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Turning another year older can be bittersweet. But one major perk? Birthday freebies and discounts! At Urban Outfitters, they want to celebrate you and your special day. Read on to uncover some sneaky hacks for getting Urban Outfitters birthday discounts, plus other bonus perks.

get urban outfitters birthday reward

Birthday Reward from Urban Outfitters

Straight from the source – Urban Outfitters offers a birthday gift to reward their loyal customers. Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll get a $10 reward card during the month of your birthday.
  • The gift card arrives via email within 10 days of your birthday.
  • It’s valid for 60 days from when it’s issued.
  • You can use the $10 credit in-store or online sitewide.

To qualify, you just need an Urban Outfitters account with your birthday in your account info. They’ll automatically email your gift card – no coupon code needed.

This $10 birthday freebie alone can snag a clearance t-shirt, jewellery accessory, or even a beauty set. It’s a nice bonus for Urban Outfitters devotees. But read on for tips to maximize even bigger birthday savings at this boho retailer.

Ways to Stack Savings and Score Urban Outfitters Birthday Discounts

get urban outfitters birthday discount

Beyond their birthday gift card, Urban Outfitters doesn’t advertise specific birthday discounts. But clever shoppers can rack up major savings by stacking coupons and promos.

Time Your Purchase with a Promo Code

Urban Outfitters frequently runs site-wide discounts, especially around the holidays. They also offer student discounts year-round. Plan your birthday haul around these promos to maximize savings:

  • Sign up for Urban Outfitters emails – They send discount codes for extra 20-25% off regularly. Even better? You can get early access to sales.
  • Shop Labor Day sales – Late August/early September offers end of summer savings. Labor Day weekend sees discounts up to 50% off.
  • Buy early for back to school – July through September has major markdowns on apparel to stock up for school.
  • Score Thanksgiving weekend deals – Black Friday through Cyber Monday sees site-wide promos. The best discounts all year.
  • Check 12 Days of Deals – Their December holiday sale has daily deals for two weeks.
  • Don’t forget clearance – Sort by clearance items, which get extra 50% off discounts applied automatically.

Stacking a timely promo code with your $10 birthday reward means maxing out savings. You could potentially get 40-50% off your entire purchase!

Be Strategic with Payment Method

Using the right credit card can net you additional rewards to stack onto Urban Outfitters birthday discounts:

  • Retail credit cards – Cards like Discover IT give cashback bonuses at department stores. Racking up an extra 5% back turns into dollars saved.
  • Rotating category cards – Chase Freedom and Discover IT rotate bonus quarterly categories, sometimes including fashion retailers.
  • Teen credit cards – If you’re a student, teen cards like Capital One Journey give elevated rewards on entertainment transactions.
  • Mobile wallets – Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay also regularly offer discounts for Urban Outfitters purchases.

Every dollar you can earn back via credit card rewards programs means more value on top of birthday deals and promos from Urban Outfitters.

Buy a Gift Card at a Discount

Here’s an outside-the-box tip. Third party gift card resellers like Raise and CardCash often sell Urban Outfitters gift cards at up to 20% off face value.

You can give the gift card code to yourself. Add that upfront discount to your $10 birthday reward and other stacked promos to maximize savings on your birthday haul.

Gift card reseller discounts offer limited-time savings. So check for discounted gift cards in the months leading up to your birthday when you plan to shop.

Creative Ways To Get Urban Outfitters Birthday Perks and Freebies

Beyond scoring discounts, here are some other clever tricks for capitalizing on birthday freebies and perks from Urban Outfitters:

Earn Bonus Loyalty Points and Rewards

The Urban Outfitters UO Rewards program lets you earn 1 point for every $1 spent. 500 points gets a $5 reward to redeem on a future purchase.

Purchase around your birthday to get:

  • Points on your actual birthday purchase with coupons stacked
  • Your $10 birthday gift card = 100 extra points
  • Double points and other bonuses during promos

That altogether could easily give you enough for a $5 or $10 Rewards voucher to use on top of your discounts.

Max those points for maximum birthday freebies! Check your offers section for bonuses too.

Get Exclusive Early Access

UO Insiders get first dibs on sales, new arrivals, and limited-edition products before the public. Perks include:

  • Early access to sales up to 1 week before everyone else
  • First to shop new product drops before they sell out
  • Insider-only promotions and freebies

Sign up to become an Insider by downloading the UO app and enabling push notifications. Time it before your birthday month to get early sneak previews of promos to use on your birthday haul.

Urban Outfitters partners with Donately, a platform to donate clothing to nonprofits in exchange for discounts on future purchases.

Pack up gently used clothes and accessories to trade in for Urban Outfitters coupon codes:

  • 5 items = 15% off code
  • 10 items = 20% off code
  • 15 items = 25% off code

You can ship Donately donations for free. Time your trade leading up to your birthday month to stack with other promos. Their welcome offer also gifts 15% off just for signing up.

Review Products for Freebies

Urban Outfitters lets you earn $1 digital rewards cards for leaving reviews on purchased items. You need to upload a photo and write a detailed review.

Reviewing around your birthday means you can rack up several free dollars in rewards. Those stack onto your other savings for the ultimate birthday freebie haul.

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Make the Most of Your Special Day

As you can see, there are so many ways to maximize savings with Urban Outfitters for your birthday month. A few tips to make the most of it:

  • Take advantage of your $10 birthday gift card – don’t let it expire!
  • Sign up for newsletters and stack with timely promo codes.
  • Use credit card rewards and EBates for added cashback.
  • Buy discounted gift cards to save upfront.
  • Earn and redeem loyalty points and rewards.
  • Donate old clothes for coupons. Write reviews for free rewards dollars.
  • Become an UO Insider for early access to sales and new arrivals.



With the right stacking strategies, you can enjoy over 40% off or more at Urban Outfitters to treat yourself for your special day. Happy birthday month! Start planning and saving now to make the most of your birthday discounts.

The birthday discount only comes around once a year, so take advantage while you can. Get out there and enjoy some much deserved retail therapy, birthday babe! Just be sure to stick to your list so you don’t get too carried away with the amazing savings.


How do I get Urban Outfitters birthday rewards?

Urban Outfitters automatically sends $10 reward cards via email during your birthday month. Just make sure your account lists your correct birthdate.

When do Urban Outfitters birthday rewards expire?

The $10 reward card is valid for 60 days after it’s issued. Make sure to use it within that expiration period.

Can I stack other Urban Outfitters promos with the birthday offer?

Yes! You can and should stack the $10 birthday reward with any other valid coupons and promo codes for maximum savings.

When does Urban Outfitters offer the best promos to use with the birthday deal?

Major sales like Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day offer the best sitewide promo codes to use with your birthday reward.

Can I use Urban Outfitters birthday rewards in-store?

Yes, you can use the $10 reward card in-store or online for sitewide savings on your birthday month purchase.

How much can I save with an Urban Outfitters birthday discount?

Stacking strategies can bring your total savings up to 40-50% off or more at Urban Outfitters with the birthday reward.

What’s the best way to save even more on Urban Outfitters for my birthday?

Buying discounted gift cards from resellers before your birthday purchase can save up to 20% upfront on top of stacked discounts.

When should I shop the Urban Outfitters birthday deal?

You can shop anytime during your birthday month. But the best savings come from stacking with timed sales events like Black Friday or back to school season.

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