How to Get Nordstrom Price Matches: Guide to Save Money

Nordstrom is known for its fantastic customer service and flexible return policy. But did you know they also offer price matching? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get a Nordstrom price match and save some money on your next purchase.

What is Nordstrom Price Matching?

Nordstrom price matching allows you to get the same low price offered by a competitor on an identical, in-stock item. If you find a lower price within 30 days of your Nordstrom purchase, you can request a one-time price adjustment to match that lower price.

This policy applies both in-store and online across all Nordstrom full-line stores,, Nordstrom Rack stores,, HauteLook, and Trunk Club. So if you spot a better deal at another retailer, Nordstrom will match it!

How to Get Nordstrom Price Matches

When Does Nordstrom Offer Price Matching?

Nordstrom offers price matching under the following circumstances:

  • The item is identical – same brand, model number, color, size, etc.
  • The competitor’s price is verifiable and currently in stock ready to ship.
  • The lower price was advertised within 30 days of your Nordstrom purchase date.
  • The price difference is at least $1.

Nordstrom will match prices from department store competitors, authorized retailers selling the same brand online, or from the brand’s own website.


How to Request a Nordstrom Price Match

Requesting a Nordstrom price match is easy whether you made your original purchase in-store or online.

In-Store Purchases

If you made your original purchase at a Nordstrom brick-and-mortar location, simply return to that store with your original receipt and proof of the current lower price. The sales associate can verify the details and process an on-the-spot price match refund for the difference.

Online Purchases

For or Nordstrom Rack online purchases, you can request the price match adjustment in a few different ways:

  • Online Chat – Access the live chat feature on or in the Nordstrom app and explain that you need a price match. Have your order number, original receipt, and proof of lower price ready to share.
  • Email – Email Nordstrom customer service at including your order details and price match request.
  • Phone – Call 1-888-282-6060 to speak with a Nordstrom agent about processing your price match.
  • In-Store – You can also visit any full-line Nordstrom location and bring your online receipt, original order information, and price match proof to the customer service desk.

Regardless of which method you use, Nordstrom will verify the details before issuing a one-time price adjustment in the form of a refund for the difference in price. For online purchases, the refund will be credited back to your original payment method.

What Do You Need to Provide for a Nordstrom Price Match?

To request a Nordstrom price match, you’ll need to provide a few key pieces of information:

  • Your original Nordstrom receipt or order number
  • Proof of the current lower price such as a screenshot or printed page that includes:
    • Retailer name
    • Item details matching your Nordstrom purchase
    • Advertised price
    • URL showing the deal is active and item is in stock
  • The date showing the lower price was found within 30 days of your purchase

Nordstrom will verify the details before approving the price match. Make sure the item matches yours exactly and the competitor’s price is valid and currently advertised on their site.

Nordstrom Price Match Exclusions

While Nordstrom offers a generous price match policy, there are a few exclusions to be aware of:

  • Clearance or liquidation sales prices will not be matched. The lower price must be the regular current price advertised by the competitor.
  • Only one price match is allowed per item. Nordstrom will not continue matching additional lower prices beyond the initial request.
  • Price matching is only valid on in-stock items ready to ship. Out of stock or backordered inventory doesn’t qualify.
  • Nordstrom does not match the prices of third-party marketplace sellers on sites like Amazon or eBay. The lower price must be sold directly by the authorized retailer.
  • Nordstrom does not price match other Nordstrom stores or You cannot match a lower Nordstrom Rack price for example.
  • Price adjustments are limited to a $500 maximum per item. Nordstrom will not match beyond $500 price differences.
  • Price matching is only applicable on identical items. The make, model, style, color, size, etc. must all match. Slight variations do not qualify.

Following Nordstrom’s price match policy guidelines ensures your request will be approved. But their stellar customer service teamstill has discretion to make exceptions on some exclusions at their discretion. It never hurts to ask!

Price Matching Tips and Tricks

Follow these handy tips and tricks to make the most of Nordstrom’s price match policy and maximize your savings:

  • Set price drop alerts on items you’ve purchased recently so you’ll be notified if a lower price is introduced. Browser extensions like CamelCamelCamel for Amazon make this easy.
  • Check competitor sites, mallwide sales, and brand websites in the days following your purchase for potential price drops you can match.
  • If purchasing multiple sizes or colors with intent to return, always keep the highest priced receipt. You can price match the other items to that higher receipt.
  • For online purchases, chat in to request price matches quickly. Email may take 1-2 days to get a response. Calling gets you live assistance fastest.
  • If purchasing out of season, check end-of-season sales for potential markdowns you might be able to match later on.
  • Don’t be deterred if one sales associate won’t match a price. Politely ask for a manager and calmly explain your request.
  • Keep an eye out for competitor coupons and promo codes you may be able to combine with a Nordstrom price match for additional savings.

Get a Nordstrom Price Match and Save

Nordstrom’s price match policy rewards loyal customers who make purchases by allowing them to take advantage of subsequent markdowns and sales. As long as your request meets the standard policy guidelines, Nordstrom readily provides courteous price match services.

Checking competitor prices and setting sale alerts makes it easy to spot potential price match opportunities within 30 days of your purchases. Just head to your local store or contact customer service online to submit your request.

Providing your original order details and proof of the competitor’s current lower price streamlines the verification process. Once approved, you’ll receive an immediate refund for the difference.

Follow these steps to seamlessly get Nordstrom price matches and enjoy extra savings effortlessly!

Frequently Asked Questions About Nordstrom Price Matching

Does Nordstrom price match their own website?

No, Nordstrom will not match lower prices from or Nordstrom Rack stores. You can only price match authorized competitor retailers.

Can I get multiple price matches on the same item if the price keeps dropping?

No, Nordstrom limits price matches to one single adjustment per item. If you already received a price match refund, additional drops in price cannot be matched after the initial request.

How long does it take to get a Nordstrom price match refund?

For in-store purchases, the price match refund is immediate when approved. For online orders, allow 1-3 business days for the adjusted refund to process back to your original payment method.

Can I price match something I bought a year ago at Nordstrom?

No, the lower competitor price must have been advertised within 30 days of your original Nordstrom purchase date to qualify for a price match.

Will Nordstrom price match warehouse stores like Costco or Sam’s Club?

No, Nordstrom does not match the prices of warehouse clubs since a membership is required to shop there. They only match authorized mainstream retailers.

If I buy an item on sale at Nordstrom, can I still price match?

Yes, the Nordstrom price match policy applies whether you paid full price or bought the item already marked down on sale. The lower competitor price just has to be from the regular price, not a clearance or liquidation sale.

Can I price match something after I already returned the Nordstrom purchase?

No, since you returned the item, there is no longer an eligible Nordstrom purchase that qualifies for a price match refund. You must still own the originally purchased item.


Nordstrom’s generous price match policy provides a convenient way for savvy shoppers to save. As long as your request falls within the standard guidelines of matching an authorized retailer’s lower price within 30 days, Nordstrom readily approves price adjustment refunds.

Check competitor pricing regularly, set price drop alerts, and act quickly within the allowable timeframe to take advantage of any markdowns or sales. Knowing what to provide for verification and following the stated exclusions also smoothes the price match process.

For purchases at Nordstrom’s full-line, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, Trunk Club or online, simply present proof of the competitor’s current lower price and Nordstrom will honor it with a refund for the difference. And this allow you to get the best price. Utilize their price match service and enjoy extra savings while still shopping your favourite Nordstrom brands and products.

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