On this page, we have listed a handpicked selection of The North Face alternatives to shopping for similar outdoor clothing and footwear. You will also find basic intros and links to the official websites of the best brands and stores like The North Face.

The North Face Stores

The North Face: When? Where? What?

The North Face was founded in 1968 and its headquarters are placed in Alameda, California, United States. They have the latest styles and durable outdoor gear to help you in safe adventurous tours.

If you want to explore nature all you need is versatile and comfiest outdoor essentials which gave you the easiness. We have prepared a list of alternatives to The North Face where you can find similar quality clothes at comparable or low prices and it gave you a huge variety to choose from.

Top 10 The North Face Alternatives & Similar Sites Like The North Face

Columbia :#1 On Our Listing Of Brands Like The North Face

Columbia Sportswear Stores

Columbia made inspirational Outdoor clothing essentials and they are well tested in harsh conditions. They have high-quality gears made with the latest technologies to make their performance the best.

You can also visit Mountain Hardware, Sorel, and prAna, all of these comes from the house of Columbia. They have good sale offers live and they also provide free shipping to facilitate their customers.

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Salomon: Best Quality Sports Clothes and Footwear

Salomon Sports Shoes and Equipment Stores

Salomon brings the latest waterproof and comfiest clothes that perform well. Do you love adventures and hiking? If yes Salomon is the right spot to shop functional gears and the finest quality.

All the sustainable solutions are responsibly made equipment that you all need. If you are a true lover of silent sports then Salomon has a complete range of clothing and accessories to facilitates you.

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Merrell: Best Rated The North Face Similar Brands To Shop Outdoor Clothes and Footwears

Merrell Shoe Stores

Merrel comes from the house of Wolverine World Wide( a well-known shoemaker company of America). Do you love adventures? Merrel has made it to find the right pair of water-proof shoes with the fantastic grip and moisture-wicking facility.

They have the perfect collection of the comfiest outdoor essentials where style meets the quality. You can visit their site to avail the latest offers and discounts available and they also provide free express shipping.

  • Founded: 1981, Waitsfield, Vermont

  • Headquarters: Rockford, Michigan, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-288-3124

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Patagonia: American Company To Shop Outdoor Essentials

Patagonia Outdoor Clothing Stores

Patagonia designs endless gears to help you and fulfill your love for silent sports(hiking, surfing, skiing, etc). They gave the guarantee that their clothes are durable and sustainable.

Patagonia responsibly made the clothes to make less waste and instead of wasting the excess fabric, they turn them into a unique and stylish masterpiece with the best quality. We assure you, Patagonia never compromises on the performance of their gear which really help you have the comfiest experience.

  • Founded: 1973

  • Headquarters: Ventura, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-638-6464

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Arc’teryx :#5Our Our Listing Of Stores Like The North Face

Arc'teryx Official Brand Stores

Arc’teryx works hard from the designing to the selling of the outdoor gears and the innovative technology used to manufacture them makes their clothes versatile. In the list of alternatives to The North Face, Arc’teryx is not very affordable but their prices will surely pay off you with their extraordinarily high quality and performance.

it comes from their house of Anta Sports and you will surely enjoy the comfort while your adventurous tours.

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Under Armour: American Company For Sports Equipments and Clothes

Under Armour Official Brand Stores

Under Armour bring the best performance solutions made with innovative technologies. They made a facemask related to the Covid-19 and it works in the best way for athletes just like the other specialized equipment and gears designed by them.

You can check out the collection on their site and shop the best to leave a good impact on the world.

  • Hot Products: Outerwear, Shoes, Socks, Swimwears, Sport Clothes, Sports Bras, Underwears, Tops, Backpacks, Equipment, Gaiters, Face Masks, Hats, Sports Gloves, Water Bottles, Warm Weather Gears, Kids Clothing and Accessories

Carhartt: Well-Known For The Work Clothes

Carhartt Work Clothing Stores

Carhartt was manufactured more than a century ago, that got fame for the clothes that are made to work long. The less weight and more flexibility make their collection more demanding.

If you want such clothes that work best in the hot summers, Carharrt engineers a collection that fights with the swat and make the clothes dry soon and gave a cooling effect. We suggest you have a short tour of their site and shop whatever you want.

  • Founded: 1889

  • Headquarters: Dearborn, Michigan, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-833-3118

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  • Hot Products: Outerwear, T-Shirts, Work Shirts, Hoodies, Sweat Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Boots, Plus Size Clothes, Pull-Overs, Hats, Gloves, Socks, Belts, Underwears, Bags

Moncler: Luxury Fashion Company

Moncler Official Brand Stores

Moncler extraordinary cool collection that fulfills your daily requirements. The distinction in their styles makes them cool. They have the best quality which is more than enough to satisfy the customers.

Tou can browse their ethically and responsibly made a sustainable collection on Moncler Site.

  • Founded: 1952, Monestier-de-Clermont, France

  • Headquarters: Milan, Italy

  • Customer Service No: +1-888-320-9162

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  • Hot Products: Outerwear, Down Jackets, Coats, Trench Coats, Vests, Tracksuits, Sweatshirts, Cardigans, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Swimwears, Capes, Dresses, Skirts, Trolleys, Bags, Hats, Scarves, Sunglasses, Small Accessories

Timberland: Huge Selection Of All Types Of Shoes

Timberland Shoe Stores

Here are the best alternatives to The North Face in the category of footwear. Timberland manufactures lightweight shoes that work best and provide safety to your feet. They made hiking shoes that are waterproof and gave you the style along with the comfort.

If you are planning for some outdoor adventures, we suggest you go through the Timberland official site and explore the exciting collection that works the best and enjoy the sale offers.

  • Founded: 1928, Boston, Massachusetts

  • Headquarters: Stratham, New Hampshire, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-888-802-9947

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Helly Hansen :#10 On Our Listing Of Alternatives To The North Face

Helly Hansen Outdoor Clothing Stores

Helly Henson makes the best apparel that gave you protection and you can enjoy the best whenever mountains call you. For the last 140 years, Helly Henson is a trusted brand and chosen by more than 55000 professionals.

Their iconic collection performs well in the harshest and extreme weather conditions. We hope you have found what you are looking for in the list of alternatives to TNF.

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