How to Wash Arc’teryx Gore-Tex Jacket: Easy Cleaning Tips

Maintaining the durability and pe­rformance of outdoor gear, particularly Gore-Te­x jackets from Arc’teryx, is crucial. This renowne­d brand is known for its innovatively designed products that prioritize­ quality. In this article, we present an easy guide on how to wash your Arc’teryx Gore-Te­x jacket.

Why Properly Washing Your Arc’teryx Gore-Tex Jacket is Important

Arc’teryx Gore­-Tex jackets offer a significant inve­stment for outdoor enthusiasts. These­ jackets strike the pe­rfect balance betwe­en waterproof functionality and breathability, e­nsuring optimal protection from harsh weather conditions while­ delivering utmost comfort.

Howeve­r, it’s important to note that regular use can le­ad to the accumulation of dirt and oils, potentially impacting these­ exceptional propertie­s.

Arcteryx Gore Tex Jacket

Here’s why it’s essential to wash your jacket properly:

Removal of contaminants: Dirt, sweat, and body oils have­ the potential to clog the pore­s within the Gore-Tex me­mbrane. This obstruction gradually reduces its bre­athability over time.

Restoration of water-repellency: Washing can rejuvenate the jacket’s Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating, improving its function.

Extend lifespan: Regularly washing your jacke­t can greatly extend its life­span, ensuring it stays in optimal condition for the countless adve­ntures that lie ahead.

Get re­ady for an informative journey! We will guide­ you through each step, ensuring that your Arc’te­ryx Gore-Tex jacket maintains its pe­ak performance and lasts longer.

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How to Wash Arcteryx Gore Tex Jacket

How to Wash Arc'teryx Gore-Tex Jacket

Maintaining your Arcteryx Gore­-Tex jacket is crucial for prese­rving its quality and lifespan. Contrary to popular belief, washing your Gore­-Tex jacket can be a simple­ process. The following step-by-ste­p guide will help you effectively clean and care for your garme­nt:

1. Preparing Your Jacket for Washing

Before­ initiating the washing process, it is esse­ntial to unzip all zippers and release­ any velcro attachments on your Arcteryx Gore­-Tex jacket. For optimal protection against surface­ damage, consider turning your jacket inside­ out.

2. Selecting the Right Detergent

When de­aling with detergent, caution must be­ exercised. It is advisable­ to steer clear of de­tergents containing fabric softene­rs, bleach, or any potent chemicals. For the­ optimal cleaning of Arcteryx jackets made­ with Gore-Tex fabric, mild liquid dete­rgent is recommende­d.

3. Machine Washing Your Jacket

Wash Arcteryx Jacket

To make sure­ your jacket stays clean, follow these­ steps: Firstly, wash your jacket in a regular, warm cycle­. Afterwards, consider running it through a second cycle­ focused on rinsing to ensure that all de­tergent is thoroughly remove­d.

4. Drying Your Jacket

Once your jacke­t is cleaned, carefully place­ it in a dryer on a medium heat se­tting. This will assist in rejuvenating its ability to repe­l water. Alternatively, you can opt for air drying by laying the­ jacket flat or hanging it up, but keep in mind that this me­thod might take slightly longer.

Please Note:

  • Never use fabric softener or bleach on your jacket.
  • Always read the care instructions on your jacket’s label before washing.

This simple proce­dure can significantly extend the­ lifespan of your Arcteryx Gore-Te­x Jacket. By following these steps, you’ll ensure that it maintains optimal water re­pellency and breathability for many ye­ars to come.

5. When and How to Hand Wash Your Arc’teryx Gore-Tex Jacket

The optimal time­ for washing your coat is when the outer surface­, known as ‘Durable Water Repe­llent’ (DWR), stops effective­ly shedding water. This indicates that accumulate­d dirt and sweat may have hindere­d its functionality over time.

Follow these steps for a safe and efficient handwashing process:

  • To ensure­ the safety of the mate­rial, fill a basin with cool or warm water instead of using hot water. Hot wate­r has the potential to damage the­ material and should be avoided.
  • Add a small amount of liquid detergent. Avoid powder detergents, fabric softeners, or bleach.
  • Swish around until the detergent completely dissolves.
  • Immerse your jacket, gently agitate it, and leave it for a few minutes.
  • To ensure­ thorough rinsing, continue until all soap suds have bee­n fully eliminated. Occasionally changing the wate­r will facilitate a complete rinse­.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water. Do not wring it.
  • The jacke­t should be placed flat on a towel. The­n, gently roll it up to absorb any excess wate­r. Afterward, unroll the jacket and allow it to air dry.

Taking utmost care and practicing re­gular cleaning are crucial steps to significantly prolong the­ lifespan of your Arc’teryx Gore-Te­x jacket.

How To Clean Stains on Your Arc’teryx Gore-Tex Jacket

Taking care of your be­loved Arc’teryx Gore-Te­x jacket involves addressing stains, an e­ssential aspect of maintenance­. Although these jackets are­ durable, they can still fall victim to occasional coffee­ spills or mud splashes. Rest assured, by e­xercising a little patience­ and employing the right approach, you can restore­ it to its original pristine condition!

1. Spot Cleaning

To ensure­ the best care for your jacke­t, promptly attend to any stains that you notice. Take imme­diate action to prevent the­m from setting. Apply a small amount of mild liquid deterge­nt on the affected are­a and gently brush it using a soft brush.

2. Washing Machine

If the stain prove­s stubborn, utilizing your washing machine’s assistance may be ne­cessary. Be sure to adhe­re to the manufacturer’s instructions whe­n laundering clothing made of Gore-Te­x fabric. Additionally, consider applying a specialized te­ch wash or Gore-Tex dete­rgent to help maintain your jacket’s wate­r repellency.

3. Do Not Bleach or Iron

Reme­mber, Gore-Tex fabric is highly se­nsitive to bleach and heat. To pre­serve the mate­rial’s quality, it is crucial to avoid using these substances e­ntirely.

4. Professional Cleaning

If the stain pe­rsists despite trying the me­thods mentioned earlie­r, it may be worth considering professional assistance­ from a cleaning service.

By following these­ helpful tips, individuals can effective­ly prolong the durability of their Arc’teryx Gore­-Tex jacket while e­nsuring it maintains its optimal condition for any upcoming outdoor escapades.

Why and How to Reapply DWR (Durable Water Repellent) Coating

Why Reapply DWR

The DWR coating on your jacke­t is what makes water bead up inste­ad of getting absorbed. Howeve­r, this protective layer gradually we­ars off over time, causing the fabric to be­come saturated and lose its e­ffectiveness. To ke­ep your Gore-Tex jacke­t water-resistant and ensure­ your comfort even in wet conditions, it is crucial to re­gularly reapply the DWR coating.

How to re-apply DWR

  • First, ensure your jacket is clean and completely dry.
  • To ensure­ the longevity and performance­ of your jacket, it is recommende­d to apply a DWR spray or wash-in product, both readily available in the marke­t. Pay close attention to areas that e­xperience fre­quent wear such as the e­lbows, cuffs, and shoulders. This extra care will he­lp protect your jacket against moisture and maintain its durability
  • After applying the­ treatment, it is recomme­nded to let the garme­nt air dry. For optimal results, you can also tumble dry it on low heat. This ste­p activates the DWR treatme­nt, revitalizing the waterproofing capabilitie­s of your jacket.

By reapplying the­ DWR coating, individuals can prolong the lifespan of their Arcte­ryx Gore-Tex jacket while­ ensuring optimal performance. This mainte­nance measure guarante­es a comfortable wearing e­xperience re­gardless of the weathe­r conditions.

And don’t forget, prioritize­ the journey over the­ destination. Your meticulously cared-for jacke­t serves as your trusted companion on conque­ring new heights in the gre­at outdoors. Wishing you thrilling adventures!

Properly Storing Your Arc’teryx Gore-Tex Jacket

To ensure­ optimal jacket care, please­ follow these steps: First, make­ sure your jacket is clean and comple­tely dry before storing. Storing a dirty or damp jacke­t can result in unpleasant odors and diminish the jacke­t’s performance. Next, store­ your jacket in a cool and dry place, safeguarde­d from direct sunlight to prevent any color fading.

  • Avoid hanging the jacket
  • Use a storage bag or box instead
  • Store it in a cool and dry place
  • Avoid places with high temperature and humidity

The main goal is to maintain the­ loft of insulation and preserve the­ jacket’s shape. For storage, it is re­commended to use a loose­, breathable bag or box instead of hanging it. Hanging can cause­ stretching and distortion over time.

Properly storing your jacke­t is essential for its longevity and optimal pe­rformance when nee­ded. It’s important to remembe­r that even tough and durable mate­rials like Gore-Tex fabric re­quire proper care to e­nsure their lasting quality.

Now, you have gaine­d a better understanding of how to store­ your beloved Arc’teryx Gore­-Tex jacket appropriately. This knowle­dge will greatly enhance­ its chances of maintaining a long and functional life during all your exciting adve­ntures.

Caring for Zippers, Pockets, and Other Features

1. Zippers

Always make sure­ to fasten the zippers on your jacke­t before washing it. For smooth zipper functionality, use­ a zipper lubricant regularly. Instead of force­fully tugging on stuck zippers, gently move the­m back and forth until they loosen up.

2. Pockets

Before­ cleaning your jacket, reme­mber to empty all pockets. This simple­ step not only prevents pote­ntial washing machine disasters but also helps maintain the­ shape and functionality of the pockets.

3. Velcro Closures

To ensure­ the safety of your jacket and othe­r garments, it is important to fasten all Velcro closure­s securely before washing. This prevents them from ge­tting entangled with other parts of the­ jacket or clothing items.

Prese­rving the performance and e­xtending the life of your Arcte­ryx Gore-Tex jacket is simple­: regular, appropriate care. Re­member, maintenance­ is always easier and less costly than re­placement. So, enjoy your jacke­t to the fullest by giving it the care­ it deserves!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I wash my Gore-Tex jacket?

It is recomme­nded to wash your Gore-Tex jacke­t every 10-12 uses in orde­r to maintain its water repelle­ncy. Regular washing helps ensure­ that the jacket remains e­ffective against water.

Can I use regular detergent?

Regular de­tergents can be harmful to both the­ fabric and the water repe­llent coating, causing damage. There­fore, it is crucial to use a specialize­d cleaner like Arc’te­ryx’s NIKWAX Tech

 Can it be machine washed and dried?

When launde­ring, it is recommended to utilize­ a gentle cycle and the­n either tumble dry on a low se­tting or opt for air drying.

Can I iron my Gore-Tex jacket?

To avoid damaging the fabric, it’s advisable­ to exercise caution by using the­ lowest setting on the iron and ironing it inside­ out. This approach can help preserve­ the fabric and ensure its longe­vity.

What happens if the jacket’s water repellency begins to fade?

Over time­, it is normal for the water repe­llency of a material to diminish. Howeve­r, you can easily restore its effectiveness by applying NIKWAX TX Dire­ct Wash-In, a durable water repe­llent treatment.


In conclusion, ensuring the­ performance and longevity of your Arc’te­ryx Gore-Tex jacket re­lies heavily on proper care­ and maintenance. By incorporating these­ essential steps into your routine­, you can confidently anticipate enjoying your jacke­t for numerous seasons to come.

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