12 Grocery Stores Like Kroger that Make Online Shopping Easy

In today’s accelerating world, the task of grocery shopping has become more uninteresting than ever before, leading us to seek the quickest way possible to accomplish it. Here comes the usefulness of online grocery stores, which provide us with a comfortable shopping experience right from our doorstep.

Among the top names in this arena is Kroger, yet a host of other online grocery stores offer similar quality services. With this blog post, we present to you 12 online grocery stores like Kroger that make online shopping seamless and utterly convenient for you.

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12 Kroger Alternatives that Make Online Grocery Shopping Easy

1. Walmart Grocery


As the biggest grocery retailer in the US, Walmart has grabbed the attention of shoppers who like the convenience of online grocery shopping. Walmart Grocery, their online delivery service offers premium membership option that is commonly known as Walmart Plus. Customers who pay $98 per year can benefit from free delivery on any item.

Walmart is an excellent choice for individuals trying to save money because it offers everyday cheap pricing that even thrifty shoppers can take advantage of. To make purchasing even simpler, they have adopted curbside delivery. With additional options for online grocery shopping, consumers will probably use these offerings more frequently, securing the long-term viability of purchasing groceries online.

2. Target Grocery

target grocery store

The well-known retail behemoth Target has been adapting to the changes by providing internet-based food buying choices. They may not currently provide as many grocery delivery options as some of its rivals, but it does have a following of devoted customers who value the ease of ordering groceries online and picking them up kerbside.

They provide a range of goods, starting with dairy, flour goods, fresh fruit, and others. This gives them an advantage because they can use their storefronts as pickup points for purchases of groceries online because they currently have a strong retail presence.

3. Safeway


With more than 2200 locations nationwide, Safeway is a chain of American supermarkets. They offer a broad variety of goods, which involves vegetables, bakery items, and home staples making them one of the biggest grocery merchants in the US. Shoppers can arrange for grocery delivery or in-store pickup via their website, Safeway.com.

They were reacting to the shifting environment with the recent rise in purchasing food online by working with other companies and spending money on digital technology. This enabled them to connect with greater numbers of people and even fulfil the demands of their clients. Because of their low costs and consistent high quality products they have been favourite among online grocery shoppers.

4. Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

With a diverse selection of organic and natural products for the health-conscious crowd, Whole Foods Market is a major contender among top grocery stores similar to Kroger. As an alternative to store visits, their website allows for hassle-free online shopping and delivery right to customers’ doors. This grocery retailer’s convenience and product offerings have earned its popularity among consumers.

5. Publix


Since 1930, Florida-based grocery chain Publix has been known for its exceptional customer service and high-quality products. With 1288 retail food stores, they operates in a highly competitive retail food industry where it has managed to maintain a strong foothold.

Customers can access same-day delivery which make it a convenient option for busy shoppers. Additionally, it is known for its delicious deli offerings and secret sandwich combinations, showing its commitment to providing customers with unique and personalized experiences.

6. Meijer


Meijer is an established chain of grocery stores like Kroger in the United States and it provides access for online grocery shopping with home delivery assistance. It is known because of their excellent prices on high-quality items. They seems to be part of famous choice among consumers that are searching for  convenient and cheap way to purchase groceries from comfort of their own house.

When you navigate to the store you will see various options available that include some fresh meat and vegetables. As their online customers you will still experience same level of quality and convenience you will see while shopping in their physical store. Despite being a premium grocery store, they always provide some great bargains that make them a better option for online grocery purchasers.

7. Hy-Vee


Hy-Vee, a comprehensive online grocery store, provides a seamless shopping experience for purchasers to receive their groceries with convenience. The process is straightforward, intuitive and easy to navigate, offering customers the flexibility to curbside pickup or have their orders delivered to their doorstep. With a minimum purchase of $24.95, customers can always benefit from complimentary pickup.

The convenience of ordering groceries online for curbside pickup or delivery is a valuable aspect for customers. It’s particularly beneficial for those who prefer not to visit a store physically or are short on time.

8. Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle chain does not only offers a vast selection of fresh groceries online but also provides free pickup services, making it a top pick for many shoppers. It is no surprise that it ranked as the most popular grocery store in Pennsylvania, beating out competitors. The store is known for revisiting mailers to keep customers informed about the latest deals and promotions.

9. H-E-B


H-E-B, a well-loved grocery store in Texas, is not only a solid choice for people who prefer to shop in-person but also offers a convenient online selection. Customers may swiftly and comfortably obtain their daily needs via H-E-B’s kerbside pickup service thanks to its simple to use app and simple checkout procedure.

The greatest online retailer for groceries is H-E-B, according to a Dunnhumby survey of 3,000 online shoppers. The cheap price of H-E-B’s grocery pickup function makes it an inexpensive choice for time-pressed customers. Just submit an online order using the H-E-B webpage or app, and customers will have their groceries at the kerbside in no time.

10. Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop

Another well-known online grocery store for consumers seeking a large assortment of goods at affordable costs is Stop & Shop. Buyers who are short time limited but still wish for fresh vegetables and pantry ingredients might choose this local supermarket store because it offers shipping and picking up alternatives.

Because of the store’s dedication to its customers and high-quality goods, I can say they are excellent choice for busy people who need a dependable and hassle free grocery shopping environment.

11. Albertsons


With a significant presence across the nation, Albertsons is one of the top supermarket stores like Kroger. They collaborated with delivery services like Uber Eats & DoorDash and are growing their online grocery business. The business offers customers a simple and practical way to purchase groceries via the internet and have it shipped right to their house.

Shoppers can conserve money on every transaction using their U points and coupons. To make meal planning simpler, they also include a weekly budget planner and dish recommendations.

12. FreshDirect


Some customers might be unfamiliar with the online grocery retailer called FreshDirect. However, it has become well-known for its top-notch cuisine and top-notch customer support. They distinguish themselves from the competition with their reasonable rates, extensive options of fresh produce, and eco-friendly packaging practices.

FreshDirect’s DeliveryPass subscription, which provides free deliveries and exclusive savings, is one of its key benefits. FreshDirect established itself as part of the top online grocery stores similar to Kroger and thanks to its dedication for providing its consumers with fresh and high-quality goods.


The progressive trends of acquiring healthier food choices have led to an increasing demand for the convenience of online grocery delivery services. These services rapidly emerge as a preferred mode of shopping, leaving no reasonable doubt in the promising future of online grocery shopping.  We hope you enjoy the list of online grocery stores like kroger.

FAQs On Kroger

What is Kroger?

You may find just about anything you need for your home, personal care, or kitchen at Kroger, they are well known supermarket business.

Where is Kroger located?

Kroger has numerous stores located across the United States.

Are gift card sales final?

Yes, all gift card sales at Kroger are final.

How do I get $5 off Kroger Delivery?

To receive $5 off Kroger delivery, simply clip the coupon located on their website or mobile app. The coupon can only be used for deliveries made after 1 pm.

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