How to Find Urban Outfitters Style Number

Have you ever fallen head over heels for an outfit you spotted in an Urban Outfitters store or online, only to find heartbreak when you later return and it’s vanished into thin air? We’ve all been there. UO’s always rotating stock and limited-run pieces mean if you don’t act fast to buy that perfect boho maxi dress or vintage band tee, you may never see it again.

But don’t abandon all hope! As any seasoned UO shopper knows, the secret lies in finding the merchandise’s unique style number. Armed with those magical digits, you can track down intel on an elusive item and potentially score a second chance to make it your own. This comprehensive guide will unlock all the insider tricks for digging up that vital style code and give your UO quest the happy ending it deserves.

Urban Outfitters Style Number

Ways to Find Urban Outfitters Style Number

Understanding this unique product ID system is the first step to unlocking the secrets of UO’s inventory and strategically tracking down beloved items. Read on for demystified guidance on how to uncover that vital number.

1. Check the Tag or Product Listing

The most straightforward place to find an Urban Outfitters item number is on the tag attached to the product itself, usually printed below the materials/care information. Brick and mortar stores remain the best bet for easy tag access, though some online listings may also display it.

While in-store, make note of key details:

  • Style Number – This 5 to 8 digit code is unique to that specific product.
  • RN Number – The RN (Registered Identification Number) indicates the clothing manufacturer. Match RN details to the brand for more tracking help.
  • Material Content – Fabric details can aid online searches.

If buying online, style numbers may be shown on product pages or in cart checkout displays. But tag details won’t always be available virtually, so read on for more search tips.

2. Search by Product Name

UO’s website and app allow keyword searches by product names or descriptions. While less precise than a style number, descriptive words can still be effective. Start general then get more specific:

  • Broad terms like “blue floral maxi dress” or “vintage band tee”
  • Add descriptors: “navy floral maxi,” “oversized gray band tee”
  • Include print/pattern details, specific coloring, sleeve and hemline styles, etc. The more parameters, the better!

Keyword combos may surface the sought-after product or similar options to provide that elusive style ID. Fuzzy memory makes this less than foolproof, so move on to the experts for more clues.

3. Consult Store Employees

UO’s in-store teams see their always-changing inventory up close and often recognize products just from description. Visit your local outpost and inquire with sales associates and managers.

Provide details like:

  • Visual characteristics – color, pattern, shape
  • Department – apparel, accessories, home goods
  • Timeframe when seen – season, month, year

With a clear mental image, staff can potentially pinpoint the product number or similar options. Leave your contact info so they can follow up if found. Friendly employees want to help you find that unicorn item!

4. Reach Out to UO Customer Service

Getting an item’s style number directly from Urban Outfitters’ customer service reps takes digital tracking to the next level. Reach them via:

Live chat:

  • Available on UO’s website during regular support hours.
  • Outline product details and ask reps to verify if it’s still available and provide the number.


  • Send customer service a photo of the product (if you snapped a pic during your initial starry-eyed encounter) and any known descriptors.
  • Reasonable response time is 1-3 days.

Call Center:

  • Calling allows you to explain in detail and have a dialog rather than waiting for email reply.
  • Have your information ready to share.
  • Number is 1 (800) 282-2200 for US, options vary by country.

While not foolproof, directly querying UO pros takes much legwork off your plate.

5. Search Social Media and Online Listings

UO shoppers flock to social platforms and reseller sites to engage with the brand. You can potentially spot your coveted product among:

  • UO fan accounts – Instagram and TikTok users style and discuss products. Comment asking for an ID on your desired item.
  • Buy/sell groups – Facebook groups and subreddits focused on secondhand UO sales often list style numbers. Search for your product details.
  • Resale platforms – Depop, Poshmark, eBay, etc. Sellers may provide style codes for listed UO items that look familiar.
  • Online catalogs – Product index sites like Listing Mirror scrape retailer data. Search UO catalogs there by keyword.

Leveraging crowd knowledge takes effort but can yield fruit. Cast that wide social net for intel!

If you have a photo of the Urban Outfitters product, reverse image lookup services may help connect it to available listings and product IDs:

  • Google Images – Drag and drop your pic to search for matching images across the web.
  • TinEye – Upload images to compare to its vast database. Helpful for finding product shots and tags.
  • Pinterest Lens – Lets you snap a photo or upload one to visualization search. May surface similar product pins with IDs.

It can take trial and error across services to line up image matches. But a solid find can lead you right to the style number motherlode.

Don’t Lose Hope!

Pinning down a specific merchandise number amidst UO’s endless, eclectic options is no cakewalk. But you hold the power to beat the odds and track down intel on your white whale item.

Check tags in person when possible, tap staff expertise, leverage customer service, milk social channels, and utilize visual search tools. With some strategic mixing and matching of these approaches, victory will be yours!

And with that precious style number score, you can unlock product availability details and UO inventory secrets. Let the resourceful tips in this guide rekindle hope and lead you to a joyful reunion with your one true Urban Outfitters love. Now get sleuthing!

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Why Style Numbers Matter

Unlike some brands that use serial numbers or SKUs, Urban Outfitters identifies each individual product with its own exclusive style number. It’s the key that unlocks essential details like:

  • Availability – is it still stocked in certain sizes/colors? Out of stock everywhere?
  • Origins – was it made exclusively for UO or is it from an outside brand?
  • Past/future availability – could it return in a future collection or be found somewhere else?

Without the style number, locating specific merchandise on UO’s vast website or in stores can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But with those precious digits, you have a direct line to intel that can aid your hunt.


Finding a specific Urban Outfitters product Style Number allows you to unlock key details and track down desired items effectively. This comprehensive guide outlined numerous strategies to aid in uncovering those elusive digits:

With persistence across these avenues, the vital number can be found. Armed with an item’s Style Number, determining availability and reconnecting with beloved merchandise is possible. Never give up the UO hunt!


What is a Style Number at Urban Outfitters?

A Style Number is a unique 5-8 digit identification code that Urban Outfitters assigns to each individual product carried. It allows specific merchandise to be tracked in their system.

Where is the Style Number printed?

Style Numbers are physically printed on tags attached to products. The tag is usually found near the product materials/care details.

Can Urban Outfitters locate a Style Number for me?

Yes, UO customer service reps can research the Style Number for products if given clear descriptive details to identify it.

What does the RN number on tags mean?

The RN stands for “Registered Identification Number” and indicates the clothing manufacturer UO collaborated with.

Can I find Style Numbers for sold out products?

If the product is fully sold out/discontinued, the Style Number can still be sourced via customer service for inventory records. But it may be inactive.

Why can’t I locate my product by its name?

UO carries thousands of items so keyword searches are less precise. Unique Style Numbers allow specific identification.

Do all UO items have Style Numbers?

Yes, Urban Outfitters assigns a Style Number to all merchandise, clothing, accessories and home goods as an inventory system.

How can I use a Style Number to find an item?

Locate the number via tag, customer service, etc. then reference it when chatting with reps to check availability, restock potential, origins, etc.

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