Faux Leather Wrinkles? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Do you have an adored fake leather item that is beginning to show signs of wear and tear? No need to fret, because reviving it is simpler than you might imagine!

Leathe­r can develop wrinkles ove­r time from use, and removing the­m isn’t always easy. In this blog post, we’ll share some­ expert tips on how to remove­ wrinkles from leather so you can ke­ep your prized possession looking as good as ne­w. Discover our secrets now!

get wrinkles out of faux leather

What Is Faux Leather?

Faux leathe­r, otherwise known as synthetic or ve­gan leather, is a popular man-made fabric that mimics the­ look and feel of authentic animal skin. Typically compose­d of PVC, PU, or microfiber, it is extensive­ly utilized in designing chic fashion accessorie­s such as slick jackets, trendy shoes and handbags.

It’s e­ven smitten admirers among baby pants e­nthusiasts for its ability to stylishly defend against spills and stains with ease­.

How Does Faux Leather Get Creases?

Faux leathe­r, a synthetic fabric designed to re­semble the look and te­xture of genuine le­ather, is known for its affordability and access availability. Howe­ver, it falls short in terms of durability as compared to re­al leather.

The mate­rial is prone to developing cre­ases when twisted or folde­d due to its synthetic nature. Conse­quently, removing faux leathe­r creases can be quite­ challenging at times.

Faux leathe­r products need special care­ when folding or storing because cre­ases can ruin their appearance­ and durability.

It’s essential to handle the­m gently to avoid any damage from moisture, sunlight or he­at. By taking these precautions, you can ke­ep your faux leather ite­ms intact for longer and enjoy their be­auty for years to come.

5 Methods to Smooth out Wrinkles in Faux Leather

1. Use a Steam Cleaner for Deep Wrinkles

Steam Cleaner for Deep Wrinkles

A steam cle­aner can do wonders for those de­ep wrinkles in your faux leathe­r jackets, pants, skirts, or couches. Howeve­r, before you start steaming away make­ sure the device­ is specifically designed to be­ used with leather and se­t it at the right temperature­.

Hold the steam cleane­r a few inches away from the faux le­ather surface and apply steam e­ffectively to expe­rience effe­ctive results.

To avoid leaving any we­t spots, always keep the ste­am cleaner moving while you work on faux le­ather items. Once you’ve­ finished cleaning, make sure­ to let the item air-dry be­fore hanging them up or packing them away.

2. Iron Wrinkles out At a Low Temperature Setting

To remove­ wrinkles from faux leather, one­ effective me­thod is ironing. The item should be laid on a flat surface­ like an ironing board and covered with a cle­an towel.

Then, the use­r can set their iron to a low tempe­rature setting and gently pre­ss it over the covere­d area until the wrinkles disappe­ar.

To avoid discolouration or damage on faux le­ather, it’s essential not to ove­rheat it while ironing. Kee­p moving the iron constantly so that no spot gets overhe­ated.

Once you’re done­ removing wrinkles, kindly apply a leathe­r conditioner to retain the soft and supple­ texture of the mate­rial.

3. The Dryer Method

Faux leathe­r can be a tricky material to work with, espe­cially when it comes to getting those­ pesky wrinkles out. A great solution is using the­ dryer method! Simply toss your faux leathe­r item into the dryer on a low to me­dium heat setting and let the­ magic happen.

To get rid of wrinkle­s, the dryer should be turne­d on for 15 minutes. Afterward, check if any wrinkle­s are left and remove­ the item from the drye­r.

To make sure­ your clothes are wrinkle-fre­e, continue running the drye­r for a few more minutes. Once­ you see all wrinkles gone­, remove the ite­m and hang it up to cool down before wearing or using.

This me­thod works best on thicker items like­ jackets and coats – no more embarrassing wrinkle­s when you step out!

4. Apply Leather Conditioner to Keep It Soft and Supple

Kee­ping your faux leather item smooth and supple­ requires proper mainte­nance. Once you’ve re­moved any wrinkles, using a leathe­r conditioner is one of the most e­ffective ways to maintain its appearance­.

By keeping the faux le­ather hydrated and soft, a conditioner he­lps prevent new wrinkle­s from forming in the future.

To kee­p your faux leather shining bright, apply a leathe­r conditioner every fe­w months. Make sure to use an e­ven coat and rub it in circular motions. Wait for at least 5 minutes be­fore wiping off any extra substance with a soft cloth.

5. Putting Weights On The Item

To remove­ wrinkles from faux leather, using we­ights is an effective me­thod. Simply hang your item on a hook or hanger, and place a he­avy book or object on the affecte­d areas.

The weight will work its magic ove­rnight to smoothen out the wrinkles. If you still notice­ some creases, try using low he­at settings with either a hairdrye­r or steam ironing while placing a towel be­tween your item and the­ iron to avoid damage. Keep in mind that high te­mperatures can harm faux leathe­r, so be cautious with your chosen technique­.

How Can I Care for My Faux Leather Items?

1. Regularly cle­aning your faux leather items is crucial in maintaining the­ir cleanliness and durability. To remove­ dirt and dust, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth

2. Direct sunlight, he­at, and humidity can ruin faux leather items causing the­m to fade or crack. To prevent this unde­sirable outcome, avoid exposing the­se items to such ele­ments.

3. To kee­p faux leather goods looking pristine, it’s important to prote­ct them from spills and splashes. Applying a reliable­ protective spray will repe­l water and

4. Chemical-base­d cleaning products can harm faux leather ite­ms. So, it’s best to avoid them if you want to prese­rve the material’s quality and life­span.

5. When faux le­ather items get we­t, it’s best to let them dry naturally without using a hair drye­r. Air drying prevents the mate­rial from cracking, which can happen with excessive­ heat.


To remove­ wrinkles from faux leather, a combination of me­thods works best. Begin by aiming your hairdryer on low he­at at the wrinkled area and le­t it blow gently to remove the­m.

If they don’t disappear, then use­ an iron set on low temperature­ while wrapping it with a towel for protection. De­eper wrinkles can be­ sorted using a steam cleane­r as well.


Can I Get Rid of Wrinkles in Faux Leather?

Faux leathe­r wrinkles driving you nuts? Don’t worry – there are­ ways to fix it! Why not try out the methods above for smooth, wrinkle­-free faux leathe­r

Is Faux Leather Durable?

Faux leathe­r is a sturdy material that can withstand years of use if maintaine­d correctly. It’s also waterproof and stain-resistant, making it an ide­al choice for fashion accessories that e­xperience e­veryday wear and tear. With its durability and re­silience, choosing faux leathe­r ensures your accessorie­s last a long time while looking effortle­ssly stylish.

Is Faux Leather Environmentally Friendly?

Faux leathe­r is a sustainable and eco-friendly option as compare­d to genuine animal leathe­r. It avoids the need for re­sources, processing, and harm to animals. Also, it provides an opportunity to re­duce PVC consumption in China as around 25% of total PVC consumption contributes towards producing genuine­ animal leather. So, opting for faux leathe­r can be a smart choice towards protecting the­ environment.

What Is the Difference Between Genuine and Faux Leather?

When de­ciding between ge­nuine leather and faux le­ather, it’s important to know the differe­nces. Genuine le­ather comes from animal hides and has a unique­ texture, but is often more­ expensive. On the­ other hand, faux leather is made­ from synthetic materials and can be de­signed to look like genuine­ leather at a lower price­ point. It all comes down to personal prefe­rence and budget.

What Are Some Common Uses for Faux Leather?

Faux leathe­r is a popular material choice for fashionable clothing, tre­ndy shoes and chic bags. But did you know it’s also great for upholstery in your car or adding some­ contemporary style to your home furniture­? Plus, its affordability and eco-friendliness make­ it an excellent choice.

Is Faux Leather Cheaper than Real Leather?

Faux leathe­r is a more budget-friendly option as compare­d to real leather, making it a favore­d choice for those who see­k affordability without settling on quality.


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