How to Use Urban Outfitters Disposable Camera

The click of a shutter. The whir of the film rewinding. The excitement of getting your photos back from the developer. There’s nothing quite like the nostalgic experience of shooting with an old school disposable camera. And Urban Outfitters makes it easy to recapture that vintage vibe with their trendy selection of disposable cameras.

But using one of these analogue relics in today’s digital world can be perplexing for the uninitiated. This comprehensive guide will illuminate you on everything you need to know to make the most of Urban Outfitters’ disposable offerings. From how to load the film to developing the prints, we’ll walk through it step-by-step.

Urban Outfitters Disposable Camera

Key Takeaways

  • Disposable cameras offer a nostalgic, vintage photography experience perfect for capturing life’s imperfect yet beautiful moments.
  • Urban Outfitters offers a trendy variety of disposable cameras with cool retro aesthetics.
  • Load film in low light by inserting into empty spool, winding across, and closing back up.
  • Get creative with composition, lighting, candids, perspectives and close details when shooting.
  • Special features like double exposures, coloured lenses and waterproofing up the fun.
  • Develop via retail stores, mail-in services or DIY for best-resolution scans and glossy prints.
  • Disposable cameras are great for parties, travel, weddings and artistic experiments.
  • Imperfect image quality adds to the vintage disposable camera vibe.

Getting Started: Loading Your Camera

Use Urban Outfitters Disposable Camera

Urban Outfitters‘ disposable camera offerings run the retro gamut from simple black and white to quirky color options emblazoned with the brand’s logo. Most are pre-loaded with 27 exposures of 35mm film, while select models offer double exposure capabilities.

Once you’ve chosen your apparatus, it’s time to capture those clicks. But first a key question – is the film already loaded? Here’s how to check:

  • Pop open the back of the camera by pressing down on the rewind knob or switch.
  • If you see a blank spool, the film needs loading. Close it back up.
  • If you see the film rolled up, it’s ready to go! Close it and start shooting.

To load an empty camera:

  • In subdued lighting, open the back and orient the camera so the empty spool is on the left.
  • Insert the end of the undeveloped film into the empty spool.
  • Twist the rewind knob gently clockwise 2-3 rotations to secure it.
  • Pull the paper tab to unwind the film across to the other spool.
  • Close the back. You’re loaded and ready to shoot!

Shooting Techniques

Now for the fun part – using your UO disposable camera to capture life’s moments both big and small. Here are some tips to take your shots up a notch:

  • Consider composition. Don’t just point and shoot randomly. Pay attention to framing, rule of thirds, leading lines, etc.
  • Play with lighting. Try shooting subjects bathed in window light, or silhouetted against a bold sunset.
  • Go for candids. Catch friends unposed and relaxed in natural moments. The imperfections make pics special.
  • Shoot a variety. Mix portraits, action shots, landscapes, still lifes. Don’t know what will turn out cool!
  • Change perspective. Get low, shoot from above, do what it takes to gain a unique point of view.
  • Find interesting details. Move in close on textures, patterns, small scenes that tell a story.
  • Embrace blur. Shaky cam and motion blur add to the disposable camera aesthetic.
  • Take some risks! Getting out of your comfort zone often results in fun new discoveries.

Don’t stress over capturing polished masterpieces. The quirky qualities of disposable cameras mean even your “mistakes” can turn out wonderfully wonky. So relax and have fun with it!

Special Features

Beyond basic shooting, some UO disposable camera offerings boast bonus special features to amp up your photographic fun. A few to try out:

Double Exposures

  • Certain models like UO’s Color Wave disposable allow you to expose one frame of film twice, resulting in an artistic overlapping double exposure effect. Cool!

Coloured Lens Filters

  • Some disposables feature colour-tinted lenses to add a wash of mood enhancing hue to all your shots. UO’s Pink 35mm disposable camera has a rose-coloured lens. Groovy!

Pre-Loaded Festive Flair

  • Disposable cameras like UO’s Celebration confetti model come pre-loaded with glitter shapes inside to add some literal sparkle and flair to every shot. Neat!

Underwater Adventures

  • Waterproof disposable models open up a whole new underwater world to photograph. Just don’t go too deep – most are rated for 15 feet or less. Aquatic!

So if you spot any of these special features on UO disposable camera offerings, take advantage and see what visual magic you can create!

Developing Your Photos

After your disposable adventures, you’ll of course be dying to see those prints. There are a few options to get them developed:

Retail Stores

Many retail chains like Walgreens and CVS offer disposable film processing services, usually in about an hour. It’s quick but more expensive.

Mail-In Services

Send your film off to a processing lab like Dwayne’s Photo. They’ll develop and scan your pics to share digitally or print. Takes 7-10 days but costs less.

DIY Development

Feeling extra old school? You can buy kits to develop disposable camera film yourself at home! It’s complicated but could be a cool experience.

However you choose to develop, here are a few tips for best results:

  • Finish all exposures before sending in, unless your camera specifically allows mid-roll development.
  • Check the photo lab’s requirements before shooting. Some can’t process film with scissors holes or sheet stickers on it.
  • Request high resolution scans and keep the negatives. This way you can reorder prints and share digitally.
  • Opt for glossy or metallic paper for rich colors and an old fashioned look. Matte can look washed out.
  • Spring for double prints so you can easily share photos with subjects. Way cooler than texting them!

Fun Ideas to Try

Looking for disposable camera inspiration? Here are some delightful ideas to make your photos pop:

Party Pics

Snap candids of friends dancing, mingling, jumping in the pool. Disposable cameras capture the festive blur perfectly.

Travel Tales

Document all the highlights and quirky sights from your adventures. That disposable aesthetic takes the photos to the next level.

Wedding Moments

Assign disposable cameras to guests so they can snap candid shots throughout your big day from different perspectives.

Artistic Experiments

Get creative with long exposures, light painting, double exposures and more experimental techniques. See what develops!

Everyday Stories

Photograph little slices of life – your morning coffee routine, your pup playing at the dog park, your commute. Mundane moments become elevated.

Wanderlust Journeys

Toss a disposable camera in your bag to document a day trip or weekend city exploring. Let the memories wander back slowly.

Pros vs. Cons

Still deciding if Urban Outfitters’ disposable cameras are right for you? Here’s a quick pros vs cons breakdown:


  • Nostalgic old school photography experience
  • Vintage vibe adds character and whimsy
  • Allows you to be present in the moment
  • Captures imperfections in a charming way
  • Easy to use and affordable


  • You don’t see your photos until after developed
  • Image quality is flawed compared to digital
  • Limited number of exposures per camera
  • Requires planning ahead to buy film and develop
  • Less environmentally friendly than reusable digital camera

For many, the nostalgic novelty outweighs any drawbacks. But assess your needs to pick the best tool to capture your memories and adventures.

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Disposable cameras offer a portal back to the magical days of analogue photography full of delightful surprises and imperfect perfection. Urban Outfitters makes it a breeze to get your hands on these iconic vintage shooters with their wide range of trendy models.

Follow this complete guide and unleash your inner retro photog. From loading film tips to composition tricks to developing options, we’ve illuminated all you need to know to master Urban Outfitters’ disposable cameras.

Now toss one in your bag, head out into the world, and start clicking! Don’t overthink it. Just point, shoot, and later delight in those imperfect pictures bursting with life. When your photos return from the developer, each flawed and funky shot will transport you right back to the moment, filling your heart with joy.

So live life in the moment. And let Urban Outfitters’ disposable cameras capture the story in all its flawed yet perfect glory.


Does Urban Outfitters sell disposable cameras?

Yes, Urban Outfitters does offer a selection of disposable cameras in their store and online.

How many photos can you take with UO disposable cameras?

Most UO disposable camera models contain 27 exposures of 35mm film. Select models offer double that for 54 photos.

Can you reuse UO disposable cameras?

No, UO disposable cameras are single use. Once you finish the pre-loaded film, the camera itself is then discarded.

What happens if you open a UO disposable camera before finishing the roll?

Opening it early exposes the film, ruining any remaining unused frames. So don’t open to change film or check pics until you shoot all the exposures.

How long do the batteries in UO disposable cameras last?

The batteries pre-loaded in UO disposable cameras are designed to last approximately as long as one full roll of film, about 27-54 clicks.

Can UO disposable cameras get wet?

Most UO disposable camera models are not waterproof. However, select options are specifically designed for underwater use up to 15 feet depth.

How do you turn on a UO disposable camera?

There is no power button. UO disposable cameras turn on automatically when you press the shutter button. After loading film, it’s always ready to shoot.

What film speed do UO disposable cameras use?

Most UO disposables use 800 ISO 35mm film. Higher speed film allows you to shoot in lower light conditions.

Where can you buy film for UO disposable cameras?

UO disposable cameras come with pre-loaded film so you don’t have to purchase it separately. Simply begin shooting once film is loaded.

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