8 Ways to Remove Any Urban Outfitters Tags Easily

Urban Outfitters, am I right? You find the perfect boho top or some rad high-waisted jeans, but then there’s those bulky security tags or any other tag attached. Sigh. It’s enough to make you wanna walk out the door empty handed. But don’t fret! With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can outsmart Urban Outfitters and free your new fits from their tag prison.

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Why Remove Security Tags Anyway?

Look, we get it. You spent your hard-earned money on new threads and don’t feel like trekking back to return them sans tags. And who wants to rock an urban outfitter’s outfit with honking plastic blobs on it? Not a good look. Ditching the tags at home just makes sense. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Avoid looking tacky AF: No one wants to rock an outfit that looks like it was stolen. Lose the tag and keep it low key.
  • Prevent clothing damage: Some tags can tear delicate fabrics, leave holes, or ruin embellishments. Free your clothes before this happens!
  • Enable easy returns: If you do need to make a return, it’s easier tag-free. Most stores require removed tags for a refund anyway.
  • Gain peace of mind: For some, tags left on create anxiety someone will think items weren’t paid for. If it brings you peace, just remove them.
  • Stop noisy annoyances: Some tags beep relentlessly. Enough to drive a girl crazy! Removing them makes the noise cease.

Now that you’ve got the why down, let’s talk about the how. Don’t just rip those suckers off…you’ll ruin your new garb. Use these tried and true methods to safely and effectively remove Urban Outfitters tags and devices.

How to Get Urban Outfitters Security Tags Off

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Method 1: Using a Detacher

If you happen to have one of those tag detacher devices laying around (maybe snagged from a prior retail job?), then you’re in luck. Detachers safely remove tags by releasing the internal locking mechanism.

To use a detacher:

  • Locate the seam where the device is attached. Sometimes tags are attached via plastic fasteners around a buttonhole, belt loop, or other fabric opening.
  • Position the detacher blades perpendicular to the tag, but parallel to the garment seam. You want the blades to open the tag without cutting the clothing.
  • Squeeze the detacher handles together firmly in one swift motion to puncture the tag backing and unlock it.
  • Remove the detached tag and inspect garment for holes or damage.
  • Use needle nose pliers to remove any leftover bits of plastic. Watch out for scratching delicate materials like silk or sequins.
  • Celebrate your freedom! Detachers make quick work of removing tags while keeping your garments hole and tear-free.

Method 2: Using a Strong Magnet

If you lack a detacher to remove urban outfitters tags, try using a strong magnet to unlock tags instead. The magnet temporarily disrupts the tag’s locking system so it can be removed safely.

You’ll need:

  • A strong magnet (neodymium or rare earth work best)
  • Needle nose pliers

Follow these steps:

  • Identify urban outfitters security tag seam and use pliers to pry open slightly. You want to expose the inner locking parts.
  • Hold magnet firmly against the inside of the opened tag for 30 seconds up to 1 minute. This magnetizes and deactivates the locking mechanism.
  • While magnet is in place, use pliers to gently pry tag fully open and off of garment.
  • Remove any leftover plastic bits with pliers to avoid scratches.
  • Give your new digs a celebratory spin! With some strength and magnetism, freedom shall be yours.

Pro Tip: Try moving magnet around inside tag or rotating garment to expose all sides to the magnet’s power.

Method 3: Cut Carefully with Wire Cutters

Can’t find a detacher or magnet when you need one? Wire cutters can also remove urban outfitters tags by cutting the internal locking mechanism. Just take care not to snip your new clothes!

You’ll need:

  • Small wire cutters
  • Needle nose pliers
  • A steady hand


  • Locate plastic or metal parts inside seam of security tag. This is likely near where the tag is attached via a plastic fastener.
  • Using pliers, gently pry tag area open to expose inner locking parts. Don’t yank too hard or you may damage the garment underneath!
  • Position wire cutter blades parallel to clothing seam and perpendicular to the locking mechanism parts inside tag.
  • Firmly squeeze cutters to snip internal tag parts and break the lock open.
  • Remove tag halves from clothing and use pliers to take out any leftover plastic bits.
  • Whew, nice work! With some snippage and pliers you’ve broken free.

Warning: Take it slow and be extra cautious cutting tags on delicate fabrics like lace or mesh. One wrong cut can mean a slit seam!

Method 4: Boiling Water Softens the Plastic

If you’d rather not slice and dice your new garb, boiling water is a safer and tag-freeing option. The heat softens tag backing so it can be peeled off.

You’ll need:

  • Water
  • A pot
  • Oven mitts
  • Needle nose pliers


  • Bring water to a rolling boil in a pot on the stove.
  • Using oven mitts, hold garment area with tag submerged in boiling water for 30 seconds. This softens the plastic backing.
  • Remove urban outfitters garments and place on a towel. Carefully peel plastic backing with pliers to remove urban outfitters tag completely.
  • Go slowly, peeling the softened plastic bit by bit until tag is fully removed.
  • Use pliers to remove any leftover melted plastic residue from garment.
  • Check for damage and do a celebratory dance for conquering Urban Outfitters tags without cutting clothing!

Warning: Not for use on garments with glued on embellishments, unstable dyes, or plastic beads that could melt. Also avoid boiling leather, vinyl or delicate fabrics.

Method 5: Twist and Shout: Twisted Wire Hanger Method

The twisted wire hanger method takes a little elbow grease, but with the right technique it can work like a charm. Here’s how to DIY your way to tagless threads:

  1. Grab a standard wire hanger and bend the hook portion at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Twist the hook tightly around the thin part of any of the tag, right up against the fabric.
  3. Hold the twisted hook firmly in one hand and the bottom of the tag in the other hand.
  4. Twist in opposite directions to generate pressure and friction against the weak point in the tag.
  5. The tag should snap off cleanly at the fabric leaving no damage if you’ve aligned and twisted correctly. Woot!
  6. Repeat on any remaining tags and relish your tag-free glory.

It may take a few tries to get the twisting technique down pat. But once mastered, this method is cheap, quick, and handily reusable. Satisfaction guaranteed as those pesky tags pop off like champagne corks at New Years. Time to get twisting party people!

Method 6: Slice and Dice: Razor Blade Technique

Another DIY de-tagging technique relies on the slicing precision of a handy razor blade. Caution must be taken, but used properly it can remove urban outfitters tags without slicing up your threads. Here’s how:

  1. Acquire a fresh, sharp razor blade. Dull blades won’t cut it (pun intended).
  2. Carefully slide the razor under the edge of the urban outfitters tag at the fabric seam. Wiggle gently to get the blade started underneath.
  3. Keeping the blade flat and flush with the tag, slice in a smooth, continuous motion around the perimeter.
  4. The tag will eventually pop free, severed from the fabric beneath. Victory!
  5. Admire your handiwork and garment’s intact status. No shredded shirts here.

Take it slowly and don’t rush this method. The last thing you want is the razor slipping and slicing through fabric instead of plastic. Patience and precision are key. Used judiciously, a razor yields tag removal with surgeon-like accuracy.

Method 7: Heavy Duty: Bolt Cutters Method

When mere mortal methods fail you, it’s time to break out the big guns. Bolt cutters are the heavyweight tag removal champions, chomping through even the most monstrous plastic tags with ease. Here’s how to bring cutter power to those pesky urban outfitters security tags:

  1. Obtain a pair of bolt cutters. Look for smaller styles that allow precision grip.
  2. Open the bolt cutter blades and position one on each side of the tag seam.
  3. Squeeze the handles slowly but firmly until the tag cracks in two for a clean break.
  4. Celebrate your freedom from plastic tag tyranny.
  5. Go forth and rock your new tag-free threads in bliss.

Bolt cutters require an initial investment, but they’re a tagging terminator that will serve you well across endless UO hauls. Bring in a friend for two-person tag team power and you’ll be shattering tag chains in no time.

Method 8: Call in the Pros: Seamstress or Tailor

When all else fails, it may be time to consult a professional to remove urban outfitters tags. Visiting a seamstress or tailor allows you to sit back while their expertise handles the nitty gritty. Here’s how they can help:

  • Removal. Seamstresses have industrial tools that can shear through any tag quickly and safely. No more struggling!
  • Repair. If your DIY removal efforts resulted in damage, a pro can mend sliced fabric or re-sew loose seams pristinely.
  • Alterations. A tailor can expertly modify, resize, or embellish your new garments post-tag removal for a custom fit.

Freedom from Urban Outfitters tags and devices feels so darn good. With a few household items and some careful finesse, you can keep new garb intake looking fresh, not tagged. Outsmart Urban Outfitters security and let your new fits shine tag and scratch-free!

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Tag, You’re It: Key Tips for Tag Triumph

To boost your odds of tagging success, keep these tips in mind:

  • Work slowly and gently to avoid fabric damage.
  • Try twisting or cutting tags on an inconspicuous interior seam if possible.
  • Stop immediately if you encounter stubborn resistance and try an alternate method.
  • Recruit a friend to help apply even pressure from both tag sides.
  • Seek professional help for expensive or sentimental items you don’t want to risk damaging.
  • Hold onto detached tags in case you need to make a return.


The Final Verdict: Liberate Your Look From Tag Torment

In summary, banishing pesky Urban Outfitters tags is totally possible with the right tools and techniques. Seek tag liberation and your clothes will thank you for it.

Twisting wire hangers offer cheap, reusable removal power perfected with practice. Razor blades yield precision slicing when wielded with care. For heavy duty demolition, bolt cutters chomp through the toughest tags. If all else fails, enlist a seasoned pro.

Once tag-free, enjoy adorning your new duds in comfort and style. You hold the power to unlock your garment’s true potential. So grab those pliers, scissors, or razors and start snipping away taggy torment once and for all!


Will using a detacher or wire cutters on security tags damage my clothes?

If used carefully by aligning tools parallel to clothing seams, detachers and cutters should remove tags without damaging fabrics. Just take it slow!

How strong of a magnet do I need to remove the tags?

Rare earth or neodymium magnets work best. Look for ones rated N45 or higher on the magnetic scale for enough power to disrupt security locks.

Is it illegal to remove tags from clothes I bought?

Nope, the clothes are your property so you have the right to remove tags from items you purchased.

Can boiling tags damage certain fabrics or materials?

Yes, avoid boiling leather, vinyl, plastics, delicate silks and anything with glued embellishments. Stick to sturdy cotton, denim, polyester.

How do I get rid of leftover sticky residue after removing a security tag?

Goo Gone or another adhesive remover can tackle leftover sticker residue. Use a tiny dab on a cotton ball and gently rub to dissolve gunk.

If a tag tears my new clothes when removing, can I still return the item?

Most likely yes, but be prepared to explain what happened. Keep the tag pieces to show proof of purchase.

Are there any tricks to remove tags attached with plastic fasteners?

Pry fastener ends up carefully with pliers or needle nose tweezers, then snip the loops with wire cutters to free clothes fastener-free.

 Is there an easy way to remove tags attached around belt loops?

Cut a small slit in the belt loop using wire cutters to expose the lock, then proceed with one of the other tag removal methods through the slit.

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