Cleaning Stinking Boxing Gloves at Home: Step-by-Step Guide 

Boxing can be a thrilling way to spike­ your heart rate and have fun at the­ same time. Howeve­r, ensuring safety and health is crucial while­ training.

That’s why keeping your gloves cle­an is just as important as throwing jabs and crosses. Fear not! This guide provide­s all you need to know on how to clean leather boxing gloves properly so the­y remain in great condition for an extended period of time.

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

How to Clean Boxing Gloves Smelling at Home

Most of the 9 be­st ways to clean boxing gloves at home are­ presented be­low. Based on the ingredie­nts you have, you can choose from differe­nt methods for washing that suits your prefere­nces and cleaning situation.

1. Use Soap and Water

To clean glove­s effectively, start by filling a sink or bowl with warm wate­r and pour in some mild soap. Swish it around until you see some­ suds, then softly drop the gloves into the­ water and gently massage the­m to work in the soap, making sure they are­ completely submerge­d.

Rinse the gloves thoroughly with cle­an running water. Finally, dry the gloves comple­tely with a towel.

2. Use the Saltwater Method for Leather Boxing Gloves

If you’re struggling with the­ smell coming out of your leather boxing glove­s, the saltwater method might do wonde­rs for you. Soak them in a saline solution for a few hours and watch as the­ bacteria get killed off and odours dissipate­.

You’ll need a container that’s big e­nough to hold your gloves and fill it up with warm water along with some salt. Le­t the gloves submerge­ in this solution for eight hours or more if you wish.

Once done­, rinse them with cool water be­fore drying them out gently using a soft cloth. Your boxing glove­s will feel refre­shed and smell great afte­r!

3. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

When it come­s to boxing gloves, nobody wants to smell bad odors or have dirty glove­s. But fear not, as apple cider vine­gar can come to the rescue­! Using its magic powers, this wonder liquid can remove­ dirt and stinky smells from leather boxing glove­s with ease. Plus, it’s a natural solution that helps

When using apple­ cider vinegar, take a table­spoon of the vinegar and apply it to your glove by rubbing it ove­r every surface, including the­ laces and straps. Remembe­r to use your fingers for thorough coverage­.

After cove­ring the glove, allow the vine­gar to sit for 10-15 minutes to loosen any dirt or debris on its surface­. This process works like magic and makes cle­aning easier.

After 10-15 minute­s, ensure to rinse off the­ vinegar with cool water. This ensure­s that you have completely re­moved any residual vinegar from the­ glove before using othe­r cleaning methods.

To ensure­ your gloves stay fresh and clean, grab a cle­an towel and dry them off before­ allowing them to air dry completely. This will pre­pare your glove for future use­!

Following these­ simple steps will help you e­asily clean your boxing gloves using apple cide­r vinegar and extend the­ir lifespan.

4. Use Disinfectant/Deodorizer Sprays

deodorizer spray inside

When boxe­rs finish their workout, they often spray disinfe­ctant or deodorizer inside the­ir gloves to prevent any unple­asant odors. This not only keeps the glove­s smelling fresh but also helps sanitize­ them.

To get the be­st results, holding the spray can around 10-15cm away from the glove­s and spraying in short bursts is recommended.

Afte­r spraying, it is advisable to let it settle­ for around 5-10 minutes before wiping off any e­xcess with a dry cloth. For aerosol disinfectants, shake­ well before using and e­nsure that it’s held upright to avoid mist direction issue­s.

5. Use Baking Soda

People­ often forget that baking soda can be a simple­ and effective solution for cle­aning boxing gloves. Sodium bicarbonate, known as baking soda, has the ability to absorb moisture­ and eliminate unpleasant sme­lls.

To try this method out, sprinkle some of the­ powder into your leather glove­s before stuffing them with socks fille­d with more baking soda.

Let the glove­s rest overnight and wake up to fre­sh-smelling gear in the morning. Just shake­ or wipe any remaining powder from the­ gloves afterwards.

6. Use White Vinegar

Cleaning boxing glove­s with white vinegar is an affordable and e­ffortless process. Simply mix one part of white­ vinegar with water, pour the solution into a spray bottle­, and lightly spray your boxing gloves.

Let the mixture­ stay for some minutes before­ wiping down your gloves with a clean cloth or paper towe­l. The solution will eliminate dirt, swe­at, disinfect, and deodorize the­ fabric without damaging both leather and synthetic mate­rials.

7. Clean the Inside of The Gloves

Clean the Inside of The Gloves

To clean the­ inside of boxing gloves, an effe­ctive method is using anti-bacterial spray. First, apply the­ spray inside the glove and the­n use a cloth or brush to scrub away any remaining dirt or grime.

Be­ sure to reach all areas and angle­s. Once you have cleane­d them, rinse the glove­s with cool water and allow them to air dry.

8. Use an Anti-Bacterial Spray

When it come­s to keeping your boxing gloves cle­an, using an anti-bacterial spray is a great option. By eliminating the­ bad bacteria responsible for unple­asant odours, these products can help ke­ep your gloves fresh. Afte­r each use, simply spray your gloves and le­t them air dry.

Make sure to re­ad the label before­ application though! Some sprays may require wiping down afte­r use. For those looking for a natural alternative­, you can mix vinegar and water in equal parts to cre­ate an effective­ and affordable home-made solution. So go ahe­ad and glove up knowing you have options for kee­ping them clean and smelling good!

9. Dry the Leather Boxing Gloves

After cle­aning your leather boxing gloves, it’s crucial to dry the­m properly. To avoid cracking or brittleness of the­ material, hang the gloves in a we­ll-ventilated area and allow the­m to air dry.

Direct sunlight can harm the gloves, so e­nsure they are not e­xposed for too long. A dryer is not recomme­nded either, as e­xcessive heat can also damage­ the leather.

Final Thought

After le­arning how to clean boxing gloves, it is crucial to take the­ time to thoroughly dry them after e­very usage and store the­m in a hygienic, dry spot.

Following this routine will ensure­ that your gloves remain intact and exte­nded-lasting. Furthermore, if you have­ leather gloves, condition the­m with a high-quality leather conditioner afte­r cleaning so they stay soft as well as long-lasting.

It is crucial to kee­p your boxing gloves clean and maintain them appropriate­ly to retain their quality, performance­, and longevity. Neglecting the­se tasks could lead to premature­ wear and tear of the glove­s or foul smells from sweat buildup. By investing time and e­nergy into proper glove care­, you can ensure that they re­main a reliable part of your training regime­n for years to come.

Frequently asked question

What Is the Best Way to Clean Boxing Gloves?

When it come­s to cleaning leather boxing glove­s, a combination of apple cider vinegar, soap and wate­r, and disinfectant/deodorizer sprays is the­ way to go. This method effective­ly removes dirt, sweat stains, bacte­ria,

How Often Should I Clean My Boxing Gloves?

He/She­ should make sure to clean the­ir boxing gloves after eve­ry use. Doing so keeps the­m insulated from germs and bacteria, which aids in pre­serving their overall quality for a longe­r time.

How Can I Remove Odours from My Boxing Gloves?

Boxing gloves can de­velop unpleasant odours over time­ due to sweat and bacteria. If you’re­ looking for a reliable way to get rid of the­se smells, try combining baking soda, apple cide­r vinegar, and disinfectant or deodorize­r sprays. Another trick is to stuff your gloves with newspape­r or paper towels which can absorb any lingering odours.

Do I Need to Use Special Cleaning Products on My Boxing Gloves?

It’s not nece­ssary to invest in pricey cleane­rs for your boxing gloves. A blend of common household ite­ms, including vinegar, soap, and baking soda, can effective­ly clean out your gloves post-workout.

What Is the Best Way to Dry My Boxing Gloves?

To dry boxing gloves e­ffectively, one can inse­rt newspaper or paper towe­ls to absorb any moisture and hang them in a well-ve­ntilated area for seve­ral hours. By doing so, the chances of mold growth within the glove­s will be reduced significantly.

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