13 Clothing Brands Similar To Daughters of India

Daughters of India is an ethical, sustainable clothing company celebrating the diverse cultures and traditional textile crafts of India.

Their bohemian collections channel Indian inspiration through breezy silhouettes, vibrant colors, and rich embellishments.

If you admire Daughters of India’s mission and aesthetic, many brands offer similar high-quality, conscious pieces with global appeal. These labels capture the color and craftsmanship that Daughters of India does so beautifully.

Brands Like Daughters of India

Discover the Bohemian Soul: 13 Clothing Brands Like Daughters of India

Here are 13 clothing companies to explore for Indian-inspired fashion:

1. Free People

Free People store

Best known for: Boho staples and indie-cool vibes

Free People captures a carefree, wanderlust spirit in its clothing. The Philadelphia-based brand focuses on soft, flowy silhouettes in natural textiles like linen, cotton, and rayon.

While not exclusively Indian-inspired, it incorporates details like embroidered accents, block prints and vibrant dyes throughout its range.

In addition to the signature boho pieces, this alternative store also offers loungewear, activewear, shoes and accessories. The brand manages to feel both adventurous and totally approachable.

Key Perks:

  • Relaxed, worldly aesthetic
  • Quality natural fabrics
  • Extensive size range

2. Jaypore


Best known for: Authentic Indian-made fashion, accessories, and home goods

Jaypore provides a direct line to India’s vibrant design scene through fair trade partnerships supporting artisans.

The e-commerce site sources and sells handmade apparel, jewelry, decor and more steeped in regional craftsmanship.

Shop hand-block printed tunics, bandhani denim, embroidered clutches or colorful ceramics while preserving heritage production methods.

It also creates its own capsule collections spotlighting traditional skills through a modern lens.

Why Shop Here:

  • Supports craft communities
  • Spotlights specific regional techniques
  • Modern, Indian-made style

3. Good Earth

Good Earth

Best known for: Elevated, globally-inspired lifestyle pieces

Good Earth began as a luxury Indian homeware brand before expanding into apparel and accessories. The idea remains to capture India’s richness through reimagined heirloom styles for contemporary living.

Pieces like silk kaftans, cashmere sweaters and linen sarees feel simultaneously ancient and utterly fresh. Natural motifs and elegant embellishments elevate basics into artworks.

The clothing company also sells fragrances, ceramics, organic skincare and food items bringing Indian influences into all aspects of life.

Key Advantages:

  • High-end fabrics and finishes
  • Artisanal, ethical production
  • Modern Indian heritage style

4. Made Trade

Made Trade

Best known for: Ethical, handmade apparel crafted using traditional skills

Made Trade focuses exclusively on sustainability, working with over 100 small-batch makers to offer handmade goods in line with fair wage and environmental standards.

The range encompasses Oaxacan embroidered blouses, block printed dresses, plant-dyed caftans, and other pieces celebrating global artisan traditions.

Shop by region or crafting technique to explore various communities. Profiles detail each maker’s history and process.

Why Shop Here:

  • Supports underrepresented artisans
  • Spotlights specific cultural designs
  • Sustainable handmade fashion

5. Fabindia


Best known for: Everyday Indian-inspired clothing and homewares

Operating for over 50 years, Fabindia works to build inclusive supply chains upholding regional craft techniques. The brand sources directly from villages, co-operatives, and self-help groups comprised of over 50,000 craftspeople (80% women).

Their affordable everyday range includes cotton tunics, block printed dresses, Ajrakh jackets featuring intricate indigo prints, and other consciously made staples.

Customers directly support rural community commerce finding new life in these heritage skills.

Key Perks:

  • Massive artisan support network
  • Wearable everyday heritage fashion
  • Quality craftsmanship and fabrics

6. Everlane

Everlane store

Best known for: Transparent essentials embracing simplicity

Everlane stands out for its honest craftsmanship. Its simple yet timeless style represents a bohemian vibe.

It offers clothing like breezy dresses, linen shirts, and easy-going trousers. Their classy selection echoes casual grace. They use green materials and care about ethical making.

If you need regular or standout clothes, consider this alternative clothing company. Their clothes let you flaunt your bohemian liking, while being responsible. So, enjoy their stylish and mindful range. It’ll let your boho spirit glow.

Why Shop Here:

  • High-end fabrics and transparency
  • Limited heritage-inspired releases
  • Adaptable minimalist essentials

7. Anthropologie

Anthropologie store

Best known for: Eclectic bohemian style celebrating multicultural influences

People love Anthropologie for its bohemian style. With a diverse and spirited appeal, it supplies garments for the boho lovers.

Offering billowy maxi dresses and ornate tops, plus singular accessories and statement pieces of jewelry, they let your boho spirit be seen.

They give attention to particulars, seen in their elaborate patterns, bright shades, and fine making. If you’re shopping for a distinctive boho style or just some accents, this store has it all.

Shoppers find curated Indian block prints, traditional mirror work detailing, silk kurtas, and tasseled poufs capturing exotic elegance and texture.

Key Benefits:

  • Quality textiles and artisanship
  • Global, handcrafted designs
  • Consistent Indian-inspired finds

8. Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Best known for: Colorful, ethical Indian fashion supporting traditional art forms

As a certified B-Corp using sustainable methods to preserve and continue local artistry, Tree of Life shares Daughters of India’s mission and eye for craftsmanship.

Their collections celebrate the richness of regional forms, fabrics, and skillsets.

Hand-embroidery, block printing, bandhani tie-dye, leheriya, and ajrakh patterns artfully decorate their range mixing modern shapes like midi dresses or belted tunics with heritage touches. Shop knowing fair wages directly aids village vitality.

Why Shop Here:

  • Certified long-term partnerships
  • Vibrant ethical Indian style
  • Supports specific communities

9. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters store

Best known for: Trend-driven casual fashion for young diverse aesthetics

Urban Outfitters is a fan-favorite clothier with a selection to suit any style. Their bohemian collection spans from breezy maxi dresses to retro graphic tees.

Known for its distinct and cutting-edge designs, it’s a top pick for boho hearts. Also, they offer nifty accessories and home items to match their clothes.

The store balances trendiness and affordability–a must-see for bohemian fashion enthusiasts seeking wardrobe spice-ups.

The accessible fast fashion giant delivers quick inspiration incorporating Indian motifs, textiles, and silhouettes into collection staples.

For low-commitment exploration, UO allows affordable experimentation with heritage style.

Key Perks:

  • Budget-friendly Indian fashion
  • youthful, indie spirit
  • Trend-driven finds

10. Whimsy + Row

Whimsy + Row

Best known for: Boho-chic dresses and separates with feminine detail

Whimsy & Row is a modern-boho brand prioritizing sustainability and ethical making. Their collection includes eco-friendly made clothes like breezy dresses and snug sweaters.

The brand offers enduring pieces to wear across seasons. Ideal for those wanting boho panache and eco-friendliness. Hit their website to see their sustainable, stylish collections.

Key Advantages:

  • Limited edition, small-run production
  • Global handwork partnerships
  • Breezy feminine silhouettes

11. Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu

Best known for: Boho dresses capturing vibrant escapism through color and print

Founded on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Show Me Your Mumu channels tropical vibrancy and island rhythm into breezy maxi dresses and rompers ideal for music festivals or destination weddings.

Where Daughters of India hints at spiritual wanderlust, Mumu dresses live carefree adventure through kaleidoscopic florals, fruit prints, tie dye and embroidery.

The sustainable label produces runs as small as 30 units for exclusivity. Shape-enhancing details like cinched waists, squared necklines and tiered ruffles add polish while sheer fabrics and loose fits keep the transportive mood.

Key Perks:

  • Limited edition drops
  • Size-inclusive range up to 3X
  • Signature boho maxi dresses

12. The Terra Tribe

The Terra Tribe

Best known for: Artisan-crafted, natural fiber clothing made to order in Brazil

This sustainable fashion label works closely with indigenous and traditional communities across Brazil to produce custom clothing that honors ancestral techniques.

Their small batch garments use natural dyes and fibers like banana plant and wild rubber tapped respectfully to generate income while preserving precious skills and botanical knowledge.

Loose button-downs, tapered pants and relaxed dresses come in abstract prints, undyed macrame cotton and other textural fabrics for an earthy, handmade look. Customers even select preferences like color and size for made-to-order pieces.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports threatened communities
  • Sustainable small batch production
  • Custom natural fiber clothing

13. Mango


Mango is a popular clothing brand known for its bohemian-inspire­d styles. Not only are they famous for be­ing on-trend, but also for their affordable price­s.

They offer a wide varie­ty of options for those who love the bohe­mian look. Flowy maxi dresses? Check. Embroide­red blouses? You bet. The­ir collections exude an e­ffortless, cool elegance­.

This similar clothing website deeply cares about the­ details and is committed to creating high-quality clothe­s that are both stylish and durable.

Whethe­r you’re searching for a standout item, or just ne­ed some eve­ryday basics, it got you covered. You can jazz up your wardrobe with some­ bohemian flair without breaking the bank.

Why Shop Here:

  • Budget-friendly prices
  • Mainstream Indian style adoption
  • Trend-focused seasonal refreshes

The Takeaway On Daughters of India Similar Brands

Daughters of India dazzles with its ethical approach spotlighting Indian design crafted through mindful partnerships with artisan cooperatives.

Many brands like Daughters of India mimic this mission to uplift and sustain rich cultural wisdom while making beautiful, conscious products.

Seeking out companies honoring ancestral making methods both shares and continues precious knowledge that comforts. Staying mindful of origins and ethics ensures support flows in both directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available from Daughters of India?

Daughters of India currently offers sizes XS-XL or 0-12 in their ethical clothing collections. As a sustainable, small-batch brand, their range is size inclusive but more limited than fast fashion retailers.

What shipping methods are available?

It provides worldwide shipping from the US. They offer standard shipping which takes 7-10 days as well as expedited Fedex options.

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