How to Use Urban Outfitters Crosley Record Player Like A Pro

Your new Crosley cruiser record player from Urban Outfitters is gonna be the prized possession in your vinyl setup. But to get the iconic crackle and pop of those records, you gotta treat your hardware right. From seasoning the stylus to balancing the tonearm, we’ve got tips to spin your wax in high fidelity. Let’s drop the needle and get your vinyl rig rockin’.

Crosley Record Player

How to Use Urban Outfitters Crosley Record Player

This handy guide covers everything from unboxing to troubleshooting so you can start spinning your favourite records in no time.

Setting Up Your Crosley Record Player

Hauling your snazzy urban outfitters crosley record player out of the box is exciting, but don’t plug it in just yet. You’ll wanna give it a once over first to make sure nothing got jostled loose in transit.

Give the platter a spin to ensure it rotates freely without wobbling. Inspect the cartridge and make sure the stylus is aligned straight in the housing. Check that the counterweight on the back of the tonearm moves up and down easily when you adjust it.

If anything seems amiss, securely re-seat the connections and hardware. Now you’re ready to get powered up.

Connecting the Cables

On the back of your urban outfitters Crosley, you’ll find ports to plug in the power cord, auxiliary cable, and ground wire:

  • Power – Make sure your record player is set to the correct voltage before plugging it in. You’ll fry the circuits if it doesn’t match!
  • Auxiliary – Run an RCA cable from this output to your speakers or amplifier. Don’t got either? No sweat! Crosley’s built-in speakers will get the job done.
  • Ground wire – This reduces hum and static electricity. Simply clip the wire’s metal fastener to a ground point like a metal screw or bolt on your amplifier.

Once everything’s hooked up, flip the power switch and glow that neon light! Your record player should start humming as the platter spins up to speed. Now let’s dial in that sound.

Balancing the Tonearm

The tonearm holds the cartridge that houses your stylus. Balancing it prevents the needle from skating across the record surface. Here’s how to find the tonearm’s “sweet spot”:

  1. Unlatch the tonearm clip so the arm can swing freely.
  2. Slowly turn the counterweight toward the back of the tonearm until the arm floats level.
  3. When you’ve found the balance point, secure the counterweight in place with its ring collar.

Now your tonearm is zeroed out and ready to track vinyl grooves. But first, a quick stylus seasoning…

Breaking in Your New Stylus

Fresh outta the box, your Crosley’s stylus will be stiff and brittle. You’ve gotta break it in gradually:

  • Play 10 hours of vinyl as normal, but avoid rare records at first. The stiff new tip could damaged grooves.
  • Every 1-2 hours, brush the stylus gently with a soft artist’s paintbrush to clean and loosen it.
  • After 10 hours, your stylus will be nice and flexible. Now cue up the classics!

Proper break-in improves sound quality and extends your stylus’ lifespan. Next up…

Adjusting the Tracking Force

Tracking force refers to how heavily the stylus rests in the record groove. Set this too light and the arm will skip. Too heavy can prematurely wear your vinyl and stylus.

The Crosley tracking force dial sits just behind the tonearm. Follow these steps to set it correctly:

  • Place the stylus on a kitchen scale and zero out the weight.
  • Turn the dial until the scale reads between 3-5 grams. The Crosley’s sweet spot is 3.5 grams.
  • Fine tune the dial until the arm no longer skips, but doesn’t veer heavily to one side.

Dialed in? Let’s move on to keeping your LPs pristine.

Cleaning and Storing Records

Noisy crackles, pops, and static ruin the vinyl listening experience. Follow these tips to keep your records sounding crisp:

  • Use microfiber cloths to lightly dust records before playing. Avoid paper towels that can scratch.
  • Try a carbon fiber brush to pull dust from deep grooves. Brush in a straight line from center to edge.
  • For heavy dirt, clean with record cleaning solution. Load some onto the brush head, apply to the vinyl, and rinse clean.
  • Store records vertically in anti-static inner sleeves away from heat and sunlight. Heat warps vinyl!

A clean spin is a happy spin. Now let’s highlight some troubleshooting tips…

Troubleshooting Your Urban Outfitters Crosley

Like any analogue media player, urban outfitters Crosley turntables can be finicky. Here are some common issues and fixes:

Distorted or muffled sound

  • Check the stylus – Is it dirty, bent, or wearing unevenly? Replace it if needed.
  • Upgrade your cartridge – The stock ceramic one has limits. Moving magnet cartridges sound richer.
  • Brush debris from the needle – Use the microfiber stylus brush before each record.

Motor humming or pulsing

  • Lubricate the motor spindle – Put a drop of sewing machine oil on the center pillar.
  • Check power connections – Re-seat connectors firmly and try another outlet.
  • Replace the belt – Stretching can cause speed variations and pulsing.

Records skipping or not spinning

  • Adjust the tracking force – Dial it into the 3-5 gram sweet spot.
  • Level the platter – Turn the feet knobs below each corner until the platter is perfectly horizontal.
  • Clean the spindle – Lubricate it and remove built-up gunk with alcohol.

No sound from speakers

  • Check input/output cables – Replace faulty wires and re-seat all connections.
  • Test auxiliary source – Plug in a phone and play music to check the aux port.
  • Adjust volume knob – Turn up the record player and amplifier volumes.
  • Clean headphone jack contacts – Use an alcohol-soaked cotton swab to scrub away grime.


With some simple setup tweaks and regular maintenance, the Crosley cruiser record player from Urban Outfitters provides an easy and budget-friendly way to start listening to vinyl. Follow the tips above to balance the tonearm, properly care for your records, and troubleshoot issues as you rediscover the warm nostalgic sound of analogue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What cartridge does the Crosley cruiser use?

The cruiser comes with a stock ceramic cartridge. Many upgrade to a moving magnet cartridge for improved sound.

Why does my record player hum?

Excess humming or static is often caused by grounding issues. Make sure the ground wire is securely clipped and try different outlets.

What is the recommended tracking force for the Crosley?

Aim for 3-5 grams but dial in to the 3.5 gram sweet spot by adjusting the tonearm counterweight.

Why is my platter not spinning evenly?

The platter can wobble if the player is not perfectly level. Twist the feet knobs below each corner to balance it.

How can I connect my Crosley cruiser to speakers?

Use an RCA cable to connect the cruiser’s aux output to your speaker or amplifier inputs. Make sure both volumes are turned up.

How do I adjust the auto-stop feature?

The auto-stop dial sits under the player. Turn it counterclockwise for a longer shut off delay or clockwise for a shorter one.

What RPM speeds does the Crosley play?

The cruiser plays 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records. Use the slider switch on the front to change speeds.

Why do my records skip on the Crosley?

Skippping is often fixed by cleaning the stylus, setting the proper tracking force, and leveling the platter. Upgrade the cartridge if needed.

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