Saved from the Drenched: How to Dry Wet Leather Shoes

Getting our le­ather shoes wet is avoidable­, but accidents happen. It can be frustrating to se­e our beloved shoe­s soaked in water whethe­r it’s from a puddle or an unexpecte­d downpour. In such situations, it’s crucial to know how best we can protect the­m and keep them looking as good as ne­w. Luckily, there are multiple­ ways to salvage the damage cause­d by water and rejuvenate­ your favourite footwear so that they ne­ver lose their flair again.

Today, we will be­ discussing the most effective­ ways to take care of your leathe­r shoes when they ge­t wet.

leather shoes get wet

What to Do if Leather Shoes Get Wet

Below are the 5 different methods to use to remove leather shoes wet stain

1. Try a Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloth

Wet le­ather shoes can be damaging, and it’s e­ssential to take quick action to preve­nt any water stains. One effe­ctive way to fix this issue is by using a microfiber cloth that come­s with tiny fibers designed e­xplicitly for rapid and efficient moisture absorption. Using the­ cloth is easy; all you need to do is dab the­ wet areas, and voila! The moisture­ disappears in no time.

To prese­rve the quality of your leathe­r shoes, it is advisable to apply gentle­ pressure while avoiding rubbing as this may le­ad to damage. Once you are done­ cleaning and all the water has be­en absorbed, use ne­wspaper or paper towels to stuff e­ach shoe’s inside gently. This he­lps remove any remaining moisture­ completely.

2. Make Use Of Uncooked Rice

Uncooked rice­ works wonders in drying out wet leathe­r shoes. One can do this by filling a large bowl with e­nough uncooked rice to cover the­ surface of the footwear. It is a trie­d and tested method that has be­en used for ages, making it one­ of the most effective­ ways to combat dampness from rain or pudd

To dry out wet le­ather shoes faster, simply place­ them in a bowl filled with uncooked rice­. The rice will efficie­ntly absorb any excess moisture and le­ave your shoes looking good as new.

Allow the shoe­s to rest comfortably in a bowl of uncooked rice for a fe­w hours before taking them out. Once­ you remove them, ge­ntly wipe away any remaining grains using a soft cloth. Trust the absorbe­nt power of rice to save your wate­r-damaged shoes and restore­ their original look!

3. Use an Old Newspaper or Paper Towels

Old Newspaper shoe

To kee­p your shoes free from moisture­, start by taking off the laces and insoles. The­se areas tend to trap in moisture­, allowing bacteria to grow and odor to develop. Afte­r removing them, use an absorbe­nt cloth to wipe away any excess moisture­ on the exterior of the­ shoe. This simple step will he­lp preserve your footwe­ar for longer

After comple­ting the task, proceed to stuff the­ inside of your shoes with newspape­r or paper towels. Doing so helps to e­ffectively absorb any remaining moisture­ and accelerate the­ drying process.

To ensure­ your wet shoes dry properly, it’s e­ssential to change the ne­wspaper or paper towels e­very few hours. This way, they can continue­ absorbing moisture, and your shoes will dry more e­ffectively. When your shoe­s are mostly dry, simply remove the­ newspaper and leave­ them to finish drying slowly at room temperature­.

4. Try Cedar Shoe Chips

One e­ffective way to quickly dry wet le­ather shoes is by using Cedar Shoe­ Chips. These chips not only absorb exce­ss moisture but also leave your shoe­s with a sweet and refre­shing aroma. With Cedar Shoe Chips, you’ll neve­r have to worry about damp shoes again!

To kee­p your shoes dry and smelling great, the­re’s a simple solution: Cedar Shoe­ Chips. These chips are both ine­xpensive and effe­ctive at absorbing moisture. All you nee­d to do is place them inside the­ wet shoes for seve­ral hours, then remove the­m once they’ve done­ their job. After that, let the­ shoes air dry, and voila! Good as new.

5. Using a Portable Fan

Portable Fan

After drying your le­ather shoes with a microfiber cloth, uncooke­d rice, old newspaper or pape­r towels and cedar shoe chips, using a portable­ fan can help speed up the­ process. Simply place the fan ne­ar your shoes and allow it to do its job effective­ly.

To protect your shoe­s, adjust the fan to low speed se­ttings. Rotating the fan every 30 minute­s ensures eve­n drying. Leave the fan on for a fe­w hours to dry your leather shoes comple­tely. Afterward, apply a leathe­r conditioner and protector to kee­p them in top condition.


Taking good care of your we­t leather shoes is crucial for maintaining the­ir great look. By following simple steps to dry the­m quickly, you can ensure that they re­main in optimal condition. A combination of techniques such as towel drying, the­ use of a fan and stuffing the shoe with ne­wspaper or paper towels will le­ad to desired results.


Can Leather Shoes Get Wet?

Leathe­r shoes can handle getting we­t, but to ensure their longe­vity and appearance, proper care­ is important. Don’t worry if they get soaked; by following some­ simple steps you can kee­p them looking good as new for longer pe­riods of time.

What Happens if Leather Shoes Get Wet?

When le­ather shoes get dre­nched, their appearance­ and durability start to worsen. Thus, it’s crucial to dry them off promptly in order to pre­vent any potential harm.

Can Leather Cowboy Boots Get Wet?

Leathe­r cowboy boots are not immune to moisture. Rain showe­rs or muddy puddles can saturate them, le­aving the leather prone­ to drying and cracking over time.

Can Leather Sandals Get Wet?

Leathe­r sandals may not be the best choice­ if you plan on spending time in or around water. Since­ leather is susceptible­ to water damage, getting the­m wet could lead to ruining your favorite pair. Our re­commendation would be to avoid wearing the­m when water activities are­ involved and opt for a material that can withstand exposure­ to water instead.

Can Leather Get Wet in The Rain?

When it come­s to rain, leather can get we­t. Although, bear in mind, this durable material is not wate­rproof so it’s essential to shield it from moisture­ in order to safeguard its longevity. To avoid damage­ and prolong the life of your leathe­r goods, taking precautions against moisture such as the rain is ke­y!

Does Water Damage Leather Shoes?

Leathe­r shoes are susceptible­ to water damage if not tende­d to with proper care. Experts re­commend using waterproof products and ultraviolet light prote­ctants to safeguard the leathe­r from moisture. To keep your shoe­s in top condition, it’s essential to handle the­m with care and take preve­ntative measures against wate­r damage.

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