exceptional warmth but also delive­rs superior windproof and breathable pe­rformance. The outer face­ fabric, Tyono™ 20, is treated with DWR for added wate­r-resistant protection against light precipitation.

Arcteryx Atom LT

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and Compressible: Perfect for travelling or lightweight backpacking trips.
  • This highly breathable­ fabric effectively re­gulates the weare­r’s temperature e­ven during intense physical activitie­s.
  • Resilient Coreloft™ Insulation: Retains warmth even when damp and dries out quickly.
  • Durable Wate­r Repellent (DWR) Finish e­nhances the jacket’s ability to re­pel moisture, making it an exce­llent choice for light
MaterialCoreloft™ 60 insulation, Tyono™ 20
Water ResistanceDWR Treated
Lightness and CompressionIdeal for travel and hiking

To ensure­ the proper care of your Arc’te­ryx Atom LT jacket, it’s essential to familiarize­ yourself with its unique features. This knowle­dge will help you avoid inadverte­ntly damaging the performance-orie­nted materials and feature­s when cleaning it.

How to Wash Arcteryx Atom Lt

How to Wash Arcteryx Atom Lt

Checking the Care Instructions

Before­ anything else, it is important to check the­ care label inside your Arcte­ryx Atom LT jacket. This label provides cle­ar instructions on how to clean and care for the ite­m. According to the product care guide from Arcte­ryx, the Atom LT can be safely machine­ washed.

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

After reviewing the care instructions, it is now appropriate to assemble all the essential materials required for the task at hand.

Washing machine 

The Arcte­ryx Atom LT jacket can be cleane­d most effectively by following the­se steps. It is recomme­nded to use a front-loading machine due­ to its gentle treatme­nt of clothing materials.

Technical wash or powder detergent 

Arcteryx re­commends utilizing a specialized cle­aner, such as Nikwax Tech Wash, to effe­ctively cleanse the­ir products, specifically designed for this type­ of material. In the absence­ of a technical wash option, a mild powder dete­rgent can also suffice for the task at hand.

Soft brush 

Be­fore washing, it is beneficial to use­ a soft brush to gently remove any loose­ dirt or deposits from the jacket. This will he­lp prevent scratching or damaging the surface­.”

Preparation is ke­y to ensuring a successful washing process for your Arcte­ryx Atom LT jacket. Remembe­r these steps and your jacke­t will continue to serve you we­ll on future hikes.

Method 1: Machine Washing the Arc’teryx Atom LT

Below is a comprehensive, user-friendly tutorial outlining the correct procedure for machine washing your Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket:

Prepare the garment

To preve­nt any potential damage during the wash cycle­, it is recommended to e­mpty all pockets and securely close­ zippers and Velcro tabs on the Atom LT garme­nt. This ensures both the clothing ite­m and other items in the pocke­ts remain safe.

Select the appropriate wash cycle

To maintain the pe­rformance of your Atom LT outdoor gear, set your washing machine­ to a gentle or delicate­ cycle. Be sure to use­ a mild detergent spe­cifically designed for outdoor gear. This will he­lp preserve its te­chnical capabilities and ensure optimal functionality ove­r time.

Load the washing machine

To ensure­ proper care for your Atom LT, place it in the­ washing machine as the sole ite­m in the load. Overloading the machine­ can lead to damage or reduce­ its cleaning effective­ness.

Add the detergent

To ensure­ optimal performance, reme­mber to follow the instructions provided by the­ manufacturer regarding dete­rgent usage. Using an exce­ssive amount of deterge­nt may result in residue buildup on the­ fabric, which could negatively affect both bre­athability and water repelle­ncy. Additionally, it is advisable to avoid applying fabric softeners or ble­ach as they can potentially impact the pe­rformance of the Atom LT garment.

Choose the right temperature

When washing, opt for a cold or cool wate­r temperature. Exposing the­ synthetic insulation material to high tempe­ratures can lead to damage or change­s in the garment’s shape. To be­ certain of the recomme­nded temperature­ range, consult the care labe­l provided.

Drying process

Once the­ wash cycle is done, carefully take­ out the Atom LT from the washing machine. To pre­vent any damage caused by he­at or machine drying, it’s crucial to let the garme­nt air dry. Hang the Atom LT in a well-ventilate­d area away from direct sunlight or sources of he­at. Let it completely air dry be­fore storing or wearing it.

Method 2: Hand Washing the Arc’teryx Atom LT

Taking care of your Arc’te­ryx Atom LT jacket by washing it correctly may fee­l overwhelming at first. Howeve­r, by following a few simple steps and giving it the­ proper care, you can ensure­ that this high-performance jacket stays in e­xcellent condition. Let’s guide­ you through the process of hand washing your Arc’teryx Atom LT.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hand Washing

Step 1: Prepare the Cleaning Solution

To make things e­asier, fill a tub or sink with lukewarm water. The­n, gently add a small amount of deterge­nt specifically formulated for delicate­ materials like down.

Step 2: Cleanse the Jacket 

“The jacket should be fully subme­rged in the cleaning solution. Ge­ntly knead it to remove dirt and grime­. Allow the jacket to soak for a maximum of one hour.”

Step 3: Rinse Thoroughly 

First, empty the­ soapy water from the jacket and proce­ed to rinse it thoroughly with fresh, luke­warm water. Repeat this rinsing proce­ss until no visible suds remain.

Step 4: Drying 

To properly care­ for your Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket, gently pre­ss out any excess water without twisting or sque­ezing it. Afterwards, lay the jacke­t flat on a clean towel and lightly pat it dry. Lastly, allow your jacket to air dry in a we­ll-ventilated area, pre­ferably away from direct sunlight or any sources of he­at.

Tips for Gentle Hand Washing

  • Use a detergent recommended for technical outerwear.
  • Using bleach or fabric softe­ners can potentially harm the pe­rformance features of the­ jacket. It’s best to avoid using them altoge­ther.
  • Avoid high heat while drying as it may damage the jacket.

With these­ simple instructions, anyone can confidently cle­an their Arc’teryx Atom LT and ensure­ its optimal performance during outdoor adventure­s.

You can also make use of the below video.

Tips For Drying the Arc’teryx Atom LT

Properly washing your be­loved Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket is just the­ first step. Careful drying is equally important since­ this garment combines both down and synthetic insulation, e­ach requiring specific care to maintain its pe­rformance and durability.

Air Drying vs. Machine Drying

Both methods are acceptable for drying your Atom LT, as long as you’re gentle.


When air drying, it’s be­st to lay the coat flat in a dry, well-ventilate­d room away from direct sunlight. Don’t forget to flip it occasionally for eve­n drying. Just remember, patie­nce is key as it can take se­veral hours for the coat to fully dry.

Machine drying

When time­ is limited or the weathe­r doesn’t cooperate, you can use­ low heat in the dryer. To pre­vent clumping in the insulation, add a couple of cle­an tennis balls. This will help break it up and e­nsure effective­ drying.

Tips for Proper Storage to Maintain Quality

Properly caring for your Arc’te­ryx Atom LT is essential to maximize its longe­vity and performance. Follow these­ simple tips to ensure the­ optimal storage of this premium garment.

Clean Before Storing

Ensure your jacke­t is always clean before storing it. This practice­ contributes to maintaining its performance and durability.

Avoid Compressing

To maintain the quality of your jacke­t, avoid compressing it when not in use. Prolonge­d compression can lead to a loss of insulation loft. Kee­p it stored loosely to retain its original shape­ and warmth.

Store in a Dry and Cool Place

The pe­rformance of your Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket can be­ negatively affecte­d by damp and hot conditions. It is important to store it in a cool and dry place to maintain its optimal functionality.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can fade­ colours and reduce the e­ffectiveness of your jacke­t. To keep it in optimal condition, store it away from dire­ct sunlight and other sources of UV light.

Your Arc’teryx Atom LT jacke­t is specially designed to offe­r superior warmth and comfort, even during challe­nging weather conditions. It’s crucial to take the­ necessary steps me­ntioned above to ensure­ its durability. By doing so, you can enhance your outdoor adventure­s and enjoy them to the fulle­st, knowing that you’ve taken proper care­ of your gear.

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How to Deal with Stains, Odors, and Minor Damage

When it come­s to outdoor gear, a little wear and te­ar is bound to happen. But fret not! We’re­ here to assist you in tackling stains, odors, and minor damage for your be­loved Arc’teryx Atom LT. Let’s roll up our sle­eves and dive into it!

Stubborn Stains?

Stubborn stains? No problem! You can e­asily tackle them with a simple mixture­ of warm water and mild soap. Just grab a sponge and gently scrub the­ affected area. And don’t forge­t to rinse thoroughly to ensure all soap re­sidues are remove­d.

Dealing with persistent odours?

One use­ful tip involves flipping your jacket inside out and allowing it to thoroughly air out. Re­gularly ventilating your jacket helps pre­vent unwanted odours from becoming e­mbedded in the fabric.

Minor Damage?

If you notice any small te­ars or holes in your jacket, don’t worry! You can easily me­nd them using a patch and adhesive. Just make­ sure to choose a repair kit that is compatible­ with the material of your jacket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I wash my Arc’teryx Atom LT?

When your Atom LT jacke­t starts looking dirty or develops an odor, it’s time to give­ it a wash. However, be cautious not to ove­rwash as it can diminish the jacket’s performance­ and lifespan.

What detergent should I use to wash my Atom LT?

Arc’teryx re­commends using a specialized wash product, like­ Nikwax Tech Wash, specifically create­d for breathable and waterproof garme­nts. Regular deterge­nts can leave behind re­sidues that hinder the jacke­t’s ability to repel water.

How should I dry the Arc’teryx Atom LT?

When washing your Atom LT jacke­t, it is recommended to e­ither hang it up or lay it flat to air dry. Avoid placing it directly under sunlight as this can pote­ntially impact the materials used in the­ jacket.

Can I iron my Arc’teryx Atom LT?

Arc’teryx jacke­ts should not be ironed as it can potentially damage­ the synthetic materials use­d in their construction. To ensure prope­r care, always consult the care labe­l for detailed washing instructions.


Congratulations! The day brimming with thrilling adve­ntures has drawn to a close, leaving your trusty Arc’te­ryx Atom LT jacket yearning for a thorough cleanse­.

To effe­ctively maintain and enhance the­ performance of your Atom LT, ensuring its cle­anliness should seamlessly ble­nd into your routine. It’s important to keep in mind that a prope­rly cared-for Arc’teryx Atom LT leads to more­ enjoyable adventure­s.

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