12 Best Brands Similar To Billy Reid For Men’s Fashion

Billy Reid is loved by men looking for premium American clothing with a modern Southern flair. If you like the rugged yet refined aesthetic of Billy Reid, check out these 12 brands making quality men’s fashion in a comparable style.

Brands like Billy Reid

Top 12 Men’s Fashion Brands like Billy Reid

1. Bonobos


Bonobos is a well-love­d name in men’s fashion, known for their tre­ndy and high-quality outfits. What sets them apart is their e­mphasis on a comfortable and flattering fit.

They cate­r to the fashion requireme­nts of modern men through a diverse­ range spanning from relaxed casuals to sophisticate­d suits.

Their pants are especially we­ll-liked for their exce­ptional tailoring and quality. But the brand isn’t just about clothing – you can find shoes, belts, and bags the­re too.

What’s more, they places a high value­ on customer satisfaction and attention to detail, making the­m the go-to choice for men who don’t want to compromise­ on style or quality.

Key Perks: Extended sizes, free shipping and returns in the US.

2. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch brand

Taylor Stitch is a menswear brand offering plenty of quality fashion choices. It covers everything from Oxford shirts to flannel jacket shirts required for a chic, timeless wardrobe. Chinos of perfect fit and attractive leather boots deserve a special mention.

Their key differentiators are a keen eye for detail and commitment towards sustainability. By using ethical manufacturing practices and sustainable materials, their products are stylish and eco-friendly.

Be it rugged external wear, office-ready shirts or quality staples, it is a one-stop solution. Try them and experience a blend of ageless style with modern innovation.

Key Benefits: Socially and environmentally responsible. Garments made to order to reduce waste.

3. Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder

Known for a balance of casual American style coupled with Savile Row tailoring. Todd Snyder brings elevated classics from sportswear to suit with contemporary fits.

Categories span tee shirts, button-downs, blazers, pants, jeans, sweaters, and lounge pieces. The brand captures effortless cool for confident men.

The New York designer works in collaboration with storied American brands like Champion, Barbour and Timex.

Key Advantages: Frequent sales and collaborations with different brands.

4. J.Crew

J Crew store

A staple brand for East Coast prep that has modernized with the times. J.Crew brings its signature aesthetic to categories like button-downs, polos, sweaters, suits, coats, swim shorts and more.

The pride they take in quality and traditional design is evident in items like the Baird McNutt Irish linen shirt.

From lazy weekend attire to polished special event ensembles, their collection offers men well-rounded and stylish wardrobe options.

Why Shop Here: J.Crew offers style basics for work or weekends at accessible prices, especially with regular sales and promos.

5. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers store

The world of men’s fashion is rich with the influence of Brooks Brothers. They opened their doors in 1818 and opened a door to style.

Their craft is well regarded, especially their eye for detail. It is a household name for classic American men’s clothing.

Shop clothing like dress shirts, pants, sports coats and suits along with shoes, accessories and more. The brand carries their signature polish and craftsmanship through every piece.

Key Perks: Timeless investment pieces, made-in-America options and great formalwear for events or the office.

6. Vuori

Vuori store

For those seeking fashion that’s both cozy and performance-driven, Vuori is an excellent find. This brand, hailing from the West Coast, is fast becoming a must-have for it’s top-tier activewear.

The kind that bridges the gap between workout gear and daily wear. Ben Affleck and other celebrities can vouch for this similar brand. Their Ponto range is famous for its ultra-soft joggers and sweatpants.

Lounging, working out, or doing errands – it has got you covered. They aim to provide style, practicality, and high-end fabrics.

Prices sit on the higher end but fans love the quality, performance, and designs.

Key Benefits: Innovative performance fabrics, anti-odor tech and modern fits. Sustainably made.

7. Onia

Onia brand

Founded in 2009, Onia makes high-quality basics and swimwear out of unique, textured fabrics from shirts to board shorts.

This similar competitor gives classic silhouettes modern edge through use of materials like linen, seersucker, chambray and textured knits. Lots of guys love the balance of innovation and wearability.

Key Perks: Modern materials innovation, versatile basics for layering, luxury lounge and swimwear

8. Lacoste


Lacoste, a well-known French brand, mixes classy and sporty. Started by tennis player René Lacoste in 1933, they’re famous for their polo shirts with the crocodile logo.

They make men’s clothes and accessories like shirts, sweaters, pants, shoes, and watches. Their designs are always in style, a hit with classy guys.

They promise quality and durability. Dressy or casual, this alternative brand gives you both polish and comfort.

Why Shop Here: An iconic staple brand for everyday sophistication and casual wear. Lots of luxury at lower prices, especially on sale.

9. Buck Mason

Buck Mason

Buck Mason is a top men’s style brand, loved for excellent timeless items. It focuses on simple, carefully crafted, up-to-date American style. Based in Los Angeles, it’s a single source for men who prefer a neat look without showing off.

This similar company excels at noticing small details—they make clothes with fabric, fit, and function in mind.

Their clothing looks deceptively simple but showcases quality construction. Looking for a regular t-shirt, snug jeans, or a multipurpose jacket? The brand offers stylish, robust designs.

Key Perks: Responsible production supporting American manufacturing. 30 day free returns, free shipping and rewards.

10. Levi’s


Levi’s, a legacy brand, has provided men’s fashion for years. The alternative brand is famous for classic denim jeans, and it caters to all tastes and shapes.

It offers everything from original straight-leg jeans to modern slim fits. It is the top pick for strong, quality denim. Besides jeans, it hosts shirts, jackets, and additional items.

Their timeless designs and detail focus make it a safe bet for men seeking reliable, stylish clothing. Dressing up or opting for a casual style—it has unique pieces to enhance your look.

Key Benefits: Household name. Consistent sizing across top products. Sales can make premium denim affordable.

11. Club Monaco

Club Monaco store

With polish but more edge than the typical prep brand, Club Monaco outfits guys who must look sharp at work but have personal style too.

There’s everything from suits and button-downs to jackets, tees and accessories to build versatile looks.

Top products feature modern fits made of quality natural fabrics, with prices ranging from budget to splurge-worthy for key pieces. Sales help make this brand an achievable favorite for men aiming to elevate their wardrobes.

Why Shop Here: Work-ready pieces that still work dressed down. Frequent sales with savings up to 50% or more.

12. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

No list of menswear would be complete without American powerhouse Ralph Lauren and labels like Polo and Purple Label. Characterized by East Coast preppy staples imbued with understated yet iconic sophistication.

Categories span tailored suits, button-downs, polos, shorts, sweaters, leather goods and lifestyle accessories from home goods to watches.

The brand carries that luxurious RL polish through every piece. Lots of versatility across both casual and formal styles is available on their website too.

Key Advantages: Wide range of products, from affordable basics to premium investment pieces. Consistent quality and aesthetic.

Find Your Fit Among Brands Like Billy Reid

Hopefully, this list helps guys discover labels aligned with their personal style. Whether you need business casual button-downs, sturdy jeans and boots, stretchy athletic pants, or a suave date night look.

One of these brand websites can become a go-to fashion source once you dial in the right fit and aesthetic for your wardrobe.

Test out a few pieces from brands that catch your eye. Check measurements against items already in your closet so you can shop your exact or close sizes.

Once you land on styles suiting your lifestyle from labels delivering on quality and design, you’ve found fashion winners like Billy Reid to rely on year after year.

FAQs about Billy Reid

Where are Billy Reid clothes made?

Many of Billy Reid’s tailored pieces are manufactured in Italy, Turkey or Portugal, with some t-shirts and other casualwear made in Peru. Specific product pages share sourcing details.

What fabrics are used by Billy Reid?

The brand uses high-quality natural fabrics like cotton, wool, linen and leather. Many pieces blend natural and technical fibers for performance benefits.

Is Billy Reid only for men?

No, Billy Reid makes a women’s line with lots of matching pieces so couples can coordinate their aesthetics. Shop categories like dresses, jackets, denim and accessories.

What is Billy Reid’s aesthetic?

The brand describes their vibe as modern American with Southern sensibilities. Expect tailored classics and casual pieces mingling refinement and ruggedness.

Is Billy Reid considered affordable fashion?

Relative to luxury brands, Billy Reid sits at an accessible price point. But quality fabrics and construction place it above fast fashion. Shop sales to save.

Who wears Billy Reid?

The brand targets men 35+ seeking polished essentials that bridge dressy and casual. Creative professionals, business types, modern Southern gentlemen and cultured urbanites wear Billy Reid.

What is unique about Billy Reid?

From fabric innovation and artisanal construction to remixing classics with modern appeal, Billy Reid pieces feel special without seeming fussy. The brand re-envisions heritage style for contemporary lifestyles.

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