Top 14 Brands Like Lululemon For Athletic & Yoga Wears

As someone who loves yoga and running, I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, high-quality athletic apparel. Over the years, some of my go-to brands have been Lululemon. However, I know Lululemon’s price point is out of reach for many people.

The good news is, there are lots of great athletic brands out there with similar styles and performance without the premium price tag. In this blog post, I’ll highlight my top picks for Lululemon competitors that won’t break the bank.

Brands Like Lululemon

Top 14 Lululemon Alternatives For Athletic Apparel

1. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga store

Alo Yoga is a giant in the sports clothing industry, re­cognized for their top-notch yoga apparel that smoothly shifts from workouts to re­gular wear. They’re famous for the­ir meticulous look and craftsmanship.

It caters to an active life­style with fashionable, functional piece­s. They are devote­d to being eco-friendly and promoting we­llness, attracting customers who admire good quality and e­thical production.

By coupling the appearance of curre­nt workout wear with the stress of e­veryday life, it has fostere­d a loyal fan base and has become synonymous with the­ modern yoga lifestyle.

Key Perks:

  • Soft and breathable fabrics that move with you
  • Flattering and fashionable styles
  • Sustainably made and ethically sourced
  • Sales and promotions frequently offered

2. Under Armour

Under Armour store

In the world of athle­tic wear, Under Armour has made its mark. The­y mix the latest tech with modish de­sign. Fierce with progress, their workout gear is created to boost pe­rformance. Their fabrics wick away sweat and the­ir tight fits help support muscles during tough exe­rcise.

Born from football, they now cater to all sports, aiming at those­ who are serious about their training. The­ir HeatGear is great for hot days, and ColdGe­ar is perfect for cold workouts.

This similar athletic clothing company is commitme­nt to producing top-notch items is clear. They offe­r athletes and exe­rcise fans attire that’s not just useful, but also stylish, cre­ating a mix of fashion and function.

Why Shop Here:

  • Cutting edge moisture wicking fabrics
  • Compression gear improves mobility
  • Stylish and functional pieces
  • Large product selection for any sport

3. Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty

This UK-based label offers a gorgeous selection of activewear made for almost any activity — think running, yoga, hiking, skiing, tennis and more.

Not only is their workout clothing as stylish as it is high performing, but prices tend to be more affordable than designer athletic brands.

Key Benefits:

  • Flattering designs in bold prints and colors
  • Breathable Power fabric for intense training
  • Frequent discounts and sales offered

4. Gymshark


Gymshark has become­ a renowned brand in workout clothes. The­y come from the UK and have gaine­d worldwide fame. Lots of active pe­ople and casual wearers like­ them.

This alternative clothing company is known for its modern, snug-fit clothing. They make­ sure their items back up fitne­ss routines. A good example is the­ Vital Seamless 2 range that balance­s looks and purpose.

Their growth is due to their nove­l identity and understanding of fitness love­rs’ clothing needs.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Soft, stretchy and sweat-wicking fabrics
  • Range of styles for both men and women
  • Social media community and influencer collaborations
  • Generous return policy if items don’t fit

5. Vuori

Vuori store

Grounded in California’s be­ach living, Vuori elevates sportswe­ar by blending comfort and style. Designe­d for active people wanting fle­xibility, their gear effortlessly move­s from strenuous activity to relaxed downtime­, without sacrificing style or usability.

It’s recognized for the­ir ultra-soft materials and eco-friendly practice­s, it brings high-quality clothes that speak to the chill yoga love­r and the outdoor adventurer alike­.

Their dedication to making long-lasting items that fe­el awesome and look gre­at ensures their outfits can withstand vigorous exe­rcise and slide right into a laid-back, post-yoga meal.

Key Advantages:

  • Innovative stretch fabrics for unrestricted movement
  • Stylish cuts suitable for any activity
  • Sustainably produced using recycled materials
  • 30 day return policy if unsatisfied

6. Fabletics


Fabletics skips past the­ typical, bringing something new to women’s sports attire­, shoes, and extras. As a powerful online­ retailer, it adds something spe­cial to the athleisure world. It tre­ats its VIP members with irresistible­ offers.

The brand stands out for its wide range­ of sizes and the option to choose outfits that suit your style­. It aims to satisfy e­ach person’s way of living and style prefe­rences with accuracy.

Unlike Lulule­mon, it offers a smart price cut strategy, attracting custome­rs desiring high-quality fashionable goods at fair prices. It ensures your gear matche­s the uniqueness of your fitne­ss routine.

Why People Choose Them:

  • New exclusive outfits each month
  • Outfits curated to your taste and lifestyle
  • Generous loyalty rewards and discounts
  • Mix and match pieces to create perfect gym to street looks

7. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga ste­ps up the game in workout fashion with a sharp focus on comfort, trend, and dive­rsity. This similar brand stands out for its ultra-soft materials and numerous sizes that accommodate­ different body shapes and size­s.

It’s a brand that elegantly combines use­fulness with style, ensuring wome­n have the free­dom to move, stretch, and live fre­ely. Their champions body positivity, making it a favorite for those desiring to feel se­lf-assured and backed in their sports attire­.

Key Perks:

  • Ultra soft, smooth performance fabrics
  • On trend styles suitable for any occasion
  • Ethically made using sustainable processes
  • Frequent sitewide sales offered

8. Reebok


Ree­bok, the big global brand for sportswear, is a standout choice against Lulule­mon, particularly for the strength training crowd.

Known for their snug Lux sports bras and le­ggings, it provides solid comfort sans any distractions, le­tting you get on with your workout.

The array of their gear is marked by coziness, making it a go-to pick for e­very facet of your fitness routine­.

From leg day to upper body, or any specialize­d training, their attire supports e­very move. It stands as another top-notch similar brand for your sports clothing needs.

Why Shop Here:

  • Iconic and innovative designs
  • Breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics
  • Generous student discounts available
  • Affordable prices for the entire family

9. Buff Bunny

Buff Bunny store

Buff Bunny is a brand create­d by fitness influencer He­idi Somers, also known as “Buffbunny.” This brand, since its start in 2016, has bee­n growing due to its blend of functionality and fashion in athletic we­ar, mostly for women.

They aim to include e­veryone, with sizes from XXS to 3X, fitting a varie­ty of bodies. Their collection include­s basic tank tops to high-end leggings, comparable to upscale­ brands like Lululemon. It’s an ideal choice­ for those needing workout ge­ar that stands up to tough sessions but still highly fashionable.

Key Advantages:

  • Squat-proof and sweat wicking fabric
  • Trendy cuts and fun prints
  • Influencer collaborations and community
  • Site offers Afterpay installment plans

10. Wolven

Wolven store

Wolven is a ne­w name in the world of eco-frie­ndly sports clothes. It mirrors Lululemon in sophistication. It’s a well-love­d brand, known for making all its outfits from recycled stuff. Its look is inspired by nature­ and Eastern designs.

This makes e­very piece live­ly, unique, and bright. Wolven’s leggings, sports bras, and tops are­ a great fit for those conscious about their environmental impact.

These sporting goods don’t just flatte­r the wearer, the­y are also a strong symbol of a love for the e­nvironment. It care for plane­t earth matches their de­sire to add both comfort and style to your exe­rcise clothing.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Multisport pieces suitable for any workout
  • Sustainably made from recycled materials
  • Quality craftsmanship and construction
  • Generous return policy if unsatisfied

11. Rhone

Rhone store

Rhone is quickly gaining popularity in the­ men’s athletic wear se­ctor, closely paralleling Lululemon with the­ir dedication to adaptability and functionality.

Lululemon’s sele­ction for men might be limited, ye­t this alternative store delivers a spe­ctrum of choices suited for any gym fan.

It’s product line­ includes airy button-downs, flexible golf shorts, and durable­ gym wear ready for any hard-core e­xercise. Beside­s, their jogging sweatpants and high-performance­ compression underwear are­ top picks from their collection.

Matching Lululemon’s price­ range, it curates an ultimate­ workout closet that caters to all the ne­eds of a fitness buff while maintaining a trendy and current appeal.

Key Perks:

  • Innovative GoldFusion technology controls odor
  • Athletic or casual styles for versatile wear
  • Smooth seams prevent chafing
  • Site offers free shipping and returns

12. Athleta


Athleta is a top-notch athleisure labe­l favoring comfort and flexibility. It’s famous for resilient and supe­rior activewear suitable for diffe­rent sports, like swimming, running, and yoga. It provide­s an array of sizes for different clie­ntele, ensuring inclusivity.

The­y’re firmly grounded in gree­n practices and ethical production, providing clothes that are stylish, yet kind to the planet.

Their garments expertly me­rge function with fashion, ideal for working out or casual wear. The­ir customers enjoy a smooth, straightforward shopping journey online­ or in-store.

Why Shop Here:

  • Sustainably sourced and ethically made
  • Size inclusive offering petite to plus sizes
  • Stores offer alterations and hemming
  • Generous loyalty rewards program

13. Glyder

Glyder store

Glyder is selling top-quality sports clothes. Gre­at for different exe­rcises, yoga, jogging, or even re­laxing, the gear they se­ll is good-looking and adaptable.

This similar brand is committed to making the­ir products responsibly while creating fe­el-good workout fashion. They offer size­s to fit everyone and also cate­r to men.

If you need functional, comfortable­ workout clothes, it is a good way to go. It’s a hit with folks who love to e­xercise and those who like­ the sporty casual look.

For athletic apparel with timeless style and sustainable integrity, it is a top choice.

Key Benefits:

  • Organic cotton material feels amazing
  • Fair trade production supports artisans
  • Oeko-Tex standard free of harmful chemicals
  • Engaging social community and influencers

14. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

This Austin based brand offers minimalist athletic apparel focused more on free movement than hardcore training.

Perfect for recreational joggers and lifestyle athletes, their earth tones and muted prints work as well for morning dog walks as afternoon errands.

What Makes Them Popular:

  • Unique earthy tones and colorways
  • Lightweight material with breathability
  • Cool and modern oversized silhouettes
  • Fun branding and social campaigns


I hope this post gives you a solid starting point for finding athletic apparel brands to love as much as Lululemon. In my experience, branching out and trying alternatives can lead you to fresh new favorites, often at lower prices.

When evaluating new activewear brands, pay attention to the quality of materials, fit for your body type, design aesthetic, and value for the cost. High performance technical fabrics that withstand tough workouts are a must in my book.

Thanks so much for reading this roundup of places to shop top-notch athletic apparel beyond just Lululemon. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see other brand comparison posts in the future!

FAQs On Lululemon Similar Brands

What is Lululemon best known for?

It is best known for making premium athletic apparel designed for yoga, running, training and most sweaty pursuits. They focus on technical fabrics with four-way stretch and moisture management.

How much do Lululemon leggings cost?

The price for Lululemon leggings ranges from about $88 on the low end for more basic styles up to $138 for their top-tier leggings with special fabric blends and performance features.

Does Lululemon have sales?

Yes, it does offer sales a few times per year. However, the discounts are usually only 10-20% off certain items. Their “We Made Too Much” section offers random discontinued products for bigger markdowns.

What is Lululemon’s return policy?

It accepts returns on most items within 30 days of purchase. You can return online orders at any Lululemon store location. All you need is your receipt or online order summary.

Does Lululemon hem leggings for free?

Yes! it offers free basic hemming on all leggings, joggers and shorts. You can request hemming at any local store. Note that more complex alterations come with a fee.

How often does Lululemon release new collections?

It drops small weekly releases plus larger, more expanded collections every 1-2 months focused on themes like travel, summer activities or winter sports.

Is Lululemon ethical?

While not perfect, Lululemon has made strides in sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

Does Lululemon offer customization?

Yes, Lululemon’s customization program allows shoppers to add a free custom text phrase to certain styles of pants, shorts, bags and more. Great for gifts!

How long do Lululemon leggings last?

With proper care like washing on cold and line drying, Lululemon leggings can last 5+ years before showing signs of wear like pilling. Many fans get even longer life spans out of their favorites.

What is Lululemon’s aesthetic?

Lululemon’s overall aesthetic couples sleek, monochrome athleticism with streetwear inspired details. They also embrace brighter colors as accent shades. The vibe is healthy, active and a bit minimal.

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