Truly, Hot Topic is a fascinating option to shop for young souls. But some people are looking for the stores like Hot Topic to shop alternate fashion clothes, band merch, and funky essentials. Our team has worked hard to prepare a list of sites like Hot Topic where you can shop similar quality clothing at comparable or low prices. We hope the list of alternatives to Hot Topic stores works well for you and you’ll surely get whatever you are looking for.


Hot Topic: When? Where? What?

Hot Topic was founded in the United States in the year 1988. Its headquarters are located in the City of Industry, California, United States. They have specialized clothes and accessories related to music.

You will surely love what you bought from Hot Topic stores and enjoy the glamourous looks. If you are in love with cartoonish characters and music then they are the best place to go. We have prepared a list of alternatives to Hot Topic where you can find similar quality clothes at comparable or low prices.

Top 10 Hot Topic Alternatives & Similar Sites Like Hot Topic

Spencers :#1 On Our Listing Of Best Stores Like Hot Topic

Spencers Stores

Spencer’s came into the foundation as a mail-order company. Later on, the company opened their retail stores under the label Spencer gifts as their gag gifts were famous then in 2003 they rebranded themselves as Spencer’s, and now they have over 650 stores in the USA and Canada. They always come up with trendy hot and authentic merchandise.

They offer a big range of sex products & toys and body jewelry with a lifetime warranty. You can find a variety of room accessories too. By registering with Email over their website you can get 20% off on one product.

  • Founded: 1947

  • Headquarters: Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-762-0419

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  • Hot Products: Graphic T-Shirts, Body Jewelry, Hair & Beauty products, Hoodies and Sweatshirts, Backpacks, Sex Toys, Lingerie’s, Party Accessories, and Gift Items.

Whatever 21: American Brand To Shop Lifestyle Clothing Like Hot Topic

Whatever 21 Stores

Whatever 21 is an E-shopping American fashion brand founded for the bold night looks. Because of its unique and creative streetwear designs brand has made a place in heart of people around the globe.

They have two famous collections “SS18” and “W/E Classics”. You can get Printed Items and accessories all under the Whatever 21 site.

  • Hot Products: Tees, Hoodies, Pants, Bunny hats, Gloves, Necklace, Leave Me Alone Collection

Unif: Latest Clothing Like Hot Topic For Men and Women

Unif Official Brand Stores

Unif is an American-based company that produces rare designs that comes as an alternative to traditional women’s apparel. Unif is known for its Grungy-goth and groovy 90’s aesthetic styles. A variety of women’s apparel and boots can be bought from here.

By signing up through your email you can get a 10% on your first order. We suggest you visit the Unif site and they serve as one of the best alternatives to Hot Topic for those who are looking for Parker’s Dresses.

  • Founded: 2010

  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-213-537-0357

  • Hot Products: Skirts. Dresses, Boots, Jeans, Tees, Bags, Jackets, Sweaters, Bottoms, Jackets, Sweaters, Parker Dresses, Shoes, Accessories

Dolls Kill: Glamorous Rock Collection To Heighten Your Attitude

Dolls Kill Stores

Dolls Kill is an online Fashion Brand that was awarded the “Fastest Growing Retailer” in 2014 according to Inc. Magazine. The company offers women’s apparel and accessories and they have six collections labeled as DOLLS which feature Festival Fashion, Japanese Fashion, Rave Clothing, Gothic Clothing, Streetwear, and Punk Clothing. Once you have a look at their clothing it will surely brighten up your mood. 

Signing up on Dolls Kill as a Student you can get 15% off on every order and by signing up for the newsletter you can get 20% off on your first order.

  • Founded: 2011

  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-800-354-7625

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  • Hot Products: Boots, Booties, Unisex Clothes, Cardigans, Jumpsuits, Rompers, Plus Size Clothes, Bags Face Gems, Creepers, Home Stuff, Swimwear, Sleepwear, Dresses,  Graphic Tees, Shoes, Jewelry, Hair and Beauty products.

Mordhaus :#5 On Our Listing Of Affordable Alternatives To Hot Topic

Mordhaus Stores

If you are a fan of gothic alternative fashion then Mordhaus is totally for you. Mordhaus is an e-shopping point where you can find a big variety of dark, erotic, fetish, morbid, and victorian garments. Mordhaus sells items from the direction of a UK-based Brand and Punk Rave a Chinese/Korean-based brand. Shirts, Jackets, Pants and almost all kinds of accessories are found available here.

There is also an ongoing sale for a limited time at Mordhaus. Punk rave new collections are released after 2-3 months and you can get them from Mordhaus.

  • Hot Products:  Jewelry, Goggles, Hats, Long Dresses, Long Skirts, Tunics, Capes, Blazers, Coats, Jackets, Trousers, Corsets, Waistcoats, Vests, Acessories

Zumiez: American Speciality Retailer To Shop Clothing and Hard Goods In The List Of Stores Like Hot Topic

Zumiez Stores

Zumiez is known for Quality Apparel, Footwear, and Sports products. Hardgoods and sports products offered are for Biking, Skating, and Surfing. The company opened its first store AT Seattle in 1978 and grew very quickly in the ’80s when more new stores were added.

They have thousands of top brands(Nike, Addidas, Ethos, Supra) which they sell at good prices. We suggest you visit their site, Zumiez has up to 70% discount available on their site which helps you to save a lot. 

  • Founded: 1978

  • Headquarters: Lynnwood, Washington, United States

  • Customer Services No: +1-877-828-6929

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  • Hot Products: Shirts, Jackets, Hoodies & Sweaters, Pants & Leggings, Jewelry, Hair & Beauty, Watches and Snowboard gears.

Vans: Classic Designs, Comfortable and Enduring Clothing, and Accessories

Vans Official Brand Stores

Known for their Old school and classical designs, vans have found a lot of popularity throughout the world. Starting with just footwear Vans now also offer you apparel and accessories. The brand is now common in the sports category too. The Company has built two Public skate parks in Orange county.

If you are a student there’s good news for you Vans offer a 10% discount to students.

  • Founded: 1966, Anaheim, California

  • Headquarters: Costa Mesa, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-855-909-8267

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  • Hot Products: Sneakers, T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Customized products, Tanks, Flannels, Skate Boarding Shoes, Board Shorts, Pants, Denim, Bags, Backpacks, Socks, Keychains, Wallets, Belts

Aeropostale: Stores Like Hot Topic To Shop Latest Style Clothes and Accessories For Guys and Gals

Aeropostale Stores

Aeropostale is an American company that operates through stores and online. From here You can shop casual clothing and accessories for kids and for Young Women and Men. The company is known for its high quality and simply fashionable products. You can find all kinds of on-trend clothes from here.

We suggest you visit Gojane that comes from the same fashion house and they are affordable too. There’s also a 60% sale for a limited time on their website.

  • Founded: 1987

  • Headquarters: New York, NY, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-877-289-2376

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  • Hot Products: Graphic T-Shirts, Jeans, Lounge wears, Swimsuit, Denim Jackets, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Lougewears, Dresses, Rompers, Tops, Tees Activewear, Accessories

Pacsun: American Brand To Shop California Lifestyle Clothes

Pacsun Stores

PacSun is a clothing brand with stores operating in all 50 states of the United States. In 2012 Company collaborated with Jenner Sisters to produce its own Fashion Line. The company targeted teens and adults to give them chic and hot clothes to make their look Wao. PacSun also sells Skate and Streetwear accessories.

We suggest you have a short tour of their site and get huge discounts and free shipping offers.

  • Founded: 1980, Newport Beach, California

  • Headquarters: Anaheim, California, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-877-372-2786

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  • Hot Products: Polo Shirts, Knits, Rompers, Dresses, Jeans, Hoodies, Snow Apparel, Skirts, Shoes, Accessories

Tripp Nyc :#10 On Our Listing Of Stores Like Hot Topic

Tripp Nyc Stores

Tripp NYC was established in the early ’80s. Designer Daang Goodman was inspired by Downtown art and made Apparel for streetwear. His original designs and high-quality fabric attracted people especially young men and women. It is a good place for dark streetwear obsessed people to shop for the best quality and good prices. 

Our team has worked hard to provide you the list of best alternatives to Hot Topic and we hope you will find what you are looking for. You can check out the superb collection available on the Tripp NYC site.

Either you have a shopping experience from any store in the above list or you know some other stores like Hot Topic, kindly share your experience in the comment section.

  • Founded: 1984

  • Headquarters: New York City, United States

  • Customer Service No: +1-201-520-0425

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  • Hot Products: Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Shoulder Bags, Shirts, Tops, and Fishnets, Facecovers, Plus Size Clothes, Jumpsuits, Outerwears, Accessories