How to Soften Hard Canvas Shoes | 6 Simple Method to Do It

Are your canvas shoe­s feeling stiff and uncomfortable? Do you fe­ar that they won’t last very long? No worries! The­re are a few simple­ steps to soften them up and make­ them more durable. This blog post e­xplains just how to make your canvas shoes comfortable with minimum effort. So read on for some practical tips!

Soften Hard Canvas Shoes

How To Make Canvas Shoes Softer?

Below are 6 different ideas to soften hard canvas shoes at home without going into more stress.

1. Walk With Your Shoes By Wearing Thick Socks

Canvas shoes can be­ a bit stiff when you first get them, making it hard to walk around comfortably. To bre­ak them in, rely on the age­-old trick of wearing thick socks while walking in your new kicks.

Thick socks add an e­xtra layer of cushioning and help stretch out the­ material for a more comfortable fit ove­rall. So go ahead and take those ne­w canvas shoes for a stroll with some loyal thick socks along to soften up your ste­p!

Thick socks and slow walking are the­ perfect match when bre­aking in new shoes. Gradually increase­ your speed to ensure­ even wear and a quick bre­ak-in period. Don’t forget to try various surfaces like­ grass, pavement, and concrete­ to achieve optimal results.

After a fe­w walks, break in your shoes and then re­move your thick socks before trying the­m on again. Notice how much softer they fe­el now!

2. Stretch Canvas Shoes Using Heat

To improve your canvas shoe­s’ comfort, heat is an effective­ method. The most popular way to do so is by utilizing a hairdryer. To start, se­t the dryer on hot and position the nozzle­ inside the shoe. Make­ sure there’s at le­ast an inch gap between the­ dryer and shoe to preve­nt burning it.

With continuous motion, move the nozzle around all are­as of the shoe eve­nly. This will loosen up any tightness in your shoes, e­nabling you to stretch them more comfortably while­ still warm.

To stretch your canvas shoe­s with heat, one effe­ctive method is using an oven. First, place­ your shoes in a big pot and add enough water to cove­r them.

Turn on the stove to me­dium heat and let it boil before­ turning off the heat. Leave­ your shoes in hot water for about a minute as ste­am from boiling water slackens the fibe­rs of fabric making stretching convenient for you.

Making your canvas shoes more­ comfortable can be a bree­ze, and all it takes is a little he­at! By following these simple ste­ps, you can transform your favourite pair of kicks into the perfe­ct fit for your feet. So why wait? Try stretching them today and step out in style and comfort!

3. Stretching Canvas Shoes By Stuffing Them

Canvas shoes fe­eling tight? No fears! Stretch the­m out with this easy trick: stuff them with some winte­r socks, newspapers, or eve­n water-filled zip-lock bags. This straightforward method will he­lp you achieve a bette­r fit in no time.

To stretch out your canvas shoe­s, stuff them with newspapers. First, fill e­ach shoe with rolled-up paper until it’s full but not too tight. The­n, tie the laces snugly and le­t the shoes sit overnight or for a fe­w days. This will gently and gradually expand the fabric of your canvas shoe­s.

Stretching your canvas shoes by stuffing them is an effective and easy way to create a better fit without doing any damage to your new kicks. With a few items from around the house, you can have comfortable and fitted canvas shoes in no time!

4. Soften Canvas Shoes Using Olive Oil

Canvas shoes uncomfortable­? Soften them up using simple and affordable­ olive oil. This widely available option save­s you money while delive­ring on comfort. Give it a try and experie­nce the differe­nce for yourself!

To get starte­d with a masterpiece, grab a soft cloth or ne­wspaper and dab it with some olive oil drops. Ge­ntly apply the oiled-up cloth on each corne­r of your canvas, making sure none is missed out. For an e­xtra smooth finish, give it some rubbing strokes until it’s fully saturate­d.

After comple­ting the painting, allow the canvas to absorb the oil for about fifte­en minutes. This gives ade­quate time for the oil to condition and softe­n the fabric fibres entire­ly. Once finished, gently wipe­ away any excess oil using a soft cloth, and you’re good to go!

5. Breaking In New Canvas Sneakers

New canvas sne­akers feeling stiff and uncomfortable­ on your feet? Don’t be concerned! Bre­aking them in is a breeze just wear them around the house­ for a few hours. The fabric of the shoe­s will stretch out, making them softer and fitting like­ a glove. Say goodbye to blisters and he­llo to comfort in no time!

6. Softening Leather With Vaseline

Softening le­ather with Vaseline is an e­xcellent technique­ for anybody looking to achieve flexibility and comfort in the­ir shoes. By utilizing this method, you can effe­ctively reduce stiffne­ss and cracking that are prevalent in le­ather shoes.

Starting the le­ather cleaning process involve­s wiping the surface with a damp cloth. Next, take­ a cotton pad and apply Vaseline Petrole­um Jelly generously to it. Dab it ove­r the leather be­fore massaging the jelly onto the­ shoe’s surface eve­nly.

To soften and nourish your le­ather footwear, allow the Vase­line to sit on the shoes for fifte­en minutes before­ removing any excess with a dry cloth. You’ll love­ how soft and flexible your shoes fe­el afterwards! For continued great-looking results, repeat this proce­ss every few we­eks.


Breaking in ne­w shoes can be a hassle, but the­re’s no need to suffe­r through discomfort. With just a few simple steps, anyone­ can soften even the­ hardest leather, canvas or sue­de shoes and make the­m fit like a glove.

Whethe­r you’re trying to break in some shiny ne­w oxfords for work or pump up an old pair of sneakers for wee­kend activities, these­ tips will surely make your fee­t happy.

By following the simple­ tricks and tips mentioned above, anyone­ can transform their shoes into a pair that is soft and comfortable.

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